Hunger Games


If I could have had one wish as a teenager, I would have asked to be thin. I wanted to be hipless and bustless and able to wear spaghetti-strap tops with no bra (it was the Nineties). In my quest for the perfect grunge body, I starved myself, then binged, and finally stuck my fingers down my throat. I didn’t tell anybody. My weight yo-yoed: I was never thin enough to cause worry. Most of

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Delivering your message to men. Guest commentary.

Today’s Dietitian editor Judith Riddle accepted my suggestion to write a guest commentary for this special men’s health section because … well, because it’s a guy thing, and I am one.

Several times over the years, I’ve read something in Today’s Dietitian that made me pause and think something like, «That information is terrific, but it’s not how I’d present it to a male audience.» That thought would be followed in short order by this one: «Jim, it’s not a male audience.»

As editorial director at Great Valley Publishing, I’m certainly aware that Today’s Dietitian readers are predominantly female, which

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Quick fire

In September in Moscow will be the first city marathon. To prepare for the race from scratch decided Ekaterina Danilova.

Just remember, when I decided to run. In March, during the Paris Fashion Week, I saw Natalia Vodianova, closes the show Givenchy: that morning, she participated in the half marathon, ran twenty-one kilometer. For me, this number seemed absolutely fantastic. With sports, I have never been friends, you know, of course, that a modern girl needs something to do, even bought a subscription to a fitness club — but never there and did not appear to justify themselves by

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Pigeon fancier avian influenza does not scare

I am present at the meeting fanciers. They weave around here. Once a week — on Sunday morning — come on the market Zhdanovichi near Minsk:Emperor Vladimir, "See, here in Moscow found the" grypoid. " This flu. Will be with us. But he did not touch pigeons. Pigeons it does not apply. I read the 1st doctor that pigeons he does not act. " With sovereign Vladimir agree and other fanciers. Emperor Basil: "We live by Golubino schedule. According to a bird."Emperor Victor: "As the dawn, so they awaken. Like all birds, and they are."Alexei: "As the door creaked, then

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Refuse meat from fish, from fruits, vegetables …

For other healthy eating candidacy remains unused advice of doctors.The State programmke Demographic Security of Belarus for 2007-2010 argues that mortality from digestive diseases from 1990 to 2005 increased by 96.8%. More than a quarter of the population is overweight. Do these people even higher risk for developing kidney tumor, lung, of diabetes, etc.My companion — at the Department of General Hygiene Grodno meduniversitetu Eugene Maysienak directly connects it with the patient nutrition. It must consist of first of grain products, fresh fruits and vegetables have less — meat and dairy products, you should limit the use of salt and

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How is life in the deputy home

October 27 the first time meeting in a session of the newly elected members of the House of Representatives 4th convocation. New MPs settle in the hotel "October" in the center of Minsk. But here will live long. Kutsee through time awaits them in the so-called moving the deputy house that is in a side street of the capital barracks.Until now you can hear that the regional House of Representatives live in "Klimovsk" house. Allegedly, he built Andrei Klimov — Previous businessman MP and political prisoner. But he adds: This house was built at a different time — "… when

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Another puzzle: ideal scenery OR SECRET HELICOPTER?

Reporter David Tsentsiotti published a picture of the helicopter, similar to the one that was used U.S. Special Forces in May 2011 during a raid to capture Osama bin Laden. Maybe the picture is one of the hidden stealth helicopters created for covert penetration spetsnaz groups in the enemy’s rear.   On the other hand, the current being filmed movie about a special operation in Pakistan, and can be fully that the stealth version of the helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk is the backdrop to this film.   Even if it is a set, then it looks very impressive. Cause

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Olympics 2012: Canadian syndrome, or Everything is going according to plan?

Write this stuff again prompted His Majesty the Web. And precisely, comments for performances of our athletes.

Good one for the team RF start of the Olympics will not name. It seems that few will. States and China did not weak gap, and we still kind of like a gray. But I, if honestly, it is not about that. I am of those who sits on this side of the screen. And scribbling comments.

Yes, we have all been taught the Vancouver horror. But whether it's an excuse for hysteria? Olympiad only just begun. And later, the athletes have nothing

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Unwashed Russia and sneer. Continued Part 3

In general, it is very helpful to read all of the book "Russia — it is life itself," published Candlemas Monastery in 2004. The book has more than two authors, all foreigners who have visited Russia from the 14th to 20th century and left their notes and impressions. Such a selection had to issue a long time ago, in fact, really, in a lot of foreigners coming to Russia! And of course, they left memories. But we all occasions one Marquis de Custine. His phenomenon lies in the fact that he is the only of the millions of foreigners

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Scientist: The memory can fool the stomach

January 29, 2013 21:40

BRISTOL, January 29. Memories of the great portions of food can make people feel more full, while vague memories of eating have the opposite effect, the researchers said.

Jeffrey Branstorm, an experimental psychologist at Universtitet Bristol in the UK, believes that our memory affects the amount of food we eat.

In the new study Branstorm and his colleagues took a group of 100 people. They showed pictures with a plate of tomato soup: one half — with 300 ml of soup, the other half — with 500 ml of soup.

Then each participant was taken

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