Earthquake of magnitude 7.3 occurred in New Caledonia

Earthquake of magnitude 7.3 occurred on Thursday in New Caledonia — overseas department of France in the Pacific Ocean, according to RIA Novosti.

According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake was located at 291 km north-east of the administrative center of Noumea, New Caledonia. Hearth tremors occur at a depth of 33 kilometers.

No casualties, damage and the threat of a tsunami is not reported.

The earthquake in Iran, 11 people injured

Eleven people were injured in the earthquake today in southern Iran. Three victims were hospitalized, the other medical care on the spot, the dead do not.

The epicenter was near the town Nurabad Fars province. As a result of aftershocks of magnitude 5.1 and 5.0 are the destruction of a number of settlements. Three days ago, in the same province as a result of a magnitude 5.3 earthquake hit 16 people, destroyed residential buildings in 17 villages, like ITAR-TASS.

Iran is located in a zone of high seismic activity. In the last century the victims of the 20 most powerful

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Prophetic dreams Doomsday

After the publication of some of my articles in the media and on Internet sites, which addressed the possible causes of future disasters on our planet, to my email began to receive many letters describing the horrific and terrifying dreams in which readers write Doomsday, Apocalypse, World War III and Armageddon.

It is curious that people are completely unfamiliar with each other, of different ages, sex and religion, living in different regions of Russia and other countries, to describe future catastrophe almost equally, as if they were written under the blueprint. Such coincidences hardly accidental. This is probably

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Earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred in Alaska

Earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred on Saturday night near the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, according to the U.S. Geological Survey website.

The epicenter of tremors recorded at 10:37 on Friday (22:37 MSK), located at 97 km north-west of the village of St. Nicholas, the largest settlement on the island of Umnak and 1591 km south-east of the Russian city of Anadyr.

The earthquake lies at a depth of 13.1 kilometers.

Umnak Island is the third largest of the Aleutian Islands. The population of the island is a few dozen people.

Earthquake frightened residents Kurils

A strong earthquake, which occurred on Saturday in the Pacific Ocean off the Kuril Islands, caused no damage and without affecting the livelihood of businesses Severo-Kurilsk, but scared people. People rushed from their homes, were told that the apartments were swinging chandeliers, the tables fell and hit her dishes.

According to the Geophysical Service of the United States, an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in the Pacific Ocean off the Kuril Islands in 161 km from the North-Kurilsk.

According to the seismic "Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk" jolt magnitude of 6.5. The earthquake occurred at 04.12 local time on Saturday (22.12 Friday MSK). Hearth

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Reymunda Aguilera vision of global earthquake.

Visions of the American clairvoyant Raymond Aguilera (1991) appeared to him by God himself (from his "Book of Prophecy").

Tectonic cataclysm: "What I'm saying is. You will be horrified. You're scared, because the climate of the world will always change. It will change when the time for the cold, will not be cold, it will be hot. When it should be hot, be cold.

When should the rain, it will rain when you do not expect rain. Will the storm. Will storms around the world. They will be very heavy, very heavy. You can not hide. Because something is

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In Tokyo, recorded a new strong earthquake

A strong earthquake of magnitude 6.2 on Monday, March 14, again shook Tokyo and surrounding prefectures. It made much sway buildings in the Japanese capital. Information about the destruction and injuries were reported. Overlain by the earthquake off the coast of Ibaraki Prefecture at a depth of 10 kilometers below the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, according to ITAR-TASS. What happened on Friday earthquake of magnitude 8.9 in the north-east of Japan Meteorological Agency as a national of the strongest on record. The number of victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has exceeded one thousand. However,

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Earthquake in Guatemala caused severe damage to the monuments of history

Experts assess the damage otsilnogo earthquake in Guatemala last week that killed 42 people, showed lesions in numerous historical and cultural heritage of this Central American country, local media reported.

According to some data, the earthquake caused the Nov. 7 death of 42 people and 155 injured, another 18.7 thousand evacuated. Economy of some regions of Guatemala was a large loss of the element damaged about 10,000 buildings.

In the department of San Marcos, the most affected by the earthquake, a lot of damage caused by the so-called "Mayan Palace" and the municipal building "Quetzal". In the department of Quetzaltenango

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New quake registered a magnitude of 5.1 in Guatemala

A new earthquake measuring 5.1 recorded off the Pacific coast of Guatemala, about 200 kilometers from the capital, the site of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Quake was recorded at 02.42 MSK Thursday. Its center lies at a depth of 35.1 kilometers. The epicenter was located 54 kilometers south-west of the city Champeriko.

It is in this area six hours before a devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.4. According to the latest data, the number of victims to at least 39 people. Hospitalized more than 155 wounded. The number of missing had reached 100.

Element destroyed more than 50 houses in the

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Rains can cause earthquakes

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