И к нам пришло… Трехмерная стратегия в самом что ни на есть реальном времени, целиком и полностью основанная на принципах загадочно никакой аниме, — неловко даже, ибо нечем угостить японского гостя.

Торс, две десницы и, как ни странно, две ноги — перед нами “комбот”, высоченный дурной продукт мультфильмов о трансформерах. Полностью отрендеренные в 3D, динамически освещенные и тщательно анимированные, эти создания станут нашими солдатами в войне за золотоносные астероиды трех Корпо Наций, во главе которых, как водится, стоят родные братья, сошедшиеся лицом к лицу. Ой как трогательно… Боевые аниме-роботы ведут себя так же, как и боевые роботы системы F.A.S.A.: то

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Effects of marijuana: from euphoria to schizophrenia

Marijuana is prohibited in all statesah the world, except the Netherlands, where this gateway drug is freely available in special bars and shops.In Belarus, about a quarter of the 10 thousand registered addicts use marijuana. According to estimates of professionals, smoking "grass" 10 times more. And ever tried to smoke 80 percent of youth, says the Ministry of Health, Chief Narcologist Vladimir Maximchuk.25-year-old Andrew once tried marijuana and shared these impressions:

Andrew: "Grass vodka better because of it no" hangover ".

"I myself felt as if intoxicated, there was a slight euphoria. But to feel something unusual, raschudesnye — such

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Drug addicts cure

Portrait Belarusian addict: 20 years, unemployed, secondary education, no family. The average dose of the drug costs 25-30 bucks. Due to lack of funds strong addicts at some point to become a criminal path. At this point in the colonies over 1300 addicts.These data shared Chief Narcologist Belarus Vladimir Maximchuk and special affairs in healing from addiction Oleg Iceberg. They also told about the new product in the treatment of drug addicts — through methadone. This experience is about to begin in Gomel. Iceman: "Method assistance that customers give methadone solution for domestic consumption, which reduces their need to introduce

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Grodno students and teachers require release Margarita Tsaran

An open letter in defense of Marguerite Tsaran Grodno teachers and students sent head of state, as the Attorney General and the Chairman Supreme Court.At trial, the former second-year student of the Institute of Grodno Margarita Tsaran defended together with her mother `s attorney. According to her, the purpose was to expose the police institute teacher who sold drugs, and Margarita just used:"We have a very big issue for this teacher. Striking audacity — man promotes man in charge of freshmen on the positive effects of drugs, implements, later giving truthful testimony investigator — and disappears."Educator rights Andrei Zdasyuk gone,

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Alcohol of any strength — drug

British scientists have found that if the sentence starts with "British scientists have found …", that 80% of people will believe any nonsense that follows it. And yet it was the British scientists last year proved by a comprehensive analysis of the alcohol can be considered much more dangerous drugs that are prohibited by law.

Let's go in order. What does the tricky "method of complex analysis"? This means the British drug experts, sociologists, psychologists and representatives of other professions have analyzed all the major harm of drugs and alcohol on several items:

the degree of addiction

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Allergies to medications

What is it?

Drug and medication allergy— Is a specific reaction immune system drugs.

Dosage allergy may occur as a complication in the treatment of any disease or as an occupational disease caused by prolonged exposure to drugs and medicines (doctors, health workers, pharmacists). According to statistics, the urban population drug allergy occurs most often in women aged 31-40 years. The main causes of allergies to medications:

hereditary factors, the presence of other types of allergies long-term use of drugs simultaneous use of a large number of different drugs.

Allergic reaction for medicines can occur from an overdose

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First Aid Kit expectant mother

Pregnancy, of course, not the disease. However, this condition often requires the use of certain medications. Besides the usual means of combating this disease can now be undesirable for you. Therefore normal part of your home first aid kits should be replenished by the following components.

1. Multivitamins. A pregnant woman needs more vitamins, and even good nutrition during this period can not fully meet the body's need for vitamins and trace elements. It is best to take multivitamin preparations, designed precisely for pregnant women. To pick up such a drug would help the doctor. However, in the event

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In Belarus almost 6.5 thousand addicts

According to her, evenly on the Belarusian market became more accessible methadone and amphetamine-type catalysts. In Europe, as in the past the first place is cannabis (marijuana), which cost about 6 percent of the adult population of the Euro Union.Coupled with the fact The report observed that Belarusian government "Remains committed to the fight against drug trafficking and abuse, also assigns special attention to the timely improvement of the legal framework in the fight against drugs." This is evidenced by the adoption by the Government in 2006 latest state applets Narcotics, also the country’s initiatives in improving cooperation on a

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Over 10 years of drug addicts has increased 3 times

Head of Department for Supervision of consequence in the bodies Interior said: "This is the official number, the actual number of drug addicts in Belarus — 70-80 thousand.""Belarus is dominated by consumers and distributors of plant-based drugs, but soon among youth akreslilasya tendency to use synthetic drugs "- told reporters the head of combating drug trafficking and human trafficking MIA Alexander Gavrilov."For recent years cases of the organization on the ground republic clandestine laboratories producing synthetic drugs "- added A.Gavrilov. In 2007 in Belarus was found 8 of these laboratories, Interfax reported.

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DTP (international abbreviation DTP) — Combined vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. All components DPT vaccine capable of forming a substantially immunity in 100% of vaccinated patients. Diphtheria and tetanus, upon completion of the primary vaccination course, form immunity lasting about 10 years, which explains the need for booster after this time period. Pertussis immunity lasting about form 5-7 years.

However, the organization is constrained by boosting the high reactogenicity of such a vaccine in older children, adolescents and adults, as well as the lack of mass production of combination vaccines for children older than 6 years and adults

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