Hiroshima — A bomb is dropped

The film is about the greatest crime in human history. 6 and 9 August 1945, the Americans dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As a result of the treacherous attack, according to various estimates, killing 150-200 thousand civilians. At the end of the Second World War, Japan was ready to surrender, and the president of the United States knew about it. Why then was denied a diplomatic solution, and the atomic bombs were dropped? What was the justification for President Truman's use of atomic weapons? The film is based on the published official documents of the government and

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The sky above the Earth is less than

The sky above the Earth becomes less Facts

A study conducted by NASA researchers found that over the last decade heavens literally falling and getting closer to Earth.

Fig. According to the study, over the past 10 years, the average height of the clouds dropped by one percent.

Reduction, which is the layer of the atmosphere that keeps the clouds could have a major impact in global warming. Lower clouds will promote efficient cooling of the planet. Although scientists do not know exactly the reason why the clouds down, of the possible factors is a change in the circulation of

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Scientists: a long winter to blame global warming


Climatologists have found an explanation prolonged winter, which was established in the U.S., Europe and Russia. According to experts, the one to blame global warming, which leads to the melting of ice and increased precipitation.

The arrival in Europe of a "long winter" could have been predicted in the fall, scientists say. According to the latest figures, which were researchers from the National Center for the Study of snow and ice in Boulder, Colorado, the ice cover in the summer of 2012 dropped to historic lows indicators.

"Floating ice is melting before

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On the coast of Italy emerged tornado

June 25, 2013. In the south-eastern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna and Marche exploded real "water bomb", which has suffered from several resort towns. In Riccione for several hours has dropped about 81 mm of rain in Rimini, about 73 mm, Ancona received 33 mm of rain. Some parts of the coast up to 120 mm of rain.

Storm triggered massive power outages and local flooding, which caused unbelievable congestion in the south-eastern roads and city streets. This state of affairs has led to the closure of several highways.

At the same Adriatic coast of Italy near Termoli storm

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Summer snow in Norway

July 4, 2013. Despite the fact that the world is suffering from the heat wave in the south of Norway, in the region of Hardanger, which is located 200 kilometers west of the capital Oslo, dropped huge amounts of snow.

The unprecedented amount of snowfall, also in the summer, it was a real surprise for tourists and locals alike. Just a day with snow covered with snow key roads and transport directions, causing evacuation of people had to use a special rescue tugs.

The temperature dropped to 1 degree, which was a factor in the slow melting of

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Cold snap in many U.S. states

Cold snap in many states of the U.S. Weather and Climate

After the sweltering heat and drought in almost the entire U.S. residents had to witness the sudden change of weather conditions. Residents of Spencer, Iowa, to watch as the temperature dropped to +3,5 ° C. Most of the day there to keep the temperature below zero.

In Tioga, North Carolina, weather conditions, third decade of October were much worse, the temperature dropped to -8 ° C. A temperature record, noted in Stanley, Idaho, will be recorded in history as the coldest temperature september. The onset of cold

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East India: heat and earthquakes

East India: heat and earthquakes Natural Disasters

In suffering from the heat and drought Indian state Odishi earthquake measuring 3.9 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was located in the Kalahandi district in the west of the state and had the coordinates 20,1 N and 82,9 E. Earthquake felt the residents of two other neighboring areas. Reports on the destruction and cracks in high-rise buildings Odishi who managed to happen in 15 seconds during the push. Information on deaths and injuries have been reported yet.

In addition to the earthquake residents of western Odishi still struggling with the

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01.07.12.Mor bull now in Donetsk region


01.07.12.V settlement area Urzuf Donetsk washed ashore several tons of dead bull. Along the coast communal urgently have started cleaning, and environmental reclamation declared catch bull, to reduce the risk of further loss of fish.

Zamor bull started because the oxygen levels in the water dropped by 10 times — at the rate of 8 g / liter of the content dropped to 0.8 g / liter. Repetition of the new release now depends on the weather. Azov bull can save a storm, but if you set the calm — environmentalists do not exclude the possibility of

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Dust storm in Pakistan

Dust storm in Pakistan, Natural disasters

A strong sandstorm hit many coastal districts of Sindh and Balochistan. Visibility on the road is no more than 200 meters in some places it dropped to 50 meters. The difficulties experienced with landing aircraft on international and domestic routes from several South-Pakistani airports (Sukkur, Nawabshah, Quetta and Gavadar). Many of them just turns around and flew back or landing at airports in other counties. For reasons of security at the airport in Karachi to improved weather conditions, thousands of passengers have been detained by public and private airlines.

Satellite image of

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Hail the size of a hen’s egg dropped in Belarus. Video


1.06.11.Grad size of a hen's egg dropped in the Brest region. Anomaly in 20 minutes destroyed the gardens and thousands of hectares of crops in Gantsevichi district. 161 damaged house, 22 Agriculture, school, kindergarten, and House of Culture. Three farms area — "oak forest", "Krishilovichi" and "Agronacha" — suffered serious damage.

Just Gantsevichi area as a result of heavy rain, wind and hail damaged 190 houses, destroyed crops on 713 acres, is on 740 acres — is damaged.

According to forecasters, in the region on May 29 was recorded wind gusts up to 14 meters per second, dropped

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