Scientists project that the strongest earthquakes will occur in Japan, all the next decade

New strong earthquake occurred on Tuesday, Nov. 8, at the resort's Japanese island of Okinawa. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the power of earthquake was 6.9 on the Richter scale, RBC reports. The epicenter was located 218 km north-west of Naha — the administrative center of Okinawa Prefecture. Hearth lies at a depth 209 km. Tremors were felt in eight prefectures in southern Japan and all the small southern islands, including Okinawa.The possible casualties or damage, and the threat of a tsunami is not reported.Noting that Japan shakes constantly. Small tremors are felt several times a week, but

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In Tonga, an earthquake of magnitude 6.1


Wellington, Feb. 13 / Xinhua / — According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the island nation of Tonga in the South Pacific, February 12 at 17:57 UTC an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 on the Richter scale. Reports of casualties or property damage have been reported yet.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located 55 km north-west of the capital Nukualofa Tonga. The earthquake lies at a depth of 81 km.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, based in Hawaii, until the tsunami warning was read.



5.2 earthquake off the coast of Chile


18.02.11.Zemletryasenie magnitude 5.2 occurred on Friday off the coast of Chile, 125 kilometers to the west of the capital Santiago, the site of the Chilean Institute of Seismology.

Quake was recorded at 17.01 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, 20.01 Moscow time). The epicenter was located 32 kilometers west of the village in the region OHiggins Navidad. Its center lies at a depth of 8.5 kilometers. Information on casualties or damage were reported.

According to the Chilean emergency services in the last week, there were about a hundred aftershocks of varying intensity, which caused concern and alarm of the local population.

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4.1 earthquake in Iran


29.12.10.V Fahrodzh Iranian city of Kerman province, an earthquake measuring 4.1 on a scale Rihtera.O casualties or damage were reported.

After the earthquake of 6.5 points, which took place last week, in this region there were more than 100 weak aftershocks, the Iranian news agency MEHR.

December 20 in the Iranian province of Kerman Fahrodzh earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale. The disaster claimed the lives of seven people and injured hundreds.

The earthquake damaged more than 2,950 villages Kerman province.


The Sumatra earthquake of magnitude 6.1


27.01.11.Okolo coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra earthquake with magnitude 6.1. According to the National Geological Service of the U.S., its epicenter was located at a distance of 255 km south-west of the city of Medan and 1440 km north-west of the capital of Indonesia — Jakarta, says RBC.

The earthquake was located at a depth of 22.6 km. Information on casualties or damage, as well as the threat of a tsunami has been reported.

USA: Oklahoma recorded the strongest earthquake in state history

November 6, 2011. Earthquake in Oklahoma, recorded late at night on November 5, local time, was the strongest in the history of the American state. According to some data the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), its magnitude was 5.6 (previously cited figure 5.2). Prior to that, says Reuters, was considered the most significant earthquake in 1952. a magnitude of 5.5.

According to the latest information, no one was hurt, but some of the buildings a distinct crack. Residents report that many homes were falling small objects broken glass, and people thought that now they will drop

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Earth shook Sichuan Province

Reports of tremors mainly on five points come from different continents.

Several major earthquakes happened today in different parts of the world. Just shook residents of Oklahoma American — there was an earthquake of magnitude 4.7. No casualties yet reported.  

A few hours ago shook southeastern Indonesia — where the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.2. According to preliminary reports, no one was hurt. Local seismologists quoted as "ITAR-TASS". 5.0-magnitude tremors felt in the afternoon and on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Rescuers went to the scene of events, reports of casualties have been reported yet. Element basically

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In Oklahoma Earthquake

In the U.S. state of Oklahoma 5.2 magnitude earthquake, reports Reuters referring to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Information about victims or destructions. It is reported that the earthquake was located at a depth of five kilometers. Earthquakes have been recorded at 34 kilometers from the city of Shawnee (Shawnee).This is not the first quake in the last few hours. On Saturday morning in Oklahoma was zafikisrovano earthquake of magnitude 4.7. Quake epicenter was located 75 kilometers to the east of the state capital — Oklahoma City. Information on casualties or damage have also been reported. November 6, 2011

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Underwater volcanic activity continues at El Hierro

November 4. An earthquake measuring 3.8 occurred Friday morning near El Hierro. Fear of new and powerful earthquake continues to spread. This morning, on the island recorded twelve new earthquakes. Meanwhile, on Thursday, in the direction of the Civil Protection Plan for Volcanic Hazards Borders said seismic events correspond to the stage of La Luis underwater volcano, which began on October 10. The eruption of an underwater volcano, which began Oct. 10, continues to this day. Source:Telecinos

Increases the probability of a powerful earthquake in New Zealand

November 4 Scientists said that the probability of the next earthquake increases in New Zealand in Christchurch. Christchurch — the second largest city affected by the earthquake of magnitude 6.3 in February. In a new report, scientists say the probability of an earthquake of about 6 points increased from 10 to 15%. About 5.5-5.9 — 46%. "Now, the probability of earthquakes at large distances becomes important component of the overall risk, as reflected in a more complex model of forecasting." New Zealand is on the so-called "Ring of Fire". Source: "Russian Emirates"

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