Earthquake in the United States: damaged National Cathedral and Embassy of Ecuador

As a result, a strong earthquake of magnitude 5.9 in Virginia damaged buildings on Tuesday received the National Cathedral in the U.S. capital and the Embassy of Ecuador in the United States. As the official representative of the National Cathedral, Richard Weinberg, resulting in tremors damage was caused to the central tower. Also, he said, are found minor damage inside the building, according to ITAR-TASS. About the destruction of the diplomatic mission of Ecuador reported fire department in Washington. The nature of the injury, nothing is known, information on the victims. The earthquake was suspended flights of planes from

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Ecuador expects strong Tungurahua volcano

Due to rising activity in the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador government officially declared the "orange" Danger code for the four cities, which are the mountain height of 5029 meters is the closest. The warning will also be extended to the neighboring provinces of Tungurahua and Chimborazo.

Tungurahua started waking up in the middle of the week, when there was a confirmation of the increase in emissions of the gas. More recently there was the first on the volcano eruption. First out of the crater appeared a column of ash, and was followed by three separate shock. Ash column height

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Forest fires in Ecuador

Fire in the forest of Ecuador, caused the death of five people, one of which was a fireman. 73 Ecuadorians were injured and maimed. Fire destroyed more than 17,600 hectares of land, of which 17,484 hectares of forest, which grows in the Andes. More than a hundred hectares of the current crop was completely destroyed during the fires, tens of hectares to some extent affected by the influence of fire.

On June 1, 2012 in Ecuador due to dry and windy weather conditions occurred some 3069 fires. As the home to deal with the elements of the Ecuadorian firefighters

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Squally winds in Ecuador tore roofs off houses

Squally wind gusts caused panic among the residents of the villages located along the highway Chone — Portovieho coastal province of Manabi. Phenomenon occurred around 17:00 on Thursday, high winds tore roofs and damaged walls 15 cane and wooden houses in this sector. Terrified residents rushed to take refuge in the homes of relatives.

Victor Cevallos, a local resident, said that was normal for this part of Ecuador's sunny evening, suffocatingly warm, when suddenly a gust air barrage lifted a huge cloud of dust and alarmed the settlers. Some even began to pray, and hearing the sounds of breaking away

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