New earthquake in Guatemala

New earthquake in Guatemala Natural Disasters

Guatemala again hit by a major earthquake. This time, there was a push in the Pacific Ocean at 27 km depth 30.4 km from the western coast of the country and the city Champeriko. The capital of Guatemala from the epicenter about 185 km, and to the border of one of the south-western Mexican communities Suchiate, only 43 km.

Propulsion was 6.5 points, but initially it was assumed that the earthquake had a magnitude less than a few tenths (6.2 points). After the main episode occurred some significant aftershocks, one of which

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Earthquake in Myanmar

Earthquake in Myanmar Natural Disasters

In the mountainous region of northern Myanmar, an earthquake, a magnitude of which was originally identified as a 7.0 magnitude, but later reduced to 6.8 points. Depth shock, recorded only 186 km from the city of Mandalay, was 9.8 km. According to local media reports, the death toll was at least 5 people. All of them at the time of death were near collapsing bridge, which run through the Irrawaddy River, the bridge was built by 80%.

In areas of the country, close to the epicenter, there have been numerous destruction, people received

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The coming catastrophe



The coming catastrophe 19.11.03, the



From the point of view of astrology Altai earthquake (27.09.03 at 18 h 36 min., 28.09.03 in 1 hour 55 min., 1.10.03 at 8 pm local time, the epicenters near Aktas and Kosh-Agach, …) can be attributed to the entry of Saturn in the sign of Cancer on June 4 this year As you know, on May 31 solar eclipse occurred in the 10

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In Peru, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0

September 26, 2013. An earthquake of magnitude 7.0. occurred off the coast of Peru. The tremors were recorded at a depth of 45 kilometers. In some areas of damaged houses and schools. Wounds and injuries to about 20 people. One miner was pulled from the mine. The threat of a tsunami in the coastal areas has not been announced.

Source: Euronews

A strong earthquake struck near the capital of New Zealand

August 16, 2013. An earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred on Friday near the capital of New Zealand, Wellington. Information on casualties and no injuries were reported.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter of the quake was located 74 kilometers south-west of Wellington. The earthquake at the depth of 10 kilometers. After some time, the region was registered a magnitude 5.7 aftershock.

According to the local newspaper Domininion Post, in the included Manila in Seddon earthquake building collapsed in some areas of the South Island there were power outages. The authorities decided to suspend air and rail links to

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Another earthquake in New Zealand

Another earthquake in New Zealand Natural Disasters

10 months after the devastating earthquake in February that killed 182 people and devastated the city center in Christchurch December 23, 2011 again saw a series of tremors of 5.8. It is reported that there was no serious damage. One person has been damaged, is in a shopping center, and four had to be rescued from the landslide. During earthquakes, many goods in the shops were falling off the shelves, forcing shoppers to flee into the streets.

The first earthquake occurred at a depth of 4 kilometers to 26 kilometers from Christchurch. It

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Earthquake in Greece partially destroyed about 300 homes

August 8, 2013. In central Greece, 120 kilometers north-west of Athens earthquake of magnitude 5.3. As a result of the seismic shock partially destroyed hundreds of homes. None of the residents was injured. Tremors were felt throughout the country, including the capital.

The village Drimea (in Fthiotida) hit two uninhabited house. In another chalk, Kato Titorea partially collapsed house where illegal immigrants live. People could not get themselves out of the ruins, they had help.

In some mountainous areas, the earthquake triggered a rockfall. Municipal services apart the rubble, ITAR-TASS reported.

In total, the various destruction from the

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Earthquake in southern Italy

Earthquake in southern Italy Natural Disasters

Tremor power in five balls occurred at night in the Italian province of Cosenza, the southern region of Calabria, where most residents slept. After impact, the citizens ran to the street and spent rest of the night for fear of aftershocks. On the streets of panic prevailed as strongly push shattered houses and apartments.

It is reported that an elderly Italian died of a heart attack triggered by an earthquake. On the walls of a hospital in the small town of Mormanno large cracks have appeared, forcing the administration to evacuate people

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Canadian tsunami after the earthquake was not dangerous

Tsunami after the earthquake was harmless Canadian Natural Disasters

After a fairly strong earthquake of 7.7 points, recorded in Canada, to Hawaii, it was announced on the possibility of a tsunami warning. However, it was not more serious than a horror story on the eve of All Saints' Day. However, most of the islanders the announcement seriously and people began a hurried evacuation of the interior of the island.

Within minutes, the traffic on the roads leading from the coast, it was difficult, in Honolulu, there have been many accidents because drivers are in a state of panic.

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Iceland is preparing a powerful earthquake

Iceland is preparing a powerful earthquake danger zone

Residents of the northern part of. Iceland received an official warning that the region has increased the likelihood of a large earthquake. This conclusion seismologists analyzed the 20-year activity of the subsoil of the island, which is now home to nearly 320,000 people.

In a recent series of small tremors recorded at a depth of 20 km near the northern coast of Iceland one of the episodes had a magnitude of 5.6 points. Typically, these events are precursors to more serious seismic vibrations. Local residents are concerned about the upcoming

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