Speed up your editing workflow.

We unveil tips and tricks for speeding up common photo editing tasks over multiple platforms.

What is an Action?

An Action is an automated series of edits applied to an image. When you add photo effects in Elements, you are essentially running an Action. There is a dedicated panel found in Window>Actions.

Use built-in options.

This is the Actions panel, where you will find some built-in Actions. These are categorised by what they do: some have practical applications and some have more fun effects. Click on the folders to see them.

Run an Action.

To see what an Action does,

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Comrade encourages readers to write their own complaints

He recalls: September 27 as a result of a joint operation by the police department and employees Zhlobinsky police department of Minsk Leninsky district police department, was seized part of the circulation of the newspaper "Comrade" — a total of 14 thousand copies. While the legislation as outlined 10 days to verify the legitimacy of printing media, now the 12th day, but no response from law enforcement agencies revision and have not received. Sergei Wozniak, hardly what checks are carried out in general. By As the last, none of the police officers editorial did not cause, explanations or documents from

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KGB refused to return equipment Our field

Society Edition of "Nasha Niva" has received from the KGB in Minsk and the Minsk region, on the application to return the publication of computer equipment confiscated during searches in December. This is the website of the publication.

In its revision petition stressed that the lack of equipment seized during the searches as amended, and the home of the editor of the newspaper Andrei Skurko, interferes with professional staff. "NN" its invitation to return at least the part of the computer that is no longer needed for the investigation.

Copies of the appeal were sent to the Prosecutor General's Office

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NASA retouch photos with UFOs

It has long been few people trust NASA. Many people believe that they intentionally hide the facts alien presence, as well as UFO on earth and in space. Offered video, which compares the two photo from NASA (Link provided). One of them is seen UFOs in orbit, and the second reason is not. Interestingly, it had to retouch the National Space Agency of America?

Note that both images have the same serial number.

Links to photos:

Photography before treatment. With UFOs

NASA retouch photos with UFOs

Banner of youth against Olesya Liauchuk

Society Edition of the state newspaper "The Banner of Youth" tries to make against a former newspaper reporter in Brest, Ales Levchuk a criminal case.

The reporter learned about it during his interrogation by the police on January 15. The investigators showed him the documents according to which version of the publication believes that former reporter must answer to the newspaper "The Banner of Youth" under Art. 188.2 Criminal Code for libel.

"The editorial says that I damaged the reputation of publication. Member Radio Liberty and on his own blog, I reported on his dismissal and working conditions in this

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In Borisov news took all the equipment. And they went to the house of the editor

Society According to the "Freedom" editor "Borisov news" Anatol Bukas, as a result of a search of his version of the law enforcement officers seized all the equipment: computers, fax machines, cameras …

"Now, with a search warrant went to my house. They came within criminal case about riots in Minsk on December 19. Neither I nor our editors do not have any relation to these events, "- said the chief editor of Freedom Borisov edition Anatol Bukas.

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