A new volcanic eruption in Ecuador Tungaraua

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January 4. Tungurahua volcano quite unexpectedly and sharply intensified at dawn.

According to the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic High School, have been reported tremor cliff face, the explosions, the roar and the release of stones on the slopes of Mt.

Tungurahua, 5,016 meters high, located 135 km south of the capital of Ecuador, located in the current permanent volcanic phase in 1999, his most recent reactivation of the most serious occurred in late 2011, prompting the government to announce the introduction of a few days of the 2nd level of vigilance and

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Volcano Tungurahua not want to settle down. Video


16.01.12.Ocherednoy round moderate activity registered professionals to supervise the activities of the volcano Tungurahua (Tungurahua), located 135 km south of the capital of Ecuador.

In several parts of the province of Chimborazo, close to the colossus, yesterday noted the fall of ashes, after a series of explosions, as can be observed column gas and ash up to one kilometer in height above the crater. Bitter Ruiz duty volcanologist tracking station in Canton Pelileo Guadeloupe, said yesterday morning over the top of the colossus was observed variable cloudiness and periods of clarification can be seen that the top of

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New eruption of Tungurahua Volcano in Ecuador


Photo from: http://www.igepn.edu.ec

11.04.12.Sotrudniki Geophysical Institute of Ecuador reported the start of a new eruption of Tungurahua Volcano, one of the largest active volcanoes in the country, located 130 km south of Quito.

According to the report of volcanologists, about 8:56 in the crater of the volcano there was a powerful explosion, accompanied by an intense earthquake that lasted about 40 minutes. Simultaneously, from the bowels of the volcano ejected a column pair with a high content of ash up to 5 km above the crater.

Monitoring station Guadalupe (14 km from the crater) reported that

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In Ecuador, the growing activity of the volcano Sangay

25.01.12.Vulkan Sangay (Sangay), located in the jungle of Ecuador, is in a state of activity from the XVII century, intensified their activities since last Monday.

This activation is accompanied by the emission of volcanic ash activity, announced today the official representative of the Geophysical Institute (IG), which leads to problems in air traffic.

Despite the constant activity of the volcano, located in the province of Morona Santiago, in southeastern Ecuador, IG does not have a network monitoring tool on its slopes, as this mountain is located in a remote area where there is no settlement, so that the monitoring

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Climatic vagaries in Ecuador today


05.04.2011.Osadki on the coast of Ecuador, are short-lived and chaotic, while in some areas the rain, very near, just around the corner, absolutely no precipitation and drought continues to destroy crops.

This instability is associated primarily with the moisture-laden clouds coming from the regions of the Amazon, as well as the high temperature of the ocean, according to experts of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi). Meteorologists explained that in the next two days of rainy weather in some coastal areas of Ecuador to continue, especially in the cantons of Santo Domingo (province of Santo

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Flooding on the coast of Ecuador


22.03.11.Vosem ruined and dilapidated residential buildings and damage to the property of the inhabitants of the island and waterfront Jambeli, in the province of El Oro. Economic losses in the amount of USD 40 000, resulting in damage to the twelve built and repaired ships at the yard in the suburb of Manta, Province of Manabi.

Waves poured waterfront and in the Manta, having made havoc among drivers, while in Bahia was flooded area Peninsula. Flooding on the beaches of El Murcielago, Tarqui, Canoa and San Vicente, in the same province, and damaged embankment in

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Two people were killed by lightning in Ecuador


27.10.11.Dva people were killed in the province of Carchi in northern Ecuador, near the border with Colombia, from a lightning strike during the outbreak of severe thunderstorm there yesterday.

The verse also provoked floods in Turkan, the capital of the northern province. The victims — men 41 and 75 years old, lived in the village Montufar, the circumstances of the incident are unknown, except for the fact that the force level was high and the two victims died on the spot.

Source: Ecuador Today

Earthquake on the coast and in the Amazon of Ecuador


29.10.11.Nesmotrya statement on management of the National Geophysical Institute, that this morning an earthquake in Ecuador's capital will have replicas at about 15:45 there were new earthquake near Guayaquil.

The latest report by geophysicists, the epicenter of the new thrust is 16 km east of the village of Triunfo, at a depth of about 10 km. The quake was 4.6 on the Richter scale. According to reports on social networking sites, this new impetus felt the residents of several surrounding towns in the south of Ecuador, such as Milagro and Durán (Guayas), Cuenca (Azuay Province) Katamayo (province of Los

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A court in Ecuador has increased the payout Chevron for polluting the Amazon

Ecuadorian court stated that the U.S. oil company Chevron to pay $ 19 billion for polluting the Amazon jungle, which is about $ 1 billion higher than the previous solutions, reports The Wall Street Journal.

In early January of this year the Court of Appeal upheld the Ecuadorian decree that Chevron should pay about 30 thousand residents $ 18.2 billion compensation for polluting the Amazon jungle. In turn, the company said the decision based on faulty evidence and retrospective application of the law.

Increasing the amount was due to the decision of a judge in Ecuador, under which compensation to

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In Ecuador, the foci of FMD


15.08.11.Sluzhba veterinary supervision Colombia encourages livestock producers whose farms are located close to the border, to be attentive to cases of smuggling and illegal transportation of cattle from Ecuador, which recently registered FMD epidemic center.

Leaders at Columbia State Agricultural Institute (ICA) informed the Government of this country, that the spread of foot and mouth disease from Ecuador jeopardize the livestock sector is not only the border area Nariño, but the whole of Colombia.

Veterinarians Ecuador confirmed last week revealing fact epidemic outbreak of FMD in the livestock sector of the canton of Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Pichincha

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