In the new year, Romania will shake more than usual

January 1, 2013. According to the forecasts of seismologists, which began 2013 year Romania will be marked by earthquakes. According to conservative estimates, in the month on these lands will be an average of 15 tremors with a capacity of up to five on the Richter scale.

This high seismic activity is alarming scientists. In their view, such a number of aftershocks, though not a large force, it may cause a lot of changes on the surface of the Romanian territory.

As the researchers of the Institute of Physics of the Earth in Romania, they can only make predictions of

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In Kemerovo region recorded an earthquake of magnitude 2.4


6.01.12.V Kemerovo region on Friday recorded an earthquake of magnitude 2.4. Seismologists have qualified it as an earthquake, and granted him the energy class 8.3. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 141 km east of the town of Belovo and 35 km north of Mezhdurechensk, information on the nature of the earthquake and the devastating effects have been reported. Source: Arguments of the Week

After the earthquake in Bulgaria crows attack people



22.05.12.Kak said "scandalous", living in Western Bulgaria and Sofia is a strange phenomenon.

After the earthquake of crows suddenly began to attack people, causing significant injury. And it is not in a particular area, but in different places, as a flock of birds moving quickly.

Doctors Hospital of Infectious warning people to be careful when going out, and immediately asked for help, if crows are attacked, because birds may be carriers of infectious diseases.

Some residents in a panic. They argue that the recent floods due to heavy rains, strong earthquake swarms and attack birds resemble

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Strong earthquake in Chile


12.02.11.V earthquake Friday in Chile violated electricity and telephone svyaz.Kak previously reported, in Chile there was a strong earthquake of magnitude six and eight tenths.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the tremors were felt in the central part of the country — almost in the same area, where at the beginning of 2010 there was a devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Thousands of people fled their homes out of fear of a tsunami. However, the authorities have calmed the people, saying that there is no threat of a tsunami.

No casualties and no injuries

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In anticipation of the apocalypse


Baikal … The cleanest, largest and deepest lake in the world. This is an amazing and amazingly beautiful lake is a place filled with very strong energy. Baikal literally attracts people to him.

Having been to Lake Baikal and walking up to his bank, many are discovering in himself the purity and depth and grace that fills the heart and helps to know the diversity of the world.

But it is not only famous for the beauty of its Baikal. It is not for nothing called the mighty …

Shamans of

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In the Amur region earthquake. Video


14.10.11.Na eastern Russia on Friday earthquake. Morning, in the Amur region recorded an earthquake, the epicenter of the magnitude of which reached eight points. There is destruction. In one of the closest cities — Skovorodino — collapsed wall boiler, damaged power supply system.

The area entered a state of emergency. Without the light remained settlements BAM. Due to problems with the electricity was interrupted pumping oil to China. Railways stopped train for an hour, going into the danger zone. Tremors, although not as powerful felt in five districts. Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Amur region appealed to

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USA, Arizona: Unexplained crack in the Navajo reservation

March 19, 2013. It is not every day you see people on an Indian reservation Navajo, but crack formed in the ground for a long time and it looks like no one has a clear answer about its origins. Rift is just east of Flagstaff on Luepp Road and approximately one mile west of the gas station Leupp. Rift has become so large that it was surrounded by a fence.

According to the Geological Survey USA, earthquakes occur periodically in the northern parts of the state Arizona, including land reserve. Earthquakes are not strong enough to building collapsed, but

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7.6 earthquake in the Kermadec Islands


MOSCOW, Oct. 21 — RIA Novosti. Magnitude earthquake 7.6 happened on Saturday night in the Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand Islands Kermadec Ridge, according to a statement on the website of U.S. Geological Service.

The epicenter occurred on Saturday to 05.57 local time (21.57 MSK Friday) earthquake was located 180 kilometers east of Raoul Island in 870 kilometers south of the coast of the island nation of Tonga. The earthquake lies at a depth of about 40 kilometers.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not announce a tsunami threat following the earthquake.

On the so-called Kermadec

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How we survived the second earthquake in Tuva


03.09.12. February 26 in Tuva was second in two months a strong earthquake. In contrast to the first major quake December 27, 2011, when the impact of elements found people in their homes at night — 23 hours 21 minutes, new shocks alarmed people in the afternoon — in 14 hours 17 minutes.

How we survived the second earthquake, what are the lessons learned? Their feelings, experiences, and personal conclusions shared with residents' Tsenrom Asia "in the course of the survey.

Svetlana TULUSH, at the National Museum of the Republic of Tuva, a graduate:

— February 26 earthquake in

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Magnitude 7.0 earthquake in southern Mexico


Posted on 12/04/2012 by user KanalPIK

MOSCOW, April 12 — RIA Novosti. Earthquake of magnitude 7.0 occurred on the coast of the Mexican state of Michoacan, said on Thursday the U.S. Geological Survey website.

According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake at 17.55 Wednesday to local time (02.55 MSK), located at 51 km south-west of the city of La Mira in Michoacán. Hearth quake at a depth of 65.6 kilometers.

As RIA news from Mexico City earthquake was felt in the capital. Its magnitude is reached in 6.4. Tremors caused slight panic among residents. People ran out

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