NAVY Combat Edge

Stephen P Cloak Jr looks at the US Navy’s Advanced Tactical Life Support System.

AS AIRCRAFT DESIGN and development continues to evolve, tactical aircraft become more manoeuvrable and are structurally capable of withstanding higher G-Loads. Today, the limiting factor is the aircrew’s physical ability to work within this environment.

In some instances, high acceleration rates exceed human physiological capabilities and expose aircrew to episodes of G-induced loss of consciousness, or G-LOC.

Although a number of psycho-physiological problems result from exposure to +Gz-stress, the major threat for the fighter pilot operating in this environment is +Gz induced loss of consciousness. G-LOC

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Special tricks

How to put on the floor carpet — it is known now, perhaps, any handyman. In this case, it goes on working with carpeting as a whole and its installation in the most inconvenient places, such as a spiral staircase, in inaccessible corners and rounded surfaces and open edges.

To paste over gently curved bottom podstupёnok carpet, first cut a strip out of the coating with an allowance, and then attaching it to the surface podstupёnka carpeted knife cut right on the site.

To cut into the carpet required a hole in the right place, first cut from

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The leading edge of science.

Autobiographical memory — the ability to remember the events of life in chronological order and make them into a single picture. As far as the science of cause and effect is able to establish a «king of beasts»

(in the sense — people), but mentally «travel through time» and make these trips can correct conclusions, as it turned out, even larger primates.

«Our work shows that the human memory is not unique. We share some of our ability with animals «, — said co-author Martin Jem experiment Odras of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

In order to

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US ALASKAN Command staged Exercise NORTHERN EDGE 2004 between June 7 and 16, a joint service training exercise at Elmendorf AFB, Eielson AFB and from USS John C Stennis (CVN 74) operating in the Gulf of Alaska, involving over 160 aircraft.

This was the first time Exercise NORTHERN EDGE had been held in June — it is usually held during the winter to maximise night and cold weather training — but the timing was changed to accommodate the worldwide scheduling of units and a carrier strike group.

More than 9,000 service personnel from all five services took part, including reserve

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Collectors Cabinet

Let s Start by Cutting Four Plywood Panels

1. From a 48×48″ sheet of 3/4-thick plywood, 1 cut the two side panels (A) to the dimensions listed in the Bill of Materials. (We selected Honduras mahogany.) Lay out the 1/2 and 3/4 dadoes on the front edge of one of the side panels where shown on the Side Panel Front View drawing on page 7.

2.Fit your tablesaw with a 1/2 dado set, and elevate it to 3/4. Next, align the first marked dado with the dado set (l 9/16 from the top end), position your rip fence, and cut

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Catch of the day.

Cutting board.

Looking for a cutting board with character? How about one that can add to your woodworking skills? Our flounder design, based on a well-known resident of the Atlantic Ocean, brings form and function into the kitchen. Use the fish’s tail for a handle when serving cheese and similar snacks, then clean and store the cutting board on the wall for a decorative touch.

You’ll find machining the recess for the maple insert a lesson in working with guide bushings.

First, Rout a Recess For the Inlaid Cutting Surface


Rip and crosscut a piece of 3/4-thick stock to

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□ Eton stage gradually crumble, especially in cold climates. The destruction begins with the corners and edges. Water penetrates into cracks, freezes, and external corners simply fall off. Then the damage spread across the surface of the stage, gradually turning it into a ditch. This not only ugly but also quite dangerous.

The best way to repair damaged corners and edges of the stage — not counting its complete replacement — this recovery. Damaged parts are removed, pour new concrete, then applied to all surfaces of the finish coat, that was not much difference between the old and new areas of work will take approximately two days, will only have to spend on cement.

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Creative Cloud’s web tools are slick, but a little consolidation couldn’t hurt

Since being acquired from Macromedia in 2005, Adobe Dreamweaver has been something of a square peg in Creative Suite’s round hole, a kind of HTML-based Frankenstein’s monster engineers kept alive by bolting on new parts as web technology evolved.

By last year’s Dreamweaver CS6, the software had evolved into a rat’s nest of redundancy, a situation made worse by the fact there are no real alternatives on the Mac platform. Pitchforks and torches in hand, Adobe engineers managed to tame the unruly beast this year rather than entirely


Owl wings suggested how to make airplanes silent

Researchers from Cambridge University have investigated silent owls. Their work opens up new abilities on the reduction of aircraft noise. Owls possess «supernatural» ability to fly silently using a special feather wings. Scientists painstakingly researched device owl wings, so to better understand how to apply the invention to the nature of modern aircraft. All wings, natural or artificial, made turbulent vortices that are amplified at the trailing edge and are dispersed in the form of sound waves. Ordinary planes with rigid rear edge of the wing because this makes a lot of noise. Scientists have long meant that for

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Flying Man Far Eastern taiga


Legend of the flying man was once widespread among the local people and the Chinese Maritime Provinces. It excites the minds of Primorye today. So who is this man flying the Far Eastern taiga? "On the trail I saw a bear track, very similar to a human — wrote researcher Ussuriland Arsenyev about his adventures on the flow of the river Anyuya Gobilli in 1908 — Alpa bristled and growled, and after that someone darted to the side, breaking bushes. However, the animal does not run away, he stopped and stood in the

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