Earthquake warning system in California

March 14, 2013. System earthquake early warning is being tested in California, Pasadena.

This is a test program that will use thousands of sensors that warn people of impending shocks. Last scientists at Caltech managed prevent earthquake magnitude 4.7 points in Anza.

Before the earthquake, even a few seconds can affect the outcome of further rescue, seismologists said.

Such a program has been used in Japan since 2007. Thanks to this development were warned about 50 million inhabitants before the Fukushima earthquake in 2011.

Warning Scientists carried out in two stages: the station near the epicenter inform researchers

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At 200 km from Vladivostok 6.1 earthquake


11.05.11.Nochyu on Russia's border with China was a strong earthquake. Instruments recorded earthquakes of magnitude 6.1 balls, according to news agency Novosti-Kazakhstan. The epicenter was located at a depth of 560 kilometers. Surrounding him populated puntky — a Chinese city Yanji and Russian Vladivostok. Information about the victims of the earthquake has been received.


In the Spanish town of three months was about one and a half thousand earthquakes

February 7, 2013. Residents of the small town Torreperohil province of Jaen (Andalusia) survived Tuesday night about a hundred earthquakes. At 22:00 it was reported earthquake with the largest magnitude — 3.7 on the Richter scale. According to sources in the city government, in night from Tuesday to Wednesday fifty local residents decided to hold night in their cars, fearing that a natural disaster could happen again, and the house will be downright dangerous.

Director of the National Seismic Network of Institute of Geography of Spain Emilio Carreno told the news portal, except that residents Torreperohilya, tremors felt also

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Argentina: After the earthquake there was dust that changes colors

February 2, 2013. According to the publication El Tribuno, Ditch the neighbors place, located in the hills surrounding the Quebrada de Eskoipe (GoogleMap), Very worried. Since last Tuesday, a series of 22 natural phenomena violated a normal life. Day and night, they felt a strong earthquake, which was accompanied by a drone.

On Wednesday 23, at dawn, they heard a loud explosion, and the next morning blue cloud covered area. Some complained that the dust stung their eyes.

The next day clouds color changed to red. The first visitors of the explosion found a huge land subsidence, which

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5.9 earthquake in Chile


02.04.2011, New York 15:50:06 Chile earthquake with magnitude 5.9. Tremors were recorded at 135 km from the north g.Ikike state. The earthquake was located at a depth of 83 kilometers, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Local officials say that of deaths and destruction caused by oscillations of the earth's crust have been reported yet. Warning about the threat of a tsunami also not yet announced.

Chile is located in a seismically active area and earthquakes are occurring regularly. February 27, 2010. tremors of magnitude 8.8 in the province of Bio Bio led to the tsunami. Disaster victims are

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7.1 Earthquake in Japan


In the north-east of Japan near the island of Honshu on Thursday, April 11, an earthquake of magnitude 7.1. Reports RIA Novosti referring to the U.S. Geological Survey.

According to the Japanese television channel NHK, tremors, which are also felt in the capital, Tokyo, were recorded at 17:16 local time (11:16 on Kiev).

Declared a tsunami threat. According to some, the tidal wave height of about one meter has reached the coast of Ibaraki Prefecture.

Recall, April 7, in the north-east of Japan experienced two major earthquakes of magnitude 7.4, later it had fallen to

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An earthquake along the ridge of Carlsberg

January 11, 2013. Carlsberg was one of the least active oceanic ridges, and many experts do not think he can ever become the location of major volcanic eruptions. It is located on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. It was believed that in such ranges, the heat will slowly go out regardless of the magma. However, judging by the situation, this belief should be reconsidered.

The area of the mountain range now shaking and trembling resemble those that occur before the eruption of the volcano on land.

The strongest earthquake seabed among those which occur now, mentioned power is

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7.4 Earthquake in Japan


April 7 in the Japanese prefecture of Miyagi was another earthquake of magnitude 7.4, which can lead to a new wave of tsunami.

— Tsunamis can reach one meter in height, — warned local authorities.

Tremors were observed in the same province, where a devastating March 11 earthquake, a magnitude 9, followed by the powerful destructive tsunami.

Alexander Surkov

Life News Online

Scientists are looking for reliable ways to predict earthquakes

January 4, 2013. 2,300 years ago hordes of mice, snakes and insects have left the Greek city Gelika in the Gulf of Corinth. "The night after the outcome of these creatures was earthquake, — Wrote the Roman writer Claudius Elian. — The city sank beneath the water, a huge wave flooded and Gelika ceased to exist. "

Since then, generations of scientists and folklorists have used an incredible number of methods in an attempt to predict earthquakes. Animal behavior, weather changes, gather — all were unreliable. (See Video home video footage and the science of earthquakes)

The aim

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Scientists at Baikal will predict an earthquake up to 2 days

January 7, 2013. In the early spring on Baikal appears deep scientific station, which will allow the experts to predict earthquakes in two days by high-precision measurements of the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Lake Baikal is located in a seismically active rift zone, which is located in the Irkutsk region and Buryatia. It regularly occur quite powerful tremors with an epicenter near Lake Baikal.

The inverse image of the station appeared 10 years ago, when in 2003 Baikal special unit has been mounted, which is an electrical antenna sensors and an acoustic transmitter. In the summer of 2008, scientists

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