Megafortress Megapack

Digital Integration/Action Sixteen, CD ROM, £144.99

ANOTHER IN THE growing library of CD ROMs from sims publishers — this time from Action Sixteen. Again this format has provided an opportunity to repackage an old favourite, in this case the Megafortress bomber simulation. I particularly like this one because, apart from anything else, you have to play a number of roles within the one simulation. A total of five different crew members have jobs critical to the successful mission and they all need to be played out by you.

I’m going to take you through the second program on the CD

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Letter from the Editor:

‘ many design enthusiasts (myself included), the less-is-: mantra can be a bit of a struggle. We simply love to collect beautiful things. Moor croft pottery or flea market finds line shelves until they threaten to cross into hoarding territory. Vintage handbags and little black dresses multiply in closets. But how do we choose which items to display and which pieces to put away (or, gasp, give away) Creating can be a daunting task.

The same concept applies to editing a magazine. Take this issue. Each spring, we honor a fresh batch of “New Trad” designers. And, each year, the

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Editor in chief of Radio Liberty: YOU!

What will it be? The program will be devoted to a topic that will determine for us folk editor. At his request journalists make the necessary interviews, conduct research, interviewing people on the streets.What topics can be offered? Unlimited — Theme be schematic you. Who will it be? Candidate for the head editor of the number we elect recognizable and unknown persons from Belarus and abroad, young and adult. We welcome your advice — call, send suggestions via SMS, electric mail. If it can be heard? First time — on Friday, October 5, live, from 18.00. Then — each subsequent

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Belarusian petrodollars: where, how, who and what

Weekly "New Era" publishes articles on parliamentary elections Ukraine also provides political portrait of Viktor Gonchar in category "New History in the people.""Belarusian petrodollars: where, how much, to whom and for what" — so called Another publication in which to analyze the circuit use a cheap energoelementov Belarusian government. Editor Alexei Lord:"Change and loss are. To count them, you need to study very hitretskuyu scheme of work for the oil industry of Belarus 2007. That the scheme had a good all: government, "Belneftekhim" also Russian companies. "Is independent newspaper "Free City" of Krychaw prints an article devoted to the agricultural

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Belarusians have to pay more for 130 bucks?

How be average wage Belarusians with the growth of prices for 5 in recent years? This question journalists tried to find "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Room for September 27. Statistics and reporting professionals summarizes deputy head editor Ulyana Babaed: "In 2002, the 100 bucks we could acquire substantially more potatoes, meat and other goods and things, than presently. So that our standard of living did not go down, the average wage should already be at the moment 450 bucks, and not those 320, which reaches to this year government. " Pinsk newspaper "Local Time" continues the theme of corruption in the midst

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Mon to Freedom

Morning 0600 Announcements6:05 * "Prague accent." Theme issue — the antecedents and consequences of another Belarusian-Russian gas conflict. Participate magazine editor "Arche" Valery Bulgakov, Russian independent journalist and editor Vadim Dubnov analytical bulletin BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski.6:30 * Calls to freedom — Weekly review calls.6:45 * "Free Studio". On culture war Michas Scoble discusses with cultural studies and film critic Maxim Zhbankova. 7:05 * Dawn. Summer with Korotkevich. The last writer Minsk apartment on the street. Karl Marx. 7:30 * Selections from the conversations of "Radio Liberty" last week.Evening18:00 * Information block: Announcement of Belarus and the world.18:33 * "Prague accent."

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Meet New Times newspaper with readers will not happen

Chief Editor of "Modern Times" Alex Lord does not exclude that the tragedy could really happen. But stresses that such tragedies happen often enough for some reason the other day event that takes place representatives of the democratic public.Editor in Chief is going to make another bid to host meetings with readers after the elimination of the consequences of the tragedy at the CHP.

Kleck: the editor trying to select a computer

"According to the judge, now without any preparatory messages to me will come bailiffs — reads. Sergey Ponomarev — Referee even offers to pay a computer and mobile phone, which I use for the publication of the newsletter "Courageous Kleck," for the dissemination of local disk imaging on the Webwebsite "My Kleck."Sergey Ponomarev believes that haunt him first for political activities:"I’m not only the publisher and editor, and coordinator of the movement" For Freedom "on Klechchyne applicant and organizer here pickets and public meetings. To avenge me a couple of times fined twice wound up criminal case, at this

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Nasha Niva number 1000

By 1915, "Nasha Niva" was published in Vilna. "In 1920, samples were also made to resume publication.First, the 20th century "NN" played a huge role in shaping the culture of the Belarusian state and movement. Then the editors of "NN" were Alexander Vlasov, Yanka Kupala. On its pages printed Yakub Kolas, Yadvigin W, Maxim Bogdanovich, Zmitrok Byadulya, Tishka Gartny, Maxim Gorki, Vladislav Golubok and others.In 1991, the revived "Nasha Niva" first published in Vilnius. Became the main editor Sergei Dubovets.Later newspaper moved to Minsk.In 2005, "Nasha Niva", together with other non-state media has been removed from the subscription catalog "Belpochta."

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The new media law contradicts the Constitution

The bill was introduced in the agenda of a day or the House of Representatives on June 10 in a critical manner. Do they know about the brand new law "On mass media" non-state media editors Mogilev and he, in their opinion, affects the situation with the media?Editor of the independent newspaper Krycheu "Free City" Sergei Uneven believes that the new law "On Mass Media" takes to complicate the work of journalists and the other day during the election campaign in the House of Representatives:"The government is rushing to pass this law, to have time for the elections to the

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