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Shoot and edit vivid landscape photos

Use this handy guide to help you capture bright and colourful vistas to be proud of

With landscape photography, it’s possible to convey a whole range of styles and emotions, all with just a few in-camera and editing considerations. Perhaps you want a retro feel with fading colours and soft focus, or a dramatic and moody look with dark, cloudy skies and bare trees. Alternatively, a really eye-catching option is to shoot a vivid landscape with bright and bold colours. Spring and summer are the perfect time to capture this style of landscape, with foliage at its most vibrant and

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Once you have your recording, you may want to edit out gaps, remove umms and hmms. and add music or effects. Sound editing is more art than science, and the best way to make a podcast omelet is to break some eggs. Now is also the time to add intro and outro material.

If your interview, music, and other sounds are of different volumes, you should adjust them to even things out. You can do this quickly in Audacity by selecting Edit/Select All and then Effects/Normalize.

Editing and exporting audio on the Mac.

Audacity doesn’t come with an MP3 converter, because MP3 conversion software can’t legally be distributed in free programs. But Audacity and other audio applications can plug in third-party encoders such as LAME.

3a. Download an MP3 codec library if you haven’t already, that works on your platform (see software chart) and extract it to your Audacity folder. Within Audacity, open

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Edit Video in Blender



Like with any high-quality video-editing software, Blender needs a lot of drive space to work with.


The open source 3D Modeling suite is available at

Blender, available for free at, is the best-known open-source 3D-rendering software around. However, it’s not only useful for 3D modelers — it actually has a built-in nonlinear video editor, as well.

If you’re willing to stumble around a complex interface, the flexibility of Blender’s editing capabilities is its clear advantage over other free options like Windows Movie Maker.


The biggest stumbling

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Create a black and white masterpiece

Transform mundane shots with on One’s Perfect B&W app

The app market is saturated with photography apps, so when an easy-to-use yet hugely effective product catches our attention, we can’t wait to share it with our readers.

This issue we’ve downloaded Perfect B&W, brought to us by onOne. Perfect B&W has been a stalwart standalone software product for quite some time, and now the studio has launched a version compatible with mobile Apple products.

With the Perfect B&W app, photographers can either shoot scenes using the device’s camera in conjunction with the app, and then tweak them using a whole

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Happily ever after

Already 200 years, humanity knows how to give meaning to their existence, but not abusing that knowledge. Tata OLEJNIK hopes that at least ELLE readers will be able to apply it to life

In response to readers’ letters, I was faced with a curious fact. About seven out of every ten letters comprise one and the same question, formulated with variations. Here’s a roughly: «Hello. I am fine. I have a wonderful family, kids, husband, job, friends. There are even some money. And health did not seem to complain. So why do I feel so sad and boring, and

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The House of Representatives will Belarusian spelling

That part of Article 21, which deals with the language of instruction, in a new law reads as follows: "The implementation of the right of people to choose municipal language, which is used in the educational process is ensured through the establishment of institutions of higher education of Belarusian and Russian groups (flows) through the procedure and on criteria established by the Government Republic of Belarus . "Vladimir Zdanowicz sees the situation:"If you look, the Russian language and becomes smaller. More increasingly used British. This is because the computer and other equipment is based on the British language.

V.Zdanovich: "Forcing

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New spelling and punctuation until introduce

As the head of the Commission for Education, Culture, Science and scientific and technical progress House of Representatives V.Zdanovich, deputies got a lot of questions regarding the implementation of the new law.In an interview with BelaPAN V. Zdanowicz said that there are many qualms about the new rules in life. Namely, where will the money to replace the titles of streets, towns, villages, signage, on the release of new books, maps and atlases.Chap. also: • Either increase the publication of a set of rules it Belarusian traditional language users? • Byelorussian everyday life in the public

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6 promises Kazimir Farino

Sovereign Farino noted that since the 1960s, the scientific team running academician Podluzhny developed new draft rules. Work was long years. This project does not open a discussion once and thrashed. In fact, he went to the rule base of Belarusian spelling and punctuation, currently enshrined in law:"In 1-x, available in the latest edition of the Rules shall not affect the configuration of the foundations of the current set of rules and are not its reform. Ensure continuity and stability of rules written whiteRussian language. In-2, fixed and confirmed the basic principles of Belarusian spelling and punctuation. Configuration do not

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Elections in Mongolia has killed and wounded

According to him the election defeated the ruling People’s Democratic Party Tatar. In the Mongolian capital of the state of emergency persists.For many years, Mongolia presented as a successful example of post-communist transition — as measured Peninsula democracy between China and Russia.

More fundamental question, which had to decide parliamentary elections — how to dispose of rights to recently discovered minerals — in including Copper, gold and carbon. The opposition Democratic Party in his own election program there said that personal companies to have more rights in the acquisition of resources. A ruling party said, he wants retain municipal

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V.Zdanovich All publications should follow this spelling

This week, a bill on the rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation has been prepared for consideration in the 2nd reading of the House of Representatives. It is clear that in the bill included one significant change — from the draft vykraslenyya words about using the latest edition of the Rules of spelling and punctuation in official relations. With this change, I start a conversation with Vladimir Zdanowicz.Bushlyakov: So change the wording in the bill that in Belarusian can be written only by those statutes, which are currently being finalized and will be approved in conjunction with the bill.

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