Incomprehensible formation on the skin: what to do?

Almost all the people on the skin, there are small cosmetic defects of different types and sizes. Some of them are safe, but not very aesthetic, the other is better to quickly get rid of. To understand how to include your own, consult an experienced beautician, a dermatologist.

Remove all the excess skin from the best in the winter — the lack of sunlight and heat will allow the process of healing take place peacefully.

Growths on the skin that removes cosmetologist, are divided into two groups:

those in which the occurrence of fault infection Benign enlargement of any

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School of Rostov region received 64 new buses

Schools Rostov area received 64 bus. At a ceremony in the capital of the Don came to the teacher and students from 28 districts and cities. The new "slots" purchased the modernization program of general education.


The purchase of school buses has increased access to quality education for more than 34 thousand children Rostov region. In the area plan to buy 208 school buses.

School 3 regions received 140 new buses

On the eve of the Day of Knowledge 41 school buses received the Perm region. Today the documents they presented the heads of the territories of the regional government chairman Gennady Tushnolobov. By destination — in 23 districts Kama — 34 cars off the brand Gazelle and 7 car brand Peugeot.

The new buses joined the fleets of schools Krasnodar region. The solemn ceremony of handing over the keys directors of educational institutions was held in Krasnodar.

Total for the regional target program was purchased 52 buses in the amount of 98 million rubles. They

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Laser Technology Center opened in Kirov

Vyatskiy Laser Innovation and Technology Center, established under the Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of Germany and Russia in the field of laser and optical technologies, opened in Kirov.

Guests of the event were shown in action robot TruLaser Robot 5020, which carries out the operations 3D-cutting, welding and heat treatment. Currently, protected by patents and worked dozens of technologies, including such universal as laser welding of steels with high carbon equivalent, laser-plasma refining of steels under atmospheric conditions, surface polishing, plating.

The main task of the center — to encourage the introduction of innovative laser technology in the

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Chemical Technology landfill opened in Cherepovets

It is based on the Cherepovets Chemical Engineering College. This is a prime example of a public-private partnership in the modernization of education. Creating a test site was made possible with the cooperation of "Fosagro-Cherepovets," City Hall, the Department of Education and the College. An agreement on further cooperation with all interested parties signed in school today.

Range — this is another great step in the implementation of strategic guidelines for the preparation of highly qualified personnel for enterprises, in particular, the chemical industry.  

"We have a complete understanding of how the situation will

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Ukraine ranked 42 in the ranking of innovation

In the ranking of the 50 most innovative countries in the world, compiled by Bloomberg, Ukraine was placed on the 42 position. On the 41st position was Greece, on the 43rd — Bulgaria.

Ratings were based on several factors: the concentration of high-tech industry and labor productivity, the level of education and patenting activity.

By the level of research intensity Ukraine got 37th place, and productivity — 69, the concentration of high-tech — 47, the number of scientists — 39, industry performance — 34, education — 6, and patent activity — 17.

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Diagnosis and treatment of acne

Acne rashmay arise from many different causes. That's why when it occurs is to consult a dermatologist — a doctor find out what led to the appearance of acne and prescribe appropriate treatment.If you find that acne is caused by hormonal disorders, you will also need to consult an endocrinologist. Go toosmetolog in turn,help get rid of the external manifestations of the disease.


TreatmentAcne is prescribed depending on the severity of the disease. There are three degrees of severity of acne:

Easy — in the presence of closed or open acne virtually no signs of inflammation. On

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Sports battle areas of Kiev

For the first time in Ukraine, in Kiev were closed areas competitions in the disciplines of push-ups, dips and pull-ups on the bar. Everyone could come up and do the exercise, after which the result was fixed for a specific area.

This event took place on August 24, 2013, held an event in honor of the Ukrainian holiday — Independence Day and will be continued until September 14 — the day of physical education and sport in Ukraine. A series of 10 regional competitions in Kiev supported the company "Pharmak" in support of the development of fashion

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The agreement on the joint development and production of innovative and foreign drugs

JSC "Chemical Diversity Research Institute" (CDRI) Group of the Center of High Technologies "KhimRar" (Khimki, Moscow region.) And St. Petersburg State Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy (SPCPA) signed an agreement on cooperation in the development and manufacture of import substitution and innovative medicines. The objectives of the agreement are defined in accordance with "The strategy of the pharmaceutical industry of the Russian Federation up to 2020". The objectives of the Agreement: • Development of innovative potential SPCPA. • Attraction of budgetary and extra-budgetary investment and implementation of Government programs in the fields of pharmaceuticals and higher education. • Increase the level of professional

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Rural schools in Bashkortostan received 15 new buses

Buses purchased by the federal program "Education". Until recently, many rural schools Bashkortostan have a situation where both winter and summer school students were forced to walk for several hours to get to the place of study.


Until the end of 2011 in the Republic of Bashkortostan go another 50 school buses.

And for many of these students 'suffering' over. 15 school buses passed in various areas of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The buses were purchased under the federal program "Education". For this purpose from the federal budget, the total amount spent about 67

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