Nuclear power United States: it is easier to close than to repair

The operator Southern California Edison said that after 17 months of inactivity due to a problem with the steam generator station which provides electricity to 1.4 million homes, will put out of operation of the remaining reactors of the 2nd and 3rd units.

Edison Company concluded that the concerns of consumers and investors outweigh the possible benefits of restarting the plant, said CEO Ted Craver.

Back in February, Edison estimated the cost of closing the station at $ 400 million. Several years ago the repair of steam generators at the plant has been spent $ 780 million.


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Lost art of electric vehicles

Although elektroavtomobili were one of the earliest inventions, the fashion for them has passed quickly. Development of electricity as an energy source for mankind took place with great contradictions.

Thomas A. Edison was the first to start selling electric system (ie generators) have some commercial value. His research and talent izoretatelsky possible to develop a system of direct current. These systems are equipped with the court, municipalities began to cover the street. At the time, Edison was the only source of electricity!

While the commercialization of electricity gaining momentum Edison hired a man hath brought the world an unprecedented scientific

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