Shallow earthquake in China

Seismic hazard mapsOn the border of the two Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Innan Lidzyan occurred near the town of fairly strong shallow earthquake of magnitude 5.7. The depth of the earthquake was 11 km, according to the U.S. Geological Survey — 9.3 km, which is quite dangerous for such a densely populated area, as living within range of at least 900 thousand people. Two minutes after the main shock had the second episode of the power of 3.3 points. The earthquake was the destruction of more than 14 million homes in the mountainous border region. Killed 4 people

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Earthquake of magnitude 7.6 occurred in the archipelago of Vanuatu


25.12.2010, 17:52:34 Sydney shores of the island state of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean earthquake with magnitude 7.6.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 135 km west of g.Isangel, and its focus — at a depth of 33 km. Quake was recorded at 16.16 MSK. Information about the destruction and casualties were reported.

Experts of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii issued a warning of a possible tsunami early in Vanuatu, Fiji and New Caledonia.


Aftershocks of the earthquake in Turkey do not cease

Aftershocks after a major earthquake in the vicinity of the city of Van in Turkey is still ongoing, according to the National Service seymicheskoy Protection of Armenia.

According to the source, as of 10:30 am November 2 1049 recorded aftershocks of magnitude 5.3.

Recall that an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 occurred in Turkey on 23 October at 15.41 Yerevan time. According to the latest data, the number of victims of the earthquake more than 600, more than 4,000 were injured. Rescuers managed to extract from the rubble alive 188 people. The earthquake in 2652 damaged the building.

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Earthquake in New Zealand damaged several buildings


WELLINGTON, December 26. In one of the cities in New Zealand today, an earthquake of magnitude 4.9. According to local authorities, the earthquake occurred at one of the shops of New Year gifts of Christchurch. It clarifies the BBC, referring to the Associated Press, at the time the building was a few dozen customers.

Following the earthquake, no one was hurt, but several buildings were damaged. Note, the last time in New Zelanii earthquake magnitude 5.4 occurred on 28 November. The epicenter of earthquake was located 10 km north-west of Masterton at a depth of 30 km. We also

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Seismologists have assessed the impact of the earthquakes in Turkey to Kazakhstan

Repeated shocks in Turkey, which still occur after the devastating earthquake in Van province, carry no risk to Kazakhstan. This was told by the deputy director of the Institute for Science Seismology Anatoly Lee."The earthquake that occurred in Turkey, a mountainous area, there is periodically shock, it's like our northern Tien Shan, but it is quite another seismic region. On Kazakhstan is not affected, "- said Lee.

According to the scientist, the recent earthquake in Kyrgyzstan, which took place in late October, is already affecting the Almaty region. "Here, for example, what happened this morning, an earthquake in China

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Scientists have learned to predict earthquakes from space

Specialists Research and Education Center for Remote Sensing of the Earth from space had variations of geophysical fields in seismic regions, Russian Ministry of Education reports referring to the press service of the Research Center of Aerospace Monitoring ("Aerospace"). The project was implemented under the auspices of the Centre as part of the Federal Target Program "Research and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia", says the press release of the Ministry.

The report noted that in the history of mankind the most significant damage is done by earthquakes, which are the most formidable and least predictable natural disasters. Impossible to

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Major earthquakes in the world in 2010-2011. Certificate

October 23 at the south-eastern province of Van in Turkey earthquake with magnitude 6.6. The earthquake has destroyed. The province also reported failures in the power supply and telephone connection. The earthquake was felt in many parts of south-eastern and eastern Turkey.

Tremors were registered in Armenia.


On the night of October 22 in the Pacific Ocean to the east of the ridge NZ Kermadec Islands earthquake with magnitude 7.6. The epicenter was located 180 kilometers east of Raoul Island in 870 kilometers south of the coast of the island nation of Tonga. The earthquake lies at a

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780.000 victims of earthquakes in the past decade

November 4. Earthquakes, which account for about 60 percent of all natural disasters related to the victims, according to a study claimed more than 780.000 lives in the last ten years, according to the journal "The Lancet". Apart from these cases, the earthquake had a direct effect on the two billion. The most deadly earthquake January 12, 2010 a magnitude 7.0 in Haiti, which has brought the victim in 316.000 people. This was followed by 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami generated by an earthquake of magnitude 9.1 — killed 227.000 people. Third — May 12, 2008 7.9 in the

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By geophysical situation in Japan


2.11.11.Analiz geophysical situation in Japan shows its approach to a critical point.

The threat of a massive earthquake has risen sharply. One factor was the increase of its strong magnetic storm on November 1. One seismomagnetic meridians in a storm covered including Japan.

Other abnormal signs are triggered by a composite Annex 1. Their greatest manifestation celebrated on October 29.

Identified on space satellite Meteor-M (MSU-MR), Terra (Modis), Aqua (Modis), etc. October 19, 2011 Cloud seismotectonic indicators (2.3 Applications) Indicate the possibility of a powerful earthquake.

Our concerns and some geophysical data was sent by the Japanese fellow geophysicists.

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In northern Chile earthquake with magnitude 6.0

Earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred in the north of Chile. Information on casualties or damage were reported. According to the Institute of Geophysics of the University of Chile, the epicenter of the earthquake was 60 kilometers from the city of Taltal and 1400 kilometers north of the capital, Santiago. Its center lies at a depth of 47 kilometers. Fluctuations in the Earth's crust were felt in several settlements, whose residents as a precaution for a time from their homes, according to ITAR-TASS. Chile still can not fully recover from the effects of the most powerful 8.8-magnitude earthquake that shook

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