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Thousands of dead fish washed up on the shore of one of the islands of Ecuador


Thousands of dead fish washed ashore in Ecuador

30.10.12.Udivlenie. Here is what the islanders felt Hambeli (province of El Oro) in the south of Ecuador, when he woke up on Monday morning, they saw that thousands of dead fish littered the entire coastline.

The Islanders began collecting fish body, quickly decompose in the hot equatorial sun, to bury them in a landfill of this resort. According to the Ecuadorian people, the picture was depressing, because fish species chuhueco (Cetengraulis mysticetus, fish anchovies family) were scattered on the beach for at least 10 kilometers. Arrived on the scene

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Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador reactivate (photo)

Tungurahua volcano near the town of Guadalupe, Ecuador awoke, his activity, he said the sound comes out of the bowels of the mountain, like a gun shot, November 28.

The authorities have announced a possible evacuation of local residents for security purposes. But the people themselves remain calm, assuring them that they are already used to the antics of the volcano Tungurahua, which sometimes manifests its activity for the past 12 years, occasionally throwing out flames of fire yellow or orange.


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Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador is activated

Ecuadorian authorities urged residents near the Tungurahua volcano to evacuate after a rapid increase in volcanic activity. Geophysical Institute of the National Technology School said the Tungurahua volcano shows signs of activity at about 7:35 am local time on Monday. Roar from the volcano was heard up to 14 kilometers (8.6 miles).

In recent days, significantly increased the activity of the volcano Tungurahua, located 135 km south of the capital of Ecuador, Quito. The authorities are preparing to evacuate people from the nearby to the "fire throat" of settlements.

Tungurahua volcano has entered a phase of the eruption last

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Natural disaster in the capital of Ecuador

April 16. Overpass at about 15:00 in the metropolitan area of Y, in the north of Quito, was almost completely flooded by heavy rain that hit the city today. Hail and rain, which lasted about an hour, destroyed the sewage system in the streets of Brasil, Shyris, 10 de Agosto, Amazonas, Rio Coca, 6 de Diciembre, Naciones Unidas. The water level reached about two meters in height, so that the water trapped passengers were two trolleys, taxis and pick-up — only about 150 people.

Desperate people who have realized that they can not escape, and their life

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Forest fires in Ecuador

Fire in the forest of Ecuador, caused the death of five people, one of which was a fireman. 73 Ecuadorians were injured and maimed. Fire destroyed more than 17,600 hectares of land, of which 17,484 hectares of forest, which grows in the Andes. More than a hundred hectares of the current crop was completely destroyed during the fires, tens of hectares to some extent affected by the influence of fire.

On June 1, 2012 in Ecuador due to dry and windy weather conditions occurred some 3069 fires. As the home to deal with the elements of the Ecuadorian firefighters failed,

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Outbreak of rabies in the jungles of Ecuador


5.12.11.Pravitelstvo Ecuador set to eradicate the country's bat that caused an outbreak of rabies among residents of the Amazon jungle, which led to the death of eight children and is a young woman in the province of Morona Santiago from November 17.

President Rafael Correa during his Saturday speech, pre-recorded due to visit the head of state on Saturday in Caracas, said that this is a complex problem because of the difficulty of struggle with the bats that transmit the rabies virus, as well as the remoteness and isolation of forest communities in the interior jungle.

Health Minister David

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In Ecuador, the Tungurahua volcano erupts

In Ecuador, the greatly increased activity of the volcano Tungurahua, which is the third day in a row of vents spewing molten rock and lava.

According to Reuters, volcanic ash, rising to a height of four kilometers, already asleep about five settlements.

Currently, from the vicinity of the volcano were evacuated about 110 families.

Started on August 19 Tungurahua volcano has caused tremendous damage to cultivated at the foot of the volcano of agriculture from the volcanic ash affected 500 hectares planted with forage grass, 400 acres of potato fields and planting corn and beans in Kero.

Active volcano

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In Ecuador, the river became red


31.07.12.Vozvraschenie bloody river — the last days of this phrase repeat residents Ejercito quarter south of the capital of Ecuador. The fact is that, according to the inhabitants of the quarter, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the river water flowing through the bottom of the gorge Cornejo, painted in red color.

A similar phenomenon is observed for the last time in 2008. Journalists interested in this information and on Friday, July 27, around 10:30 am, they came to see the "river of blood." Water flowing through the gorge, had a gray color — the result of the discharge

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Cloudy days and cold in the mountains of Ecuador


17.12.11.Temperatura air just above the zero mark on the thermometer in the morning, cloudy sky, fog — that watching residents and visitors to the capital of Ecuador in the last four days.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi), the fall in temperature indicators associated with the beginning of the rainy season, which is aggravated by excessive intake of moist air masses from the Amazon basin.

A similar weather recorded in other cities, such as Santo Domingo de Los Tsachilas and Ambato. Sometimes the fog so thick that prevents air traffic. According to Homer Jacome, employee

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In Ecuador extends state of emergency in seven provinces. Photographic

April 2. The Government of Ecuador additional decree Azuay province annexed to the list of six areas most affected during this winter season, the most severe in 14 years. This was announced by President Rafael Correa, the press during his stay in the city of Cuenca, the provincial capital, where this week have been reported the most intense precipitation this winter, exceeding even the rains of 1998, when the entire country was influenced by the phenomenon of El Nino.

Thus, the state of emergency currently in effect in seven of the 24 provinces of Ecuador: Guayas, Los Rios, Manabi,

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