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North London does not subside mess

In the north London broke new mess. Around 200 young people smashed shop windows. Now it came out in the adjacent area with Totenhemom — Endfilde. Last Saturday, August 6, the young people Tottenham staged a true massacre. It should be noted that all began with peaceful protests demanding a fair investigation into the murder Mark Duggan. Later mass threw a cordon Molotov consistency and stones, fires began. Young people began smashing parked cars and smashing your private home. Arrived at the special forces detained 55 man.

Incidents death 29-year-old Mark Duggan to the end is not yet clear. Last

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Riots in London grow

  Groups of young people on Sunday evening, August 7, staged riots in London's Enfield, in the north of the city. According to Sky News, to the streets of at least 200 people. In the area of broken shop windows and attacked a police car. Representatives of Scotland Yard confirmed that on suspicion of looting several arrests. In Enfield, as well as in neighboring Tottenhem where riots occurred on the night of August 7, tightened extra police to patrol the streets. It is also reported that the number of people arrested in connection with the events in

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