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Russian scientists have created a model for the calculation of seismic hazard

In Russia it is the first model of this kind, which can be used to predict the effects of earthquakes in specific areas of the city.

Scientists from the Center for Geophysical Research Vladikavkaz Scientific Centre RAS-based REC "Geoengineering" looking for answers to questions about what will be the nature and extent of the devastation caused by the earthquake in a particular area

What factors influence the effects of the earthquake? This question is posed to science every time when assessing the devastation provoked by a powerful shift of the crust. Thus, the Niigata earthquake in Japan in

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Unique warning about the earthquake




Unique warning of an earthquake is under development works Recently, the Russian scientists, who for many years has been actively engaged in the problem of earthquake prediction, developed a unique space earthquake warning system for two days. According to the newspaper "Beep", the basis of microsatellite systems

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Earthquake in Turkey-Syria border

Earthquake in Turkey-Syria border Natural Disasters

Near the town of Sirnak on the border of three states of Turkey, Iraq and Syria, was a powerful and devastating earthquake of 5.4 points. Its epicenter was 31 kilometers south of the city (37,237 ° N, 42,495 ° E) and had a depth of 9.6 km. The worst thing was Silopi 5 km from the epicenter of the earthquake has a population of 74,798 people. They are all located in the area of the potential danger, as aftershocks continue.

The history of seismic activity on the border of Turkey, Iraq and

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Azerbaijan has opened a new area of seismic activity

Azerbaijan has opened a new area of seismic activity Facts

In 1859, in the center of Azerbaijan earthquake completely destroyed the country's capital Shemakha. The consequences of this shock was so severe that the capital had to be moved to another city Baku is located on the shore of the Caspian Sea. According to new research, in this part of the country, a new area of seismic activity that can provoke strong enough earthquake.

Ten-year analysis of the GPS data around Baku seismologists discovered vast zone vnutrizemnogo voltage and geological deformation, threatening a large population of the capital

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Hundreds dead after earthquake in Afghanistan

Hundreds dead after earthquake in Afghanistan Natural Disasters

In the north-east of Afghanistan in the densely populated province of Baghlan, there were two earthquakes caused extensive landslides. Under the debris of rocks and mud buried provisionally estimated 25-30 homes in the five mountains. Reported hundreds killed in hit area — near Burke. Due to the fact that the area is quite remote from the disaster communications, rescue teams arrived late and search operations have just begun.

Unfortunately, the nearest medical center is located only 40 km away from the affected area, which reduces the chance of staying alive

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Southern Hemisphere wave of earthquakes

Southern Hemisphere wave of earthquakes Natural Disasters

Through the Andes and the Nazca tectonic, and in Australia, a series of earthquakes strong and medium magnitude. At 102 km from Maule and 282 km from the capital city of Santiago Chile registered a strong enough 5.8-point rating boost. Fortunately, there were no casualties. It was followed by a new episode in Coquimbo, Chile, who had a force of 4.7 points. The third earthquake of 6.0 points occurred in southern Peru with epicenter at 119 km west-northwest of Arequipa and 648 km south-east of Lima. This earthquake, despite its power, it was

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Unexpected earthquake in Ireland

Unexpected earthquake in Ireland Natural Disasters

Earthquake that struck off the west coast of Ireland, has caused confusion among geologists and was very surprised the scientific community. The fact that earlier there was no information on the presence of active seismic processes in this part of the Atlantic Ocean.

The epicenter was located at a depth of 3 km, 60 km west from Bellmut, County Mayo. On the Richter scale, it would be 4 points. In the entire history of the region is the most powerful seismic events. It is also the second known such a high magnitude

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Found the victim Pacific Tsunami

February 7, 2013. According to some data, the victims of the tsunami that struck the Solomon Islands after a powerful earthquake, were six people, including one child.

Rescuers napralyayutsya in areas difficult to access, where they can be found new victims of the disaster.

Several people are still considered missing. Hardest-hit villages on the islands of Santa Cruz, who were the closest to the epicenter. Were flooded even remote villages deep in the islands.

Earthquake magnitude 8 occurred in the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday.

Source: BBC Russian Service

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On the islands of Santa Cruz declared a state of emergency

February 8, 2013. The islands that make up the Solomon Islands, are prepared for the next natural disaster. In the recently survived a strong 8-magnitude earthquake and tsunami, after the deaths of eight man, Temotu province declared a state of emergency due to the fact that one of its islands significantly increased seismic activity.

While trying to deliver humanitarian services from the capital city of the Solomon Islands, Honiara necessary help and products in the disaster zone, seismologists are closely watching arisen on this island strong rumbling sounds from the depths of the mountain. After all, despite the fact that

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An earthquake in western Indonesia

January 22, 2013. In the west Indonesia there was a strong shallow earthquake, which killed 9-year-old girl. Earthquake destroyed several residential buildings and sowed panic among the local population. In addition to the lost child has 15 injured with broken limbs, obtained after the collapse of the walls of buildings. Pre-assigned to the magnitude 6.0 earthquake. Tsunami threat to Indonesia's shores missing.

Center of the quake was located southwest of the city of Banda Aceh and had a depth of 6 km. Earthquake disturb the peaceful sleep of inhabitants of towns and villages on the northern outskirts of. Sumatra at

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