Rainbow around the sun, the capital of Ecuador


13.10.11.Segodnya morning, residents and visitors of the Ecuadorian capital could see a clear bright circles around the sun bright in the sky over siyavshego Quito.

This is an interesting natural phenomenon associated with the optical refraction of light, due to the large number of ice particles in the upper atmosphere. Consisting of a range of perceived bright colorful spots, iridescent and merging with each other. Facebook users on Twitter were quick to put a rainbow around the sun hundreds of reports, explanations and photos of this beautiful and rare atmospheric phenomenon, which had a good view from the windows

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An explosion at a mine in Ecuador


22.02.12.Vzryv caused the cessation of work at the mine in the Bella Rica Canton Ponce Enriquez Azuay province. Detonation occurred about 9:30 this environment.

As a result of this incident, killed at least five people, poisoned with toxic gases, ten miners were hospitalized. The mine has been cordoned off by police and military, who evacuated the entire staff.

Is investigating the incident.

Source: Ecuador Today

Rain paralyzed the airport in Ecuador


2.08.11.Prodolzhitelny heavy rain, accompanied by lightning, which erupted over Quito yesterday evening until late at night, triggered flooding in several areas of the city.

Residents of the capital of Ecuador also complained about the cold penetrating to the bone — the last weeks or even months in the mountainous part of the country a similar phenomenon in the evenings and at night has become a routine. Capital International Airport Mariscal Sucre for an hour (18:00 to 19:00) to suspend its operations, eliminating the booms and landing. Airline Aerogal premises were flooded — the water level rose by 40 cm

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The plane crashed in Ecuador


21.01.11.Pyat soldiers were killed in the crash of the Air Force of Ecuador in the area of the Amazon jungle. It was reported on Thursday by local authorities. Lightweight twin-engine Twin Otter aircraft with six crew members on board performed patrol flight and suddenly disappeared from radar screens.

One of the soldiers on board survived and is now hospitalized.

Authorities set up a special commission to investigate the causes of the accident, according to ITAR-TASS.


Sinkhole depth of 22 meters in Ecuador

Karst holes

3.11.11.Pozavchera at 23:19 Emergency Service Central Office Quito Fire Department received a call about the failure, formed in connection with damage to the main water pipe in the street Eloy Alfaro in Carolina Park, north of the capital of Ecuador.

The accident was caused, most likely, the construction of a 12-storey building in the street Francisco Andrade Marin. Collapsed wall containment and pipeline damage as a result of a failure in the soil formed deep 22 meters under the ground was nearly all roadway. Three people — a woman, a man and three children — were hospitalized with

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Snow and rain in the capital of Ecuador. Video


18.08.11.Silnaya storm, accompanied by hail and snow, broke out in the late afternoon today, the capital of Ecuador, which is next to the line of the equator.

At the height of summer snow and rain, which went for about an hour, was recorded in the whole city, located in the heart of the Andes at an average altitude of 2600 — 2800 meters above sea level. Quito residents reported that they observed intense flashes of lightning and rainfall accompanied by strong gusts of wind.

Several lightning damaged power lines, and of thunder shook the glass in homes. Bad weather

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Measles in Ecuador: 107 cases


22.10.11.Chislo contracted measles in Ecuador as of October 22 was 107, the last two days there were 5 new cases in the province of Tungurahua, in the mountainous part of the country, where the disease has appeared in July.

Last Thursday, the country began a mass vaccination of children against measles. Of the total, 66 diagnoses were made on the basis of epidemiological confirmation of contact with sick, 39 laboratory confirmed. Most people are sick all in the same province of Tungurahua: 100, five people diagnosed with measles were hospitalized in the province of Pichincha, Cotopaxi in Guayas and

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Landslide in northern Ecuador buried seven people

Karst holes

26.07.11.Press service of the National Secretariat for Emergency Situations reported that the lifeless bodies of seven people, including two children, were found by rescuers this morning in La Fama Canton Sucumbios province of the same name, in the north of Ecuador, where yesterday at about 20: 45 there was a major landslide.

Three people received injuries of varying severity and were hospitalized, one person is still unaccounted for. Scene of the tragedy is almost at the middle of the highway between rural centers Julio Andrade (Carchi province) and La Bonita (Sucumbios province).

Relative to material losses, according to

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Tungurahua volcano again showing signs of increasing activity


18.05.11.Posle weeks of relative respite from 22:30 Monday Volcano Tungurahua, one of the largest active volcanoes in Ecuador, once again showing signs of increasing activity, the discharge column of ash and incandescent material that scatters from the crater apart and falls away up to 800 meters on the slopes of the mountain.

According to Daniel Andrade, volcanologist monitoring station Guadalupe Geophysical Institute (IG) in Pelileo, this new surge of activity was expected in view of the accumulation of the energy detected in the crater of the volcano. A few days volcano seemed to be asleep, but it

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Unusual natural phenomenon occurred in Ecuador and Peru


16.03.11.Spetsialisty Institution of Oceanography and Cartography Ecuador (Inocar) commented on by the official reports on the strange rainbow circle around the Sun, observed on Tuesday residents of Lima (Peru) and the southern part of the coast of Ecuador and caused considerable concern in view of the recent explosions at the nuclear power plant in Japan after the earthquake last Friday.

Experts believe that this phenomenon is due to an optical illusion caused by the presence of a large number of particles of moisture in the air, which, falling into the troposphere, refract sunlight, creating

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