In Japan, Fuji volcano can wake


Photos US Navy, from the site Experts warn of possible eruption Fuji, which last erupted lava and ash in 1707.

18.03.11.V result of the continuing aftershocks in Japan can "come alive" unofficial symbol of this country — Volcano Fuji.

Some Japanese experts issued a forecast that the recent earthquake in the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, where the extinct volcano, this could provide a "safety fuse" for the resumption of eruptions. In the area of the mountain, in particular, at a depth of 10-14 km hypocenter of the earthquake was a magnitude 6.0, which occurred on 15

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In the Kuzbass prepare for an earthquake


15.03.11.Gubernator Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev sent a telegram to the heads of cities and districts of the region, Chief of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Kemerovo region, demanding to check availability and completeness of the territories of all forces and funds for disaster relief in the region.

According to the press service of the regional administration, this is due to the increased seismic activity. The reason for this kind of treatment was what happened on March 11 Japan earthquake.

For rapid response to seismic hazard Aman Tuleyev demanded that heads to refine and adjust plans and with

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The next blow elements predict California


14.03.11.Katastroficheskoe Japanese earthquake — the most powerful ever recorded in this country — should make think America, which can be in the coming years under the impact of elements of similar size. Frequent earthquakes of great strength will be observed in all seismically active areas, but an earthquake of great power in the next 30 years could destroy Southern California, and its main city and capital of the world film industry in Los Angeles in general can be wiped off the face of the earth.

On these frightening forecasts against the Japanese disaster reminded professor at American University in

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Scientists: Moscow expects 5.0 earthquake


Yevgeny Rogozhin

14.03.11.Zamdirektora the Institute of Physics of the Earth predicted major upheavals in the capital: the planet entered a seismically dangerous period.Po seismologists scientists predict, will soon take place in the Capital Region is the strongest ever earthquake — earthquakes may reach 5 points on the scale Rihtera.Vsled for Japan in the near future disasters await Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands and the Caucasus.

— The events in Japan, of course, unique. I did not expect such a magnitude — describes his first reaction to the events in Honshu, the deputy director of the Institute of Physics

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Earthquake in Burzian area Bashkortostan


Burznyaskom area in Bashkiria was recorded quakePhoto: Yandex

10.10.12.Vchera Burznyaskom afternoon in the area of Bashkiria was recorded underground tolchok.K Fortunately, an earthquake was not strong.

— Our area does not apply to an earthquake-prone zones. Tremor was associated with geodynamic disturbances that led to swelling or collapse in the depths of the earth's crust — said specialist for Civil Protection and Emergency Management Administration Burzian district Azamat Dautov.

According to him, the push was not strong and serious earthquakes in the region can not be.

Recall that in September a similar incident occurred in Uchalinsky area.

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Earthquake in Anapa


10.08.12. Yesterday, on August 9 in Anapa magnitude earthquake about 3 ballov.Kak told on seismic Anapa, August 9, at 19.05 magnitude earthquake three points in the sea, 50 km from the coast of the resort town.

The earthquake did not cause any casualties or damage. By the way, few anapchan and resort guests felt the tremors. Probably, this is the distance from the city to the epicenter of the earthquake.

Recall that on November 29 at 6:13 am in Anapa recorded earthquake of magnitude 3.3, the class of 10. Then thousands anapchan felt tremors.


In Sochi, the tremors were felt. Video


18.07.12.Primerno at 6:10 am in the resort city, an earthquake measuring about 3-3.5 points.

About it, "Max Portal" told in Sochi seismic station. At the same time is not specified, where the epicenter of the quake, and residents of public areas felt the tremors.

Source: Max portal

The epicenter was located in the Afternoon

18.07.12.Zemletryasenie which devices recorded today, July 18, at 6:10 am, was about 24 kilometers from the seismic station.

This told the chief of Sochi seismic Helen Karpovich. She confirmed that the force of the earthquake was 3 points, and noted that

it is not unusual

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In the Altai earthquake


May 24 in the Republic of Altai earthquake, aftershocks magnitude was 2.4 on the Richter scale, according to Geophysical Service of the Altai-Sayan Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.

According to scientists, the earthquake occurred at 13:09 local time, 247 km south-east of the Gorno-Altaisk.


In the state of Washington have discovered a new fault crust

In the state of Washington have discovered a new fault crust Facts

In the north-western Pacific Ocean are quite serious tectonic events. From the Cascadia subduction zone, where the tectonic plate of Juan de Fuca is moving under the North American plate, and to the fault zone near Seattle, where 1,100 years ago the real earthquake happened to 7, there was the risk of renewed seismic activity.

The figure shows five areas paleoseysmicheskoy activity (red circles) and three Holocene fault (solid red lines).

Approximately 60 km north of the described location and located close to the extremely dangerous fault in

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Fast tsunami warning system with GPS

Fast tsunami warning system with GPS Scientists prove

In underground earthquakes that could cause a tsunami, the time allotted for coastal warning of the danger, is very short. However, based on data from the Fukushima earthquake, which occurred March 11, 2011, scientists from the GFZ German Research Centre have shown that by the earthquake and its location can be determined with three minutes to quickly and accurately transfer the information to the ground of the possibility of a tsunami.

Such operations can make a special GPS-network that is configured to work in potentially dangerous areas. She is able to capture

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