Quote a day or July 12

"This is our first president. Here he is 30 for nine years, he’s a great guy, smart, brave, brave! But the passion for the moment. Guy is falling apart at the physical level to 50 for eight years, and he needed 50 eight years retires, it is the most balanced option. believe that he really appreciates their physical abilities. Indeed, it is hard work! people are here, and only one or two throw something offensive, while others rejoice: "Oh, that Alexander G. " Amateur painter Oleg who at "Slavic market" in Vitebsk sells for 100 euros portrait of Lukashenko.

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The European policy of the Bush: What to Expect in Belarus?

Reporter: "How much you think the principal for this meeting?" Drakakhrust: "In my opinion, this meeting has first symbolic nature, it symbolizes that the situation in Belarus will not remain without attention of the United States. This confirms the performance of the U.S. president at the conference — he twice mentioned Belarus, a list of political prisoners, the release of which he claimed , he began with the name of Alexander Kozulin, noting all this, that the daughter of the 1st of the prisoners in the number of participants. Apparently, he meant specifically Olga Kozulin. Looking at this in the

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T.H.Ilves: What does Our homeland in the Big Eight?

Estonian President responded to the danger Russian President Russian rocket to redirect European countries. This threat was voiced in an interview with European media the other day summit "Eight.""If democracy is not really fighting a war together, so still a country that threatens to target its nuclear missiles at Europe doing in" eight ", a club of industrial democracies?" — Asks the Estonian president.Thomas Henrik Ilves recalled nedavneshny conflict between Estonia and Russia, namely, a hacker attack on the websites of municipal establishments of Estonia, the attack on the views of the Estonian authorities, came from Russian municipal institutions:"Marriage democracy

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At the summit of G8 — about global warming, spa and Kosovo

As a result of unrest in Rostock suffered least 1,000 people. Wounding more than 400 police officers, 125 rioters arrested. In protest took part about 20 thousand people. Such actions accompany all recent summits "G", it is possible that the continuation of the events in Rostock happen during today’s summit.But acute situation will not only meet around favorites advanced industrialized countries, and on the meeting itself. The main items on the agenda a day or — control of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, the South American missile defense system in Europe and the problem of Kosovo. Experts do not exclude

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Now — Solidarity day

Within a day or on the streets of Minsk and regions stretching arise demanding to release political prisoners, and portraits of missing and lighted candles around them. Police working in emergency mode.Stretching first appeared in a day of solidarity in Minsk in 15 hours near the metro station "Vostok" — "Freedom Malady!".Youth activists of the democratic movement took off from the roof of the house a few hundred leaflets with patrabavanngem release political prisoners and end the persecution of members "Junior Front. "In Soligorsk Zhodino Baranovichi Nyasvizh, Mogilev, Brest on the walls of buildings in crowded places young people glued

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Mogilev region: the farm Light — Dark Days

Veremeyko now visited vice-chairman Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Alexander Dubko. In addition, the police department Cherikov Interior sent in place of the conflict group of policemen.On the results of the meeting knows Catherine Ignatov:"Voice of the main operators. Promised us that three months people will not cut. Well throw all control."Catherine Ignatov says that complex Veremeyko quarter century. All this time it was state property.But present day found that the owner will be svinakompleksu Mogilev bakeries. And people protest against the intention of the new owner to reduce the establishment.Economist Ioannina Cold convinced that this will not interfere with current

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U.Prakaptsov overtaken Beijing in the game with eight

So early the State Art Museum of undisclosed guest almost never before. But wake up with the sun now together for such celebrations wanted many, including several diplomats of foreign countries and high-ranking Russian bureaucrats.About their own 55th a day or birthday and the 10th anniversary of the reign of the State Art Museum of Vladimir Prokoptsov accept personal exhibition of eight paintings that have chosen out of eight written in recent years. At its opening, he invited 88 guests, but the word for a festive greetings gave only eight of them. And all asked to meet at eight seconds.

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Good ecology — a valuable fish!

Due to the improvement of water quality as a result of ongoing environmental activities in the main waterway of Kuzbass — Tom, as well as its tributaries return valuable species of fish. 

One of the desired target species for fishermen Kuzbass was recently trout. Fish are very sensitive to water quality, are increasingly moving to the north of the region — it is found in Tom is up to the borders of the Kemerovo region in Tomsk.

During the research trout fishing, specialists fell individuals under the age of eight, ranging in length from

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Hockey: Belarusians overboard sacred Eight

Passions rage in Ice Palace Pepsi Colisee, where are qualifiers for reaching the quarterfinals.For the Belarusian Teams can now be considered complete. After losing in shootouts Czechs subordinates Kurt Fraser with 2 credit points have any scenario will not enter into the holy eight, which will continue its performance further. Seemingly remained a formality — spend the final sustrechu12 May with the Danes. True, the game itself for itself very principled with viewpoint Olympic prospects. In the current ranking of the International Ice Hockey Federation Belarusians hold until the 9th place, which gives the right roles without qualifying tournament for

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There is no opposition in the Council of the Republic

Council of the Republic formed out of 64 people: eight from each region and Minsk, another eight appointed by the president. Election of members of the Council of the Republic were held in September and October at the meetings of the local councils of each area and the Minsk City Council and were uncontested.

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