Creator of an extensive spy network Vatican, already in the Middle Ages enveloped in the world and known as the "Society of Jesus", was a man of remarkable intelligence, guile and a fair excessive cruelty Ignatius Loyola. He also organized a secret squads Jesuits, who for many years, like bees, accumulate in the blood zagashnikah monastic treasures acquired by following the covenant canonized boss: "Monarchs — slaves of gold and gold — their only passion, but it must be ours."

To some extent, the way it is! Because in the XVIII — early XIX centuries is the reigning persons, in

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Around red dwarfs live aliens?


Planetary scientist Christopher McKay of the Research Center. Ames and his colleagues at NASA have found that the surface of planets that orbit stars known as red dwarfs, can be covered by oceans, which are floating organic compounds. Thus, the list of potentially habitable places in the universe has expanded. Red dwarfs are the most common type of stellar objects in the universe. They are small and relatively cool star, which, according to astronomical classification, have spectral type M or K. The diameter and mass of red dwarfs do not exceed one third

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