Based on materials from Asia Times about the corvette

Now on to the newspaper Asia Times can see the current state of the acoustic signature of submarines by the example of the sinking of the South Korean corvette.

Allocated newspaper believes that the DPRK submarine could sink a South Korean corvette and did the South Koreans themselves by mistake. Now about their arguments that show the real state of confrontation submarine and surface ship.

1 — Submarines North Korea is not so visible, so NIGHT MODE seep into the well protected highly trained anti-submarine forces of water in South Korea and remain undetected. According to the views of the

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Cape Town is drowning in rain water

Cape Town is drowning in rainwater Natural Disasters

After overflowing rainwater Lisbik river burst its banks, many roads and homes in Cape Town were flooded. Moreover, almost all over the country, it was announced warned the cold snap and a new series of showers that will linger in the coming days.

Cold rains accompanied by winds gusting to 55 km / h In the Bay Lamberts waves, head to Cape Coast, reaching 4-5 meters. In general, the affected coastal huts. Local government and charitable organizations have established collection of blankets and hot food supply 350 flooded residents.

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In KCR, the threat of drowning settlements

Strong thunderstorms with hail expected in Karachay-Cherkessia on Wednesday, which could lead to drowning settlements subject, according to the Emergency Prevention main emergency department in the country.

"On the territory of Karachai-Cherkessia August 8, 2012, heavy rains are expected to hail and squally winds of 18 meters per second. Therefore still possible emergencies at most municipal nature related to flooding of low-lying areas, populated areas, caused rainwater "- said in a statement.

In addition, there may be irregularities in the transport, road and utilities, drainage of collection systems, damage to lung roof buildings, threw tree branches.

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