Mysteries of ancient pyramids. Who built the pyramids and why.



Of all the pyramids, built by people of different ages and cultures on the planet, the most famous pyramids of ancient Egypt. This is because of the titanic dimensions of the three most famous Egyptian pyramids — Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus (Menkaure). Pyramid of Cheops — the largest pyramid in the world, up to nearly one hundred and fifty meters, entered the Greek list of "Seven Wonders of the World." Ironically, it is the oldest structure on the list and at the

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Alien technology of the ancient Egyptians



Proponents of alternative history, confident in the fact that the ancient civilizations of the past possessed by some lost now in technology that allows them to maintain a relationship with the cosmos, to fly, to transmit ideas at a distance, etc., still consider the existence of perfectly round holes, which the Egyptians were doing in rocks and hard rocks, one of the strongest arguments in favor of the famous Egyptian pyramids were created if not by aliens from other worlds,

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The people of Egypt freed from COLOR INFECT

The Egyptian army has shifted the Mursi and suspended the Constitution

A political solution to the crisis in Egypt provides a short transition period, followed by parliamentary and presidential elections. ITAR-TASS referring to the Egyptian news agency MENA. Mohammed Mursi, it was announced that he no longer holds the post of President.


Interim Head of Egypt declared the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court Adly Mansour. At present, formed a provisional government, Defense Minister of EgyptAbdel Fattah al-Sisi. He said that there would be an early presidential election.

The confrontation

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APC has completed licensing repair engine production in Egypt

"Klimov", included in the "United Engine Corporation" (APC), has completed the licensing repair production of helicopter engines in Egypt. The project will allow to carry out repairs Russian engines installed on helicopters Mi-8/17, Mi-24, in accordance with the requirements of the developer, thus increasing the safety of equipment operation in the North African region.

Licensed repair manufacture of TV3-117 was established on the basis of ABECO (Arab British Engine Co). Now in Egypt, operating more than 100 Russian-made helicopters. They are part of the Egyptian Air Force, and is widely used to perform the many tasks of

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The Pharaohs came from outer space?




British archaeologists for 8 years working in the Egyptian Feytaha suburb, where they were discovered by the ancient underground tombs of the pharaohs. Their age is much higher than the known Ancient Egyptian mummies. History calls that mysterious period about which little is known, "legendary." It was then that the first pharaoh was mentioned

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The Mummy Returns




I'm sure many watched the famous film by Stephen Sommers "Mummy" the adventures of treasure hunters in the Sahara Desert in 1925. Stumbled on an ancient tomb, adventurers unwittingly set free the forces of evil, which for three thousand years of lurking in the body of an Egyptian priest who was executed. Condemned to eternal existence

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Egyptian Islamists offer to demolish the pyramid



20.07.12.Po to Arab media, the Egyptian party of radical Islamist Salafis "An-Nur" demanded that Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi destroy the famous pyramids and called them with the "pagan symbols."

Such calls also come from Saudi Arabia Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sheikh Abd al-Mahmoud, who is known as "Sheikh Sunni sheikhs" and president of the "National Unity".

Saudi Islamists offer current policy of Egypt, at least, cover with wax pyramids, arguing that the great pharaohs of the structure is "a symbol of sin and an alien culture."

We know from historical records

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Rats and mice invaded the Egyptian resort of Port Said


20.06.11.Iz Egyptian city of Port Said in a hurry run by tourists. Reason for this was the mouse and rat, literally flooded the city in recent years.

The city authorities have already sounding the alarm, because rodents are a real threat to both human health and the tourism business of the city. Despite all the measures taken by the city government of rodents is not reduced. Rats and mice have run out in the open on the streets in residential neighborhoods and resort, frightening tourists and creating the image of Port Said dirty city.

To get rid of the

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What secret stores Sphinx?

Another story

Since 1997, the government of Egypt to hide from the world scientific discovery, which they did in the year and in the years since. That's it ever since they own them individually and kept secret from our world. I suggest you read this discovery of the century, as well as with their latest discoveries. That hide the Egyptian authorities.

Many years ago, that 70 years have passed since then, as Edgar Cayce predicted that one day in Egypt will be found a room that will have a name or a Hall of Records Hall of Chronicles, and it

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In Egypt, the house collapsed, killing seven people


CAIRO, Feb 1 — RIA Novosti, Nadim Zuaui. A three-storey house collapsed in the town of Damietta in northern Egypt, killing at least seven people, and another 28 injured, said Wednesday the Egyptian media.

The building has offices Egyptian party "Al-Wasat" (moderate Islamists).

In a statement the party said that the cause of the accident began repair work which is the owner of the store, located on the ground floor. In particular, the works have been affected by load-bearing structures of the building.

The party claims that the debris is one of the office staff. The search continues. According

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