The main striking point of the arm and hand

Most of the people are striking points on the hands, wrists person. That's why the main punches in the shock of most martial art and sport styles.

Leverage. Place, which strikes — is acromial edge of the blade ridge, "bone point" shoulder. Such a blow can behold in rugby, usually beating his shoulder in the solar plexus, so called. "Floating ribs" (the bottom two pairs of ribs), in the groin area.

Armpit. Some schools use to combat armpit elbow grabs and throws, where the armpit is playing the role of a fulcrum or clip.

The front of the elbow. This

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Through the eyes of an engineer on the Tabernacle

Now let's take a look at all of this information through the eyes of a modern engineer. Most of the tabernacle — the construction of rationally located vertical metal (or rather, the metal-coated) pillars — like radio devices such as antenna array. Generally speaking, any set of grounded metal objects can perform on a particular device efficiency role that reflects radio waves. But in this case we are not just a random collection of metal items, and ordered their system to maximize efficiency of the action.

First, we note that

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Noahs Ark Dutchman Johan Huibers

Some are afraid of simple things: lightning, falling bricks on his head, falling to the ice. But there are people who are haunted by the idea that the end of the world is imminent. Whether it's a nuclear bomb, or the world then. For those who have the money to build bunkers, well, or "Noah's Ark". This is what Dutchman Johan Huibers, and now it is a large-scale attraction. Well, not until the flood begins.

The creator of absolute copy of the legendary ship, Johan Huibers, from an early age

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Measure twice, or measure the length of the worlds people

April 13, 2012 10:34

Measures of length. Photo:

In the entire history of human civilization was invented a great many variety of units of length. The oldest of them is considered to be the elbow, is used to measure the distance from a variety of nations. Elbow, according to Herodotus, was known in ancient Egypt, and its length ranged from 45 cm (elbow ordinary) to 52.4 cm (royal cubit).

One of the oldest "domestic" units of length — yard derived from the Persian word "arshi", which translates as meaning "elbow". Equaled yards 0.7112 meters later this length

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Mirotochenie icons filmed in the village of Elbow (Bryansk region)


Icons, oozing with fragrant oil — world, struck scientists who have documented miraculous appearance of a video camera. Commission scientists removed the video mirotochaschie icons in the village of Elbow Bryansk region. In front of a dozen witnesses, two icons begin to release a fragrant oil. The droplets appear in seconds.

At the local cemetery mirotochit icon revered in these parts elders of Miletus. His cross and the picture is also covered with drops of myrrh. To prove that this is not the dew, the operator removes the neighboring crosses: they are

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Power egg

While people will not clean as saints, they will always be consciously or unconsciously doing evil — send negative energy to others. And so it is always in the household magic will exist multiple techniques removal of damage. Here is one of the simplest ways.

Centuries of experience has shown that there are substances and objects that are easier to endure damage than others. And carrying it, to destroy. Most easily absorb negative energy wax, tin, salt and egg.

We offer you "work" with egg, tasted the power of magic on yourself or your family or friends. The rite

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