Use a creative film effect on your photos

Make digital photos look like they have been processed from film with DxO Film Pack 4.

Processing your images from a roll of film used to be the only way to produce photos, and different makes of film gave your captures a different look and feel. DxO’s FilmPack 4 editing software makes it easy to recapture the quality, style, colours and grain of some of the most famous analogue films to give your digital images a classic look.

There are 38 colour and 26 black-and-white effects to choose from in the Expert edition, emulating the characteristics of films from the

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Producers Steve Marriott & Ronnie Lane

Engineer Glyn Johns

Courting controversy courtesy of its lyrics and acclaim for the still novel production techniques, this Small Faces classic was a hit both at home and in the US. John Pickford reports.

The summer of 1967, forever known as The Summer Of Love, was an incredibly fertile period for pop music. The sonic experiments pioneered by the era’s artists, producers and engineers ushered in a new progressive age, when, for the first time, a distinction was made between lightweight pop acts and serious rock bands. The Small Faces, a group of London


Shoot a city

Head into the city just after sunset to capture colourful and atmospheric shots of illuminated buildings and landmarks



What you’ll need


ND filter

Remote release

Photoshop Elements

How long it’ll take

Half a day

The skills you’ll learn

For great cityscapes you can’t beat shooting at twilight: after the sun has set, but before the darkness falls, there’s still enough natural light to bring out detail, while the city lights will be coming on to create extra colour and interest. Twilight doesn’t last long though, so you’ll need to be in position and set up before

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Re-create the Orton effect

This classic photography effect named after Michael Orton can be re-created in Photoshop using adjustments and filters

Photo editing apps like Instagram and Photoshop Express are flooding the market, and their use is becoming ever more commonplace among mobile device owners. They provide one-touch results on a small screen that are comparable to those of high-end software like Adobe’s CC and Elements, and there are a multitude of effects resurfacing that, in some instances, have been overlooked for other, newer and more innovative techniques.

In this tutorial, we are looking at the Orton effect – aka the Orton slide sandwich.

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The majority of photographs are taken with the camera at eye level, but by shooting from higher or lower viewpoints you can add a sense of surprise and drama to your compositions because they give us a view of the world we’re not used to.

Shooting from a low viewpoint with a wideangle lens will introduce more distortion, with features close to the camera dominating the composition and verticals converging dramatically. Because you’re forced to look upwards you can also make the sky a more integral part of the composition — it effectively becomes the background.

Try shooting with the

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The efficacy of chemical weed control measures

In Mogilev Regional State Agricultural Experiment Station in 1962-1963, we studied the effect of different herbicides in fruit-bearing 30-year-old and three-year period at a young garden, in the fields of formation and the school fruit seedlings nursery. Also take into account the action of herbicides in their introduction of one and two years before laying School seedlings.

Soil — heavy loam, underlain at a depth of about one meter moraine loam. Herbicides of 1000 liters per hectare fluid was added using a sprayer.

Due to heavy rainfall, the soil is well moistened, we were able to identify not only the

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It is difficult to fundamentally change the traditional tools such as cutter. But if it fails, it takes on a new quality of not only the tool, but the machine is equipped with them.

The cup turning tool, at the time set records of performance, came to the forest industry of the metal. Mounted on stvoloobrabatyvayuschuyu car, it is easily and quickly removes the bark from the trunk. But the cup cutter — a truncated cone, and a pretty high. Once found in the way the branch cutter passes. Just prune the branch podnutritsya and stop — no longer cuts


How can I fake a zoom burst?

I love trying out your tutorials and would really like to have a go at creating the zoom burst effect that I have seen in the magazine. There are lots of flowers in my garden that I think would look great when shot with this technique. I know that you need to zoom out while taking the shot, but unfortunately I only have a compact camera that won’t let me do this. I know that you can do all sorts with editing software, so is there a way I can cheat and recreate the effect using Photoshop Elements?

Chloe Willis,

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Fuzz Effect Box For Guitarists

The ‘Fuzz’ sound is derived by clipping the input waveform, there by enriching the signal with odd harmonics which provide The harsh sound. This circuit produces a fuzz which gradually decays into a ‘clean signal’.

The circuit uses the standard op-amp 741 in non-inverting configuration. The gain of this amplifier is com rolled by the feedback network comprising VR1, R2 and R3.

Input signal from the guitar passes to the op-amp through DC blocking capacitor C1. Resistor Rl sets the input impedance at 100k, which suits most guitars, Resulting signals from the op-jimp are reduced in amplitude by the potential

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Create a painterly effect in ACR

Give your images a quick and easy artistic makeover by subtly blurring detail in Adobe Camera Raw

Although we strive to capture pin-sharp, richly detailed shots, certain subjects can suit a finish that’s less photographic and more ‘painterly’, with detail subtly blurred — such effects are especially popular for portraits, as they can be used to smooth skin to hide wrinkles and blemishes. You can soften detail in Adobe Camera Raw by setting the Clarity slider to a negative value, and you can create a similar effect by using the Noise Reduction sliders in the ‘wrong’ way. There are three

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