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In Oregon, scientists want to pour into a volcano 24 million tons of water

Newberry volcano crater head drilling Fred Wilson. This summer, engineers will pump water into a volcano to see if they can generate electricity from the heat of the Earth

Scientists in Oregon, apparently not familiar with the saying "let sleeping dogs lie." The researchers intend to pour 24 million gallons of water into a dormant volcano in Oregon to check if he can after these manipulations — create a renewable source of energy that does not depend on the weather.

The water will be pumped into the mouth of a volcano in Newberry, located 20 miles south

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Scientists: plate tectonics in Pakistan is moving like a caterpillar

January 16. Kohat plateau in north-western Pakistan is a special geological structure, which moves on the surface of another tectonic plate small, successive short steps — about the same as a caterpillar, say Indian and American geologists in a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Bilhem Roger (Roger Bilham) from the University of Colorado at Boulder (USA) and his colleagues believe that "tracked" the motion of the plateau was the cause of the mysterious earthquake May 20, 1992, the strength of which reached 6 points on the Richter scale. To date, this event is considered the most

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Strange earthquake in the UK

When photographing occurred push, and instead of reflecting on the glass bulbs are white stripes

When I started pushing, one Briton made a photo, which shows how sharply from another jolt jerked the image in the frame. White points is a reflection of lamps in the window. SUT $ $

City of Berwick (Berwick) in the county experienced Nortumberlent night strange tremors recorded by seismologists.

Feeling the afternoon at 15.15 strong shaking buildings and heard an ominous rumbling sound, many people thought that an earthquake. But authorities later said that it was about a certain sonic booms and

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Mexico earthquake 5.0


25.05.11.Vo Tuesday in the state of Baja California in Mexico, an earthquake measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale. Information about the loss of life and property damage have been reported yet.

National Seismological Service of Mexico reported that the earthquake occurred on Tuesday at 14:01 local time. The epicenter was located in the area in 69 km north-east of the town of Santa Rosalia, hypocenter lies at a depth of 10 km under the sea bottom.

According to local media reports, the tremors were felt in the cities of Santa Rosalia and Guaymas / Sonora /, but did not

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In the Turkish province of Van earthquake again. Video


10.11.11.Moschnymi 5.6 magnitude tremors destroyed dozens of buildings, including two hotels, which lived representatives of humanitarian workers and journalists.

Aware of five victims. Be retrieved from the rubble 20 survivors, among them are foreigners. Another 100 people are under the rubble.

For this night, people have survived more than 10 aftershocks. Now the Turkish city Edremit panic — in fear people run out on the street, those who have a car — leave their homes and leave the province. Seismologists do not exclude aftershocks.

Tremors began to rock the province of Van late at night, when many have

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Off the coast of Indonesia experienced a massive earthquake, tsunami expected

As reported by the Associated Press, citing a spokesperson Geological Survey of Indonesia Ariefa Ahira (Arief Akhir), the Indonesian government declared the threat of a tsunami. According to Reuters, the Indonesian Meteorology automatically declare the threat of a tsunami at any earthquake off the coast of the archipelago of magnitude above 7.

In 2004, off the eastern coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra was one of the strongest and most destructive earthquakes in modern history. The tidal wave caused by this earthquake, a magnitude 8.9, struck the coast of Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. The

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UFO varying mass, size and shape of objects

October 14, 2012 23:39

Unidentified flying objects and emitted rays are capable of an amazing impact on the objects: to change their mass, size and shape. Thickness of the glass remained unchanged One case of such exposure occurred in 1981 in France, near Lyon. Disk-shaped object, flying late at night close to the ground, met on a deserted rural road construction. UFO released the pink ray, which went through its walls, roof and windows. Object then flew away. The next day the people found that the glass windows in the building were not too hard, but noticeably concave inside.

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Strong earthquake caused panic in the Chilean capital

MEXICO CITY, Jan. 10 — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Znamensky. Magnitude 5.2 earthquake occurred on Monday in central Chile, causing panic among the population of the capital of Santiago, according to TV Venezolana de Television.

The epicenter was located 150 kilometers from the capital. No casualties or damage have been reported yet. But a series of aftershocks forced the inhabitants to leave the town in panic houses and run out into the street.

Chile is located in the zone of the Pacific "fire zone" where 85% of all recorded earthquakes in the world. At the end of February 2010 in

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An earthquake measuring 6.6 in the region of the islands of Santa Cruz

Strong, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake was recorded near Santa Cruz Islands (a group of islands in the western Pacific), said USGS. The epicenter was at a depth of 23 kilometers. No tsunami threat. "However, earthquakes of such force sometimes generate local tsunamis that can bring destruction on the coast located a hundred kilometers from the epicenter." Solomon Islands are located in the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, where earthquakes occur frequently. Source: Telegraph

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U.S. scientists predict a major earthquake in Istanbul

Earthquake in Turkey in 1999. August 17. Photo:

Leading Specialist U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Tom Parsons and Professor, University of Washington, John Vidal predict strong earthquake in Turkey. According to Turkish media reports, the American scientists do not rule out an earthquake of magnitude 7.5-7.7 points (Richter scale) in Istanbul. According to Tom Parsons, the probability of an earthquake in Istanbul is 40-60%.

"What will be the consequences of the earthquake in Istanbul, will depend on how he prepared the city government and how earthquake-resistant buildings. But Turkish society can be regarded as the company prepared

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