Hands schoolchildren.

The main directions of the reform of general education and vocational school said: «The connection of training with productive work involves the incorporation of students from the lowest classes in a systematic, organized, feasible for their health and age of the socially useful work — the real work necessary to society.»

Questions of perfection of labor training and education, organization of socially useful productive work in schools was dedicated to rail transport took place in January this year, the scientific and practical conference. It was organized by the Main Department of the Ministry of Railways educational institutions.

About his experience

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School of Leningrad and Novgorod region received new buses

Keys to the 39 new school buses PAZ 32053-70 to 22 seats awarded to heads of educational institutions of the Leningrad region.

This transport will transport children and teachers from remote areas to places of study and work. As the new school year, 163 municipal educational establishments will be operated by 204 school buses that carry out supply 5,520 children.

12 school buses PAZ — 32053-70 on 22 seats purchased for educational institutions Krestetsky, Lyubytinskogo, Novgorod, Pestovskogo, Khvoininsky, Holmskogo Shimsky and municipal districts of Novgorod region.

Last week, the Novgorod region has

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School of the Ivanovo region received new buses

In the Ivanovo region 39 school buses brands "PAZ" and "GAS" transferred to municipalities Ivanovo region and the regional state educational institutions. Machines purchased as part of the modernization project, the general education of the Ivanovo region in 2012.

To date, the organization fully settled the transport of rural students to arrive there. In the new academic year in the municipalities of 216 buses will carry supply 4,000 children to educational institutions.

All buses are equipped with modules GLONASS satellite navigation system. The monitoring data as well as information on the management of traffic on the route and driver are

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School 3 regions received 140 new buses

On the eve of the Day of Knowledge 41 school buses received the Perm region. Today the documents they presented the heads of the territories of the regional government chairman Gennady Tushnolobov. By destination — in 23 districts Kama — 34 cars off the brand Gazelle and 7 car brand Peugeot.

The new buses joined the fleets of schools Krasnodar region. The solemn ceremony of handing over the keys directors of educational institutions was held in Krasnodar.

Total for the regional target program was purchased 52 buses in the amount of 98 million rubles. They

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School in Chernihiv


We Sednevskaya complex already has a history. Its reporters "Cities" said school director Valery Ivanov. A few years ago, when the project was designed school, its director approached Chernigov architect William Zhiginas, and spoke about the educational complex, which it plans to build in Sedniv.

— Your graduates will be dancing under the stars! — William Zhiginas said, referring to Valery Ivanov. At the time, the director of the school Sednevskaya it was hard to understand what the architect had in mind. Today, the idea became reality. Over Sednevskaya educational complex is a dome

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School number 12 Kazan opened in a new building

Kazan Secondary School number 12, "Mishpahteynu", also known in Kazan as "Jewish." For the new school year educational institution has received a new additional building, making it more comfortable conditions for students and teachers.

School number 12, located in the heart of Kazan, on ul.Mardzhani near a lake Kaban special. In addition to the compulsory subjects of the state educational standards in the subjects taught her so-called Jewish cycle: Hebrew, history, literature, geography and traditions of the state of Israel.

At the same time, the educational institution is international, it teaches children of different nationalities.

How to tell

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U.S. educational center not extended registration

"The center was registered, worked later there was a requirement to apply for re-registration, then the response is not received Center" — explained the diplomat in an interview with Interfax."Formally, Belarusian side did not finish the registration, and registration is not cleared, without which you can not work, "- said Moore.Consulate of South American educational and research center («American Center for Education and Research, Inc.") Belarus finished its work on May 23.The mission of the South American center was "the development of mutual understanding and joint training programs at the international level." Applets Center gave Belarusian citizens opportunity to continue

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Mogilev students forbid contacts with foreigners

Requests of this order of the rector. The Order was issued to ensure Tipo rights and interests of the people.Order of business prohibited unauthorized teachers and students with the zabugornyh organizations in the management of the institute approved educational projects. In addition, during a visit to the institute of foreign delegations, according to the order, their representatives should be fixed administration official.According to the Order prohibited implementation of educational projects at the Institute without the consent of the preparatory control.Responsible for the execution of the order appointed Deputy Rector for international relations Dmitry Rachykav. Rachykav Emperor refused to answer the

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The University opened a new format in the Sverdlovsk region

The UMMC opening ceremony of the Technical University of UMMC. The new university will allow businesses in the region to get highly qualified people in accordance with their specific needs in personnel.


The new high school is focused on practical training company. In an educational institution will train up to 12,000 people a year on the basis of higher and vocational education. Listeners of the University will be the leaders and experts of the holding, as well as students of senior courses tseleviki universities. In addition, specialized classes of the institution under an agreement between the

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Three-dimensional perspective

In Voronezh, developed an educational program for professionals in the field of electronic nanomaterials and 3D products

Technology three-dimensional assembly of crystals (In other words — 3D assembly) Is one of the most promising methods to reduce chip sizes by increasing the packing density, increase bandwidth connections within the crystal and reduce its power consumption. The application of this technology it is possible to combine in one housing made in various technologies, and digital analog circuitry, memory, and microelectromechanical systems. 3D assembly can improve the reliability and continued cost reduction of microelectronic products.


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