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Finders. Secrets Aksai Dungeon

February 28, 2013 23:02

In the Rostov region in Aksai there is one attraction that makes the locals strong interest. This is — a completely unique system of underground tunnels, located directly under the town of Aksai. With Aksay dungeons connected lots of different legends about ghosts. This area residents considered abnormal. How did these dungeons? And it's really — the old shelter from enemies, quarries or underground bunker for testing military equipment, built in the middle of the twentieth century? And why this is where the tragic events connected with the disappearance of people and military

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Urban Legends: Kursk treasure dungeon

December 22, 2012 1:58

The legend of the mysterious dungeons of Kursk has long passed here by word of mouth. Local rumors of hidden treasures. Not surprisingly, hunters can be found in Liping, and Kudeyarov woods and mountains. They say underground laid ancient tunnels that built Atlantis with nuclear technology.

UFO researcher and ethnographer Nikolai Borisov said that the Kursk no natural cavities and caves. All tunnels, if they did exist, were built by man. About intervention Atlantis nothing definite can be said so far, there is a legend that the first underground tunnels builders laid Kursk fortress. They connected

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Bald Mountain: door to alien worlds

March 20, 2012 15:52


In one of the Kiev newspaper published an article Raokrioma (with his travel notes on a pilgrimage to the holy places of Spain readers "TD" recently had the opportunity to meet) and Rati — "The Mystery of the 13th of Thunder." It talks about the mystical mysteries associated with one of the most famous Ukrainian places "power" — Kiev Bald Mountain.

Here, according to the authors, there is an unseen battle between the forces of darkness and the thirteenth of thunder. According to the ancient traditions of magic, thunder and lightning —

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Secrets of Aksai mazes


In the small town of Aksai, Rostov region has a landmark, causing the locals a superstitious dread. This is — a unique system of underground tunnels.

The first local catacombs dug into the cult to the inhabitants of the ancient settlement Kobyakova at the beginning of our era, the next-generation hard entangled network of new mazes. As a result, under the modern Aqsa Mosque and its surroundings stretches a real underground city filled with all kinds of anomalschinoy.  

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