KLu requirements

SEVEN CANADIAN FORCES CH-147 Chinooks, retired in June 1991, have been offered to the Netherlands for $15.75 million in a deal with the Canadian government. Delivered to Canada from 1975, the CH-147s incorporated a number of major changes from the basic CH-47C including an increased gross weight. They will be refurbished by either Boeing Helicopters or Agusto before delivery in late 1994 or early 1995 — the former proposing a standard similar to the CH-47D, while the latter would complete them to an upgraded CH-47C standard as the Italian manufacturer does not hold CH-47D licence rights.

It is thought that

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Dutch Cougars Replace Chinooks in Iraq

A DECISION was finally made by the Dutch government on June 11 to prolong the stay of Dutch troops within the Stabilization Force Iraq (SFIR) for another eight months from July 15. As a result, the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) helicopter detachment that has supported the Dutch ground troops since August 2003 will remain at Tallil air base in southern Iraq until March 2005. The three CH-47D Chinooks operated by the Dutch Helidet were replaced by a similar number of AS 532U2 Cougars in July. The Cougars, from Soesterberg-based 300 Squadron, were airlifted to the region by Antonov An-124

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Dutch Confirm P-3 Sale to Germany

THE DUTCH Ministry of Defence announced on July 20 that agreement has been reached on the sale of eight P-3C Orions to the German Navy to replace the ageing Br. 1150 Atlantics of MFG.3 at Nordholz. On April 28, the Dutch Parliament gave approval for disbandment of the Groep Maritietiie patrouille-vliegtuigen (MARPAT -maritime patrol aircraft group), closure of naval air station Valkenburg and sale of all 13 Dutch P-3Cs.

Germany will reportedly pay 295 million Euros for the aircraft, spare parts, flight simulator and additional support equipment. All eight will have gone through the Capabilities Upkeep Programme (CUP) by the

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JV Kochetova vskotch@mailru.com

Since the advent of Dutch as a phenomenon of the aquarium decoration home pond — that is, back in the seventies — Dutch Association «Nederlandse Bond Aqua Terra» (NBAT) were formulated, and then approved by the national rules of refereeing. A list of these rules and the score sheet sample were sent to my father S.Kochetovu famous Dutch aquarist, a member of the editorial board of the Dutch magazine «Het Aquarium» Jacob Wente back in 1980.

All this time record form stored in the archive home among the incredible number of letters, documents and various aquarium

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Benelux update

I WAS VERY pleased to read your article on Benelux Air Forces in AFM February, although there were some errors in the translation.

Although meaning and sounding the same, jagd is a German word, correctly spelled in Dutch as ‘jacht’. The best way to translate fighter into Dutch is Jager (both words mean ‘hunt’ and ‘hunter’ respectively). A bombewerper is a non existent German-Dutch word, and should be spelled as bommerwerper which means bomber. A fighter-bomber translates into Dutch as jacht-bommenwerper (literally, hunting bomber). To the Dutch people the word is straaljagers, which includes jet training aircraft. Although zeemacht does

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A Dutch airman remembered in a small New South Wales town

Visitors to the small New South Wales South Coast town Moruya (population about 4000) can be somewhat bemused when they see a lifelike statue of an airman standing guard outside a hotel at the southern end of the main street.

The painted wooden statue is a result of Moruya Rotary Club’s decision to sponsor a statue to memorialise the airmen who served on Moruya Aerodrome during World War II. It was decided it should be generic; the figure would not be identifiable as any of the nationalities that flew from the base … no insignia, no name, no rank and

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The Mother of all Tanks RENAULT FT17

The Renault FT was arguably the world’s first modem tank, most tanks that have graced the battlefields after WWII, have followed its basic 1917 design principles. After World War I, most tanks of that era all but disappeared. The little French FT, however, went on to be used by a number of countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The French Army’s predecessor to the FT tank was the Schneider CA1, but the design was flawed and following a long internal battle within the French defence forces, artillery General Jean-Baptiste Estienne finally won approval to create a batch of

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Ukraine has built ships for Norwegian and Dutch

It was launched two ships shipyard in Kerch Bay — for the Norwegian company Ulstein Hull AS and Dutch Damen Shipyard Bergum

Yesterday, January 24, at a shipyard in Kerch Bay launched two ships hull offshore drilling platforms built for the Norwegian company Ulstein Hull AS. The press service of the Council of Ministers of Crimea.

With a supply ship dock displayed rigs project PX121. Its length was 83.40 m, width — 18 m, height — 8 m, the shutter-release hull weight — 1832 tons body and propulsion system of the vessel made for

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Dutch players have scored the judge before his death on the field

41-year-old Dutch referee has died after being beaten by the players in the match junior championship. Richard was appointed to serve Novehuyzen match the Amsterdam club "Noyv slot" as a linesman, but during the game was attacked by several players on the team right.

According to the AP, after beating the referee was bad. R.Novehuyzen was taken to hospital, but doctors could not help him and he died a few hours later.

Dutch media have also reported that after the attack the referee tried to escape from attacking his players, but they caught up with him and continued beating.

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In the German milk found deadly toxins. In the Netherlands found a poisonous milk


In the German milk found toksiny.V deadly poisonous milk Netherlands found Just today, we published an article: Rosselkhoznadzor said that milk from the United States is dangerous and that new facts about milk … The Ministry of the Environment of North Rhine-Westphalia reported that the number of rural households in the region of Germany in the milk discovered toxic substances — the so-called aflatoxin, produced by microscopic fungi.

On one of the dairy industry in the region Hochsauerland maximum allowable rate content in the milk of such substances that contribute to the emergence

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