England builds anti-Russian coalition

England was one of the most vocal critics of the Kremlin for his actions in Georgia. Before traveling to Kiev, Miliband said that he would try to do "the largest coalition" against "Russian anger." Miliband met with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, who is now said that Ukraine will never recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.In connection with the visit Miliband, last Minister of Foreign Affairs Anatoly Zlenko said that the Georgian situation is a threat to Ukraine, Ukrainians must be vigilant. Previous Minister also said that Ukraine will never turn to brutal means in politics, and that the

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Background events in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan

In Dushanbe, opened a factory for assembling trolleybuses

In the capital of Tajikistan, on September 5 opened a new manufacturing plant for assembling trolleybuses.

The new plant is located in the southern part of Dushanbe, its construction took exactly two years.

In the organization of the enterprise involved Trolleybus Plant TrolZa (city Engels, Saratov region). Now he will deliver his Tajik partners components, of which there will be collected trolleys.

Initially there will be only one tenth of assembly work, leading to readiness collected 90 percent of Russian trolleybuses. At the site of installation of doors, systems, internal and external

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Vіdkrivsya flight Dushanbe-Kyiv

Tadzhitska avіakompanіya Somon Air Pocha poloti up of Kyiv s Dushanbe.

Yak іnformuє Internet-portal Avianews, 4 kvіtnya Somon Air zdіysniv Pershiy flight Dushanbe-Kiev. Lіtak Boeing 737-900 avіakompanії zustrіli Borispolі in a water salute s pozhezhnih machines. For avіatsіynoї traditsії, Same as vіdznachayut memory `yatnі flights.

Poloti mіzh Dushanbe i Kiєvom will vikonuvatisya 1 time for Tyzhden on Sereda. Value Participants in kvitkіv obidvі third-party s urahuvannyam usіh zborіv skladaє blizko 500 vro.

Somon Air pіdpisala іnterlayn to please h avіakompanіyami AeroSvit that Mіzhnarodnі avіalіnії of Ukraine. Tse is permitted in stikuvati Kiєvі vnutrіshnoukraїnskі that mіzhnarodnі routing Ukrainski avіakompanіy s

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In Tajikistan, the tremors were felt


Dushanbe, 11 October. Pressa.tj — Today, October 11, at 6 hours 17 minutes local time in Tajikistan felt tremors.

As reported Pressa.tj geophysicist seismic "Dushanbe" Tatyana Dmitrieva, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 30 km south of Rasht, on the territory of Tajikistan.

"According to preliminary data, the strength of earthquakes at the epicenter reached 3 points on a 12-point scale MSK. In Dushanbe Propulsion was 2 points "- explained T. Dmitrieva.

In the Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defence of Tajikistan data on casualties or damage have been reported yet.

Source: Pressa.tj

The quake caused panic in Dushanbe



Dushanbe, 15 May. In the Tajik capital Dushanbe, on Sunday night panic. City residents felt tremors after a strong earthquake in northern Afghanistan, reports radio "Echo of Moscow".

Despite the deep night, many people have woken up, and some even ran out into the street. The houses were swaying chandeliers in closets rang dishes.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located 76 km south of the Afghan city of Faizabad. In the Hindu Kush, the magnitude was 6.2, on the Afghan-Tajik border — magnitude 6.1, in Faizabad — magnitude 5.9.


Abnormal for March snowfall hit Dushanbe

Heavy snowfall that hit the capital of Tajikistan, hampering the movement of vehicles on the road Dushanbe, threw dozens of trees, has led to disruptions in the two metropolitan exchanges, according to RIA Novosti.

"Snowfall in the capital of Tajikistan will continue this afternoon and coming at night," — told RIA Novosti chief meteorologist Jamila Baydullaeva country. According to her, the snow in the middle of March — an abnormal phenomenon, the last time such a snowfall and cooling observed in Dushanbe in 1969.

City Administration launched to clear roads all the available technology, but utilities can not cope with

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Tajiks felt tremors


18.08.11.Avesta.Tj. Tajiks experienced regular tremors. According to the Dushanbe seismological station, the earthquake occurred Thursday at 4:00 51 minutes of local time.

Quake epicenter was located 240 kilometers south-east of the Tajik capital in Afghanistan. At the epicenter of earthquake intensity was 5 points.

In Dushanbe, the force of tremors was 2 points. Information on injuries or damage.

Source: Avesta.Tj

4.7 earthquake in Tajikistan


23.03.11.Na eastern Tajikistan on Wednesday morning, an earthquake of magnitude 4.7 that covered part of the Tajik Pamirs and neighboring Afghanistan. The epicenter was located 350 kilometers southeast of Dushanbe in the Hindu Kush mountain range. This was reported in Dushanbe seismic station. Weak tremors were felt in Khorog, the administrative center of the Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous republics and several surrounding communities. Destruction and casualties, according to the Tajik Committee of Emergency Situations, no.

Since the beginning of the week is the second earthquake. The first magnitude 5.5 occurred on March 21 in the south-eastern section of the

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In Tashkent and Dushanbe was a strong earthquake, the people left their homes in panic

In the capitals of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan on Wednesday night there were powerful earthquake, people ran in panic from their homes into the streets.RIA "Novosti" reports, that residents of Tashkent on Tuesday at about 23.45 MSK felt strong tremors that lasted for a minute. Residents of the houses in the center of Tashkent ran out of apartments, many of them, fearing a repetition of aftershocks on the streets ever since.ITAR-TASS reports, that a strong earthquake on Wednesday night caused many residents of Dushanbe, despite the late hour, the time to move. However, information about the devastation to the control of

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