Earthquakes in Siberia will become a regular occurrence? (Video)


According to psychic Daria Mironova earthquake in Siberia is not beginning of the end of the world but this is the first sign of serious anomalies and natural disasters that follow the major changes of the magnetic field and the Earth's lithosphere. Deputy director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth Eugene Rogozhin also convinced that in the future we should expect aftershocks. On the enterprises of Khakassia in Siberia, among other regions experienced a powerful earthquake This past night, call provocateurs and sow panic. According to the local emergency department of

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Earthquake of magnitude 3.2 occurred in the Black Sea near Anapa

Earthquake of magnitude 3.2 occurred on Monday in the Black Sea near Anapa, Russian Emergency Situations Ministry said.

"At 18:58 (MSK) in the Black Sea at a distance of 36 kilometers from the city of Anapa on the depth of 5-10 kilometers earthquake with magnitude 3.2 points," — said in a statement.

As a result of this event the dead and victims. Socially important objects are not damaged, the buildings are in good condition. Residents of tremors were not felt. Evacuation was not made.

4.9 magnitude earthquake recorded in Yakutia

4.9 magnitude earthquake was registered on Friday in northern Yakutia — is aftershocks (aftershocks) earthquake, which was in the area on February 14, told RIA Novosti on duty Geophysical Service (TOS) RAS.

According to her, there was a push to 13.31 MSK, at coordinates 67.7 degrees north latitude and 142.9 degrees east longitude, the center of the earthquake was at a depth of 15 kilometers, the force pushes the epicenter was 5 points.

This past Thursday, February 14 almost at the same point (67.6 degrees north latitude and 142.6 degrees east longitude) has reported an earthquake of magnitude 6.7,

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In Georgia, there was an earthquake

Ceysmostantsii recorded January 14 earthquake of magnitude 3.0 on the territory of Georgia, 56 kilometers southwest of the Azerbaijani Zagatala. No injuries or damage. Tremors were felt in Azerbaijan.

"In the residential areas near the epicenter of the earthquake was located at a depth of 10 kilometers, tremors were felt the force of two to three points on a 12-point scale," — said the Seismological Service Center of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

No casualties or damage from the earthquake is not reported, RIA "Novosti".

An earthquake measuring 2 points on a 12-point Richter scale is very weak and is

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An earthquake of magnitude 7.6 occurred near New Zealand

Earthquake of magnitude 7.6 occurred on Saturday night in the Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand Islands Kermadec Ridge, according to a statement on the website of U.S. Geological Service.

The epicenter occurred on Saturday to 05.57 local time (22.57 Friday Baku time) earthquake was located 180 kilometers east of Raoul Island in 870 kilometers south of the coast of the island nation of Tonga. The earthquake lies at a depth of about 40 kilometers.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not announce a tsunami threat following the earthquake.

On the so-called Kermadec island arc of the local population is

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An earthquake measuring 4.5 points occurred in Tashkent

An earthquake measuring up to 4.5 points registered on Friday morning in the capital of Uzbekistan, told RIA Novosti seismic "Tashkent".

"Quake in Tashkent has been fixed in 07.38 (06.38 MSK), the force of 4.5 points. Epicenter was located in the city" — said an employee of a seismic station.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic, the data on casualties or damage so far.

5.5 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Fukushima

Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 occurred on Monday at Fukushima Prefecture in northeastern Japan reported mmo country.

The earthquake lies at a depth of 20 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean.

Fukushima Prefecture — one of the most affected by the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011. Strong tremors were felt in Ibaraki Prefecture.

No tsunami threat. Information on casualties or damage were reported. Information about damage to the nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1" stopped "Fukushima-2" and "Tokai-2" have also been reported.

In East Kazakhstan earthquake

Almaty. July 6. Kazakhstan Today — The East Kazakhstan earthquake with magnitude 3, Kazakhstan Today reports

According to the European Seismological Center, today at 10.05 in the 109-km southwest of Taldykorgan and 43 kilometers north-west of the village Ucharal earthquake occurred at a depth of 13 kilometers a magnitude 3.

According to preliminary reports of victims or damage.

Earlier, it was reported that today in southern Kyrgyzstan in 00.52, an earthquake measuring five points in the middle of it.

Tremors were felt in the village Taldy-Suu, in the village of Sary-Mogol — 4.5 points, in the village of Sary-Tash —

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Magnitude 5 earthquake occurred in Sakhalin

Magnitude 5 earthquake occurred on Sunday in Sakhalin. According to preliminary reports, the victims and destructions, told RIA Novosti source in the regional police.

"At 20 kilometers southwest of Oxx registered magnitude 5 quake, with the epicenter at a depth of 30 kilometers," — said the source.

According to him, in the town of Okha tremors were felt the power of 2-3 points, previously, victims and destructions. Situation specified.

Complex phenomena in the dynamics of earthquakes


More and more often these days, scientists recognize that the tremors and vibrations caused by the earth's surface not only by natural causes — tectonic processes or volcanic eruptions. The tectonic forces that drive the solid earth is discharged their energy from relatively shallow surface. Rugged rocks resist these forces. At a time when the limit is reached rock strength, they burst, crack, collapse. Echoes of these powerful processes reach the earth's surface in the form of earthquakes. Sometimes the movement of individual sections of "the split" the earth's crust can be observed

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