Top 20 natural disasters in 2012

Top 20 natural disasters in 2012 Natural Disasters

Suppose that in 2012 had not yet come to an end, but in the history of the world will remain as a year in which there was a decent amount of powerful and even record the strength of natural disasters. In 2012, the people faced with super-storms like Hurricane Sandy, and with an epic drought, fires lasting a month. After all this, it is hoped that the end of the year will be smooth and quiet. 1. Storm Derech

June Derech storm was one of the most destructive

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Earthquake of magnitude 3.8 occurred in Sochi


MOSCOW, Dec. 20 — RIA Novosti. A small earthquake measuring up to 3.8 occurred in the Lazarev near Sochi, victims and victims, told RIA Novosti the head seismic resort Helen Karpovich.

"In the area of Sochi Lazarev was a small earthquake at 1.15 (MSK), 3-3,8-magnitude, the force at the center of three points," — said Karpovich.

She said that the epicenter of the earthquake was located near the coastline, bumps on land hardly felt.

Damage, victims and victims of earthquakes there. # ixzz2Fb85uJ69

Iran expects massive earthquake


30.03.11.Moschnoe earthquake, the strength is comparable with the Japanese, can destroy Iran and the Persian Gulf. On this, as reported Mignews, said Kuwaiti experts.

Thus, according to seismologists at the University of Kuwait Dr. Bu Ferialya Rabaya, a devastating earthquake, with its epicenter in Iran may happen soon. "This is indicated at our disposal scientific and historical facts," — she said.

In this regard, she appealed to the governments of the region to immediately cease all nuclear projects, "even if their purpose is to produce electricity."

Experts expect, that the strength of earthquakes reaches 8 points. Earthquake of such

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Indonesia is once again facing an earthquake

Indonesia is once again facing earthquakes Natural Disasters

A series of aftershocks, which lasted several hours, took place April 21, 2012 in Indonesia. Feeble attempts to evacuate people found unavailability country to large-scale events: no tsunami warning system, and the existing shelters are not designed for tens of thousands of people.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, for 4 hours on the western coast of North Sumatra earthquake happened 4 from 5.2 to 5.7. The strongest impetus that took place not far from the island of Papua New Guinea, has the power 6.6, and after him, followed by an earthquake

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Urgent! Rogun dam on a crack


Photo from:

22.07.11.Zemletryasenie that occurred on the night of 19 to 20 July, many by surprise, including the people of Tajikistan. In the city of Isfara in Sughd sudden tremors destroyed 17 homes. Killed at least three people. On the walls of 8 residential apartment buildings in the town of Kim, a large crack.

The devastating effects of the element was in the village Chorkuh where the quake destroyed 34 houses, the ruins of homes left four families — a total of 11 people.

In Vorukh enclave was destroyed 50 private houses, members of four families (16

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A powerful earthquake in Papua New Guinea

A powerful earthquake in Papua New Guinea Natural Disasters

According to the Geological Surveying and Mapping USA, April 17, 2012 in Papua New Guinea was a major earthquake of magnitude 7. The epicenter was located in the north of the 141 km from one of the largest cities and the industrial port of Lae at a depth of 200 kilometers. Pacific Centre for disaster prevention, along with the Australian Centre reported that signs of a devastating tsunami following an earthquake followed.

"The lack of a tsunami warning because the quake occurred at a considerable depth, despite the fact that a

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Underground fault in Dimitrovgrad nuclear threat


22.07.11.Pervy push Dimitrovgrad felt on June 14, when the sun was setting. Ground pretty shaken.

Someone heard the explosion, someone felt the subterranean noise, and someone has described the incident as a thump. Houses are not collapsed, walls cracked, and the pipes in the ground is not broke, so do the residents of the importance of shocks did not pay.

But the June 29 aftershocks were repeated again, and almost at the same time — at sunset. Now, on the upper floors have clearly felt that the ground was shaking.

Subjectively tremors then valued at 3-5 points. In

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Earthquake 6.7 points near Chile

Earthquake 6.7 points near Chile Natural Disasters

A strong earthquake shook the 6.7 points the central regions of Chile almost midnight April 16, 2012, forcing the government to announce a mandatory evacuation of coastal areas. Tremors were felt for a minute in Santiago and Valparaiso. Hundreds of people in the capital hurried to leave the house. Evidence of serious damage were reported, but in the port city of Valparaiso, died of a heart attack 72-year-old man.

According Geological Surveying and Mapping U.S. earthquake was awarded 6.5 points force, which was later refined to 6.7 points. The epicenter was located 42

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In western Japan was a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.0

A woman walks past the destroyed stone wall near the temple after Saturday's earthquake in Sumoto, Hyogo Prefecture, in western Japan. (Kyodo / Reuters)

April 13, 2013. On the Japanese island of Awaji was strong today earthquake magnitude 60. This was reported by the U.S. Geological Survey.

At least 20 people were injured. This was reported by local media. Many of the wounded — older people who were injured after falling of heavy objects.

Russian citizens were not injured.

The epicenter of the disaster was at 465 km southwest of Tokyo. The center of the quake at

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Fourth reactor at Fukushima is a new, more dangerous world

Fourth reactor at Fukushima is a new, more dangerous world the danger zone

Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland, Mitsuhey Murata, March 22, 2012 gave a speech at a public hearing in the House of consuls. Before the meeting, he said that, if the structure has been damaged fourth reactor that contains 1,535 fuel rods in the spent fuel pool 30 meters in height, will collapse, all six reactors will be shut down, and the 6375 fuel rods will be affected. The danger is that the radioactive fuel rods are not protected by encapsulation, and hence are in the open.

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