Flying Dutchman #3/0 Spiral Blades

By Bob Duncan

Flying Dutchman’s #3/0 spiral blades are the smallest spiral blades available.

At 0.023″ diameter, these blades fit into the tightest frets. A common complaint about spiral blades is the inability to cut sharp corners. Due to the shape of the blades, the corners will always be a little rounded. These blades are so fine that they allow you to cut close to a square corner, one that you can hardly see is rounded.

The ability to cut fine details comes at a price. These blades break easily.

I started with a 1″ (25mm)-thick stack of thin plywood.

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Dutchman began collecting animals for his ark

Dutchman Johan Gyubers two weeks before the end of the world began to collect animals on his giant ark which he built 20 years. It is reported by The Huffington Post.

Newfound Noah stepped on board the goats, sheep, horses, dogs, rabbits, and several species of birds. Furthermore Dutchman even bought a baby elephant for its biblical mission to save lives.

Truth at the largest animal on the ark pair no. However, the history of man has put on the ark stuffed lions, tigers, gorillas and bears.

Recall, the Dutch decided to start building a huge Noah's Ark after

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Miracle: man first took off, waving his hands, wings

March 21, 2012 21:33

Large bird became engineer Jarno Smeets of Holland.

Flies, flies Dutch eagle!

"The Flying Dutchman" — the so-called logical deservedly rewarding humanity Dutch engineer Jarno Smits (Dutch engineer Jarno Smeets), by which it seems to be true — humanity — an old dream: to flap their wings, rise into the sky and there is a free flying stork. In the video, which was recently posted on the Internet, just sealed a dream come true. Accompanied improvised Jarno coming to the park, clings to his wings, running away, waving them, and takes off. Rises into

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Man two years continuously laughing after hip surgery — VIDEO

March 19, 2012 9:41

Dutchman could not stop laughing for the past two years.

Hug boss all the time laughing

Dutchman Hug boss two years ago, had surgery on his hip, and since waking up from anesthesia — not stop laughing. Since 2 years Haq never had the kind of sad or worried, wife boss admits that irritated more often. Netherlander wife assures me that this behavior is to blame Haga anesthesia and irresponsibility of doctors. Now, she said, the family can not properly argue or quarrel — what woman would not say boss just smiles and suddenly

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