Formwork for the latest global economic model. Interview

Financial fever, watch any one year, on a global scale, nature gets acquired disease that threatens the very severe consequences. If for some time to reverse the world aware that in the event that "America will help us" his printing press, but now even this very weird life was under threat. More precisely speaking, the resource itself on the machine ran out of one hundred per cent, with the understanding that and proved that the crisis which descended upon the world a couple of years back.

World then deigned to think that no it is not the crisis, but

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10 predictions about the world that we inherit from our grandchildren


Economist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; approx. Daron Acemoglu asked the question, when was waiting for his son's birth. His most recent work examines the political, social and economic trends of the last hundred years, and then extrapolate them into the future.

Acemoglu drew attention to the grim prospect of growing inequality and environmental pollution, but also sees the positive side, among which, for example, advances in health care.

Environmental pollution around the world to

Industrialization in China means the possibility of serious deterioration in the CO

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The however 30/10/2012

However, hello!

Our monetary policy hampers our economic growth. This is not someone out there says, and German Gref, head of Sberbank and inveterate liberal.

"Today, the positive rates for loans to the real sector accounted for 6 per cent — said Gref. — This means that the company is not in a position to invest, attracting borrowed funds."

The positive rate — is that higher inflation. That is, the available credit for businesses at least 12 percent, but really — 20 or even 25. This is who else will be mastered by 20 per cent

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America predicted civil riots


7.07.11.Zbignev Brzezinski, who forty years ago wrote about the rigidly controlled society of the future where people will be subjugated by a technocratic elite, appeared on MSNBC with forecasts that soon America will hit the middle class riots caused by economic disenfranchisement.

"I do not want to sound hysterical, and I do not think that we are approaching death, but I think we are slipping toward an intensification of social conflicts, social hostility, and various forms of radicalism," Brzezinski said, adding that civil unrest would begin when the lower segment the middle class will suffer serious economic dislocation and

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Employers reported an improvement in the economic situation in Russia

Federal State Statistics Service conducted a survey of business activity of Russian enterprises of key industries. Compared with December 2012 index of business confidence in May 2013 in the extractive industries rose from 5% to 4%, in manufacturing from -5% to 0%. In the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water it, on the contrary, decreased from 6% to — 20%.

Among the executives surveyed by optimism growth in production over the next three months outnumber pessimists had expected a decline of output in the manufacturing sector by 29 percentage points, in the mining sector —

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10 things you need to do to survive in 2012

No one predicts that in economic terms, 2012 will be positive. All major financial analysts predict, at best, stagnate.

In 2010, China and Russia agreed to stop trading with each other for dollars, and Japan and China have agreed on this recently. Such steps are major economic players only add gloom to those who hope for a stronger dollar.

While commodities like food and oil traded for weakening dollar, it puts further pressure on the prices of essential goods. All signs point to the fact that the cost of living in countries whose economies are based on the dollar in

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Brand new battle for the Mediterranean

About fifteen years ago in the eastern Mediterranean region, more precisely in the Israeli shelf, opened a tremendous field natural gas. This discovery seems, was the first sign of regional gas warfare, which will have far-reaching geopolitical consequences. The fact that the oil-gas rich not only Israeli shelf, and the waters adjacent to Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Syria.

According to the Greek analysts, the price of natural gas that lies in the depths of the Mediterranean, is seeking $ 9 trillion dollars. Astronomical amount, especially if you compare it with enormous debts Greece and to take into account the unenviable

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The climate has a direct impact on society

David Zhang and his team from the University of Hong Kong conducted a study, which found that the change in our climate promotes wars, economic crises and epidemics.

Scientists have collected a number of statistical fluctuations in the demographics of the population, the ambient temperature, the economic situation and loaded it all into one analytical system. So the scientists incorporated into their calculations about changing patterns of human growth, the price of gold, etc. This information was dated 1500 — 1800godami, ie prior to the industrialization of Europe. After that, David Zhang tried to establish a causal link on how

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Global cooling — the cause of the global crisis?

Scientists predict global cooling. So there will be instability in the world? Scientists have found a link between climate change and political-economic events

Climate change, in particular cooling are responsible for the wars, economic crises and epidemics. Such a seemingly paradoxical conclusion (and here the weather!) Came after years of research, scientists from the University of Hong Kong under the geographer David Zhang.

Paleoclimatology — experts on the history of climate change — could get unusual results after they are downloaded into a powerful analytical system statistics on changes in temperature, population, economic indicators in the period from

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End of the world will still be?

To paraphrase Vladimir Mayakovsky, if they say something, then somebody needs it. For the first time information about the end of the world in December 2012, entered into public consciousness only recently. In September 2009, was published on Dan Brown's novel "The Lost Symbol", and in November 2009 the same year, was first seen by Roland Emmerich film "2012."Now, when the Americans avoided technical default Aug. 2, 2011, and raised the bar of public debt, it is clear that the next time the money runs out and the threat of another default hovering just after the 2012 presidential election

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