Drought in the United States decide to using genetic engineering

Farmers central United States are suffering from the most severe drought in recent years. Experts predict that in the future droughts will occur more frequently and become more intense, according NTstudiya. One company believes that the way out of the situation they have found.

Bruce Trautmena field near Sutton, Neb., got about a third of the annual precipitation. But Trautmen — one of about 250 farmers, who have a new variety of corn — genetically modified. He can endure drought better than conventional maize.

Seeds they purchased in "Monstanto" that genetically modified corn. This gene is found in bacteria

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Thailand's Interior Ministry announced a drought zone 32 of 77 provinces

Thirty-two provinces of Thailand of seventy seven declared a drought, it said Warning Center Disaster Ministry of Internal Affairs of Thailand, which are published in state media Monday, all of the country.

Some areas of these provinces declared disaster areas, there to take urgent measures to save the harvest of crops, including rice and vegetables, the document says.

In the area of drought hit the province Kamphengphet, Lampang, Lamphun, Sukhothai, Nan, Phayao, Phitsanulok, Uttharadit, Phre, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Phetchabun in the north. In the north-east of Thailand drought gripped the province Lei, Nong Khai, Nong Bualamphu, Sisaket, Khonken,

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Drought in South America: Brazil now

The drought, which seized Argentina and Paraguay, reached Brazil. The drought has caused widespread economic turmoil in Paraguay, as well as causing a disease of cattle. According to analysts, the drought-related developments in Brazil led to lower revenues. Also declare deficit soybean crop. Source: Terra Daily

Yunnan province is suffering from severe drought

Chinese villagers walk along the dried fields in Iliani. The drought in the province left without drinking water 3.19 million people and 1.58 million head of livestock. Photo: STR / AFP / Getty ImagesYunnan — a province in southwest China, known for its beautiful mountains and clean rivers. Today, as a result of the "great drought" as the Chinese call it, more streams and ponds disappear.

Third consecutive year, the drought of more than 3 million people and 1.6 million heads of livestock in varying degrees are short of water. Because from last winter to this day in some towns

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USA: NOAA warns of extreme weather in 2012

National Agency of Oceanography and aircraft (NOAA) has issued its annual report on the weather outlook this year. It was noted that last winter in 400 locations experiencing record high temperatures, and in the 177 — a record low.

Risks of flooding during the flood is estimated to be low (less snow), and the terrible drought is expected to continue in the west and south, which is called "drought historical magnitude." In west Texas and New Mexico climate is rated as "extreme" 51th consecutive week. In Arizona, the water tanks are below the "level of risk". In Texas,

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Drought in England imposed restrictions affect about 20 million people

In some parts of England in connection with the severe drought restrictions are imposed on the use of tap water, which will affect about 20 million people. Minister for the Environment Caroline Spelman has said that time constraints can help protect water supply in urban areas hardest hit by record low rainfall in the last 17 months.

In coming weeks, the drought could affect even larger area of England, if not the rains. However, meteorologists predict a dry and sunny weather for the whole month. Furthermore, the temperature throughout the UK during this

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Spain: severe drought could leave the country without a crop

March 7, 2012.Some areas of Spain suffered from severe over the past 65 years of drought. In this regard, the country risks being without a crop, writes netnews.ua

In Catalonia, the last year and a half there was almost no rain. And as meteorologists predict in the near future precipitation can be expected. Farmers have lost much of their crop.

"We are now very much needed rain showers and even thunderstorms. Only this will help prevent further drought, "- said the representative of the Regional Meteorological Agency of Spain Anthony Conesa.

"The strong wind

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In southern China from drought dried hundreds of rivers

Drought does not end in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. Currently, there are already hundreds of dried rivers and reservoirs, as well as much of the crop. Millions of peasants are experiencing water shortages.

According to the information, which was announced on February 29 held in Kunming meeting on measures to combat the effects of drought, all 112 weather stations of Yunnan record drought varying degrees.

Kuhn Chuychzhu, deputy governor of the province, said that as a result of a three-year drought in the province 273 dry river completely dry 413 small reservoirs.

In addition, the drought has

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Heat waves and drought exhausting Europe

In the southwest of France was a heat wave.

Thermometer shows plus 35. Forecasters say that in the next two days in some cities, the air warms up to plus forty. Emergency services have announced a warning about the heat for a total of twenty one department. In hospitals, people are starting to do with heat and sunstroke. Authorities urged residents and tourists during the day if possible, not out in the sun.

"By this heat we were not ready — recognized tourist. — We came to Paris for the weekend, but

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Sunset Mayan cause mild drought

Relatively weak drought may have been enough to put an end to the classic Mayan civilization, which flourished about 950 AD in what is now southern Mexico and Guatemala. Scientists have long believed that the decline of the Maya could be caused by a strong drought conditions.

However, the study of British and Mexican researchers show that the decline in rainfall of 25-40% was enough to drain the seasonal sources of fresh water in the region.

Work carried out by the Yucatán Center for Scientific Research in cooperation with the University of Southampton, published in the journal Science.

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