Rock on!

Well, I thought Bosch had it cracked with the GST 135 BCE jigsaw, beating its rivals for ease of use and accuracy into a cocked hat, and the company cornered the market with it that’s for sure.

But Bosch is always looking for even better ways to skin a cat and now it has come up with the GST 140 BCE OK, if you own the previous model there’s no reason to dispatch it to the jigsaw graveyard because it still remains a fabulous saw in its own right, but if you are on the lookout for a top-end model,

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Nikon D600 dust issues

Q: Since purchasing my Nikon D600 a few months ago I’ve started to notice dust spots appearing in some of my images, I’m disappointed by this — it never seemed to be an issue on my older Nikon D70CV is this a known issue or one that’s linked only to my DSLR?

A: This isn’t the first time we’ve received an email on the topic Keith, if you were to type «Nikon D600 dust issues» into Google you’ll find you’re one of many users who share the same concerns. Rumour suggests the 0600 might have a small дао around the

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Is the space between planetary systems the same as the space between galaxies?

Amanda Ellis

That depends on where it is. Contrary to popular belief, space is not a true vacuum. It’s filled with gases and dust, elements and molecules of all kinds. In our Solar System the space between planets contains a smattering of dust left over from the birth of the planets. On rare occasions, from very dark sites, you can actually see this dust as it reflects sunlight – we call it the zodiacal light.

There is more gas in the space between the stars. Measurements show that the Sun is currently passing through a small tuft of hydrogen gas,

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Cubic meters HOLDS TON

In the pneumatic reloaders install the original aerator. And the performance of the machine increase tenfold.

What a nasty this burden — the powder! Hundreds of millions of tons of crushed ore, coal dust, sand, cement, fertilizer, animal feed, chemical raw materials account for more than once to transfer back and forth, before they turn into finished products. And at each loading and unloading of shops, warehouses and railway stations thick dust clouds — could not breathe. Annually loses millions of tons of various powders.

Whether business pneumatic. Tubes and pipes, easy to lay on whatever track. They do

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Boom! The dangers of wood dust

Sam Tom was returning from a coffee break in January 2012 at the Babine Forest Products sawmill in Burns Lake, B.C. when he saw a flash.

A moment later: «Boom. Everything just went flying,” Tom later told the Canadian Press wire service.

The explosion and resulting fire wrecked the mill, killing two and injuring 20. The likely cause, according to a report released in May by the British Columbia Safety Authority, was improperly managed wood dust, possibly ignited by an electrical panel, high-watt light bulb or earlier fire.

The incident was the latest in a series of explosions and conflagrations

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All About..The Orion.

Nebula is one of the most spectacular star-forming regions in the sky Journey inside this vast cloud of dynamic gas and dust to discover the secrets of this stellar nursery.

Orion the Hunter is located on the celestial equator, and dominates the sky between November and February in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Composed of seven main stars, it forms an hourglass shape, which is easily identifiable by the three bright stars of Orion’s Belt, Alnilam, Mintaka and Alnitak.

These stars are three of the brightest in the sky and with the exception of Betelgeuse, all of the main

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A workshop castle

Dan Martin’s shop has a place for everything — and for everybody. “We have had seven people in here working at a time. Everybody has his own spot he can work at,“ — Dan said. Those seven people would be members of the Woodworkers of Central Ohio (W.O.C.O.) club, based out of Westerville, Ohio (total membership: around 150). They make things like wooden toys, chair lifts for an arthritis foundation, and, each month, about 200 to 300 toy items for hospitalized children to paint.

When the contingent working in Dan’s shop is ready to put things away, they encounter some

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The African dust and its role in the formation of Atlantic hurricanes

African dust over the Mediterranean, 8:40 GMT, June 8, 2013 © Sputnik "Terra» | NASA

June 16, 2013. Because of persisting over Europe long deep area of low pressure throughout May in North Africa turned out to be very dusty. African dust lifted by frequent storms in the Sahara Desert, disseminated both in Europe and in the Atlantic.

This spring, we have regularly reported on the "feathers" African dust over the Mediterranean Sea and the South over Europe. But now, due to the beginning of the season of tropical storms in the Atlantic, it's time to talk about

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Compressed air against dust

Brand Konoos introduced a novelty in the current line of cleaning products for the digital technology — non-contact spray cleaner Konoos KAD-300.

Spray is designed for removing dust, lint and small debris from hard to reach places and with different delicate surfaces, whether the objective lens, the computer or keyboard, film or slides.

Konoos KAD-300 is the solution to remove dust on the lens, telescopes, microscopes and binoculars, to cleanse buildings, laptops, netbooks, keyboards, cell phones, printers, scanners, etc. The use of tools allows you to avoid many of the problems in the operation of computer hardware, which often

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Passed through Arizona dust storm

July 11, 2013. In the area of Phoenix, the capital of the U.S. state of Arizona, on agricultural land was a dust storm.

A cloud of dust was spread over 16 kilometers, seriously worsening visibility.

Dust storms usually mark the beginning of the summer season thunderstorms in the southeastern United States.

Source: BBC Russian Service

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