Z.Paznyaka: Blind artists stupid instructions Europe

First and main result campaign, is that the vote was roughly cynically and brazenly rigged. The results of these elections, the process of their implementation can not be recognized neither democratic nor real or normal. MPs who took treatment not have national trust and is not lawful deputies.Second important result — is that on Sunday, September 28 hosted boycott voting electorate. In Belarus came to vote in areas less than 30 percent of the electorate, and in Minsk and even less 20 percent of fifth Polling stations in Minsk empty. This is evidenced by all of our observers from the

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Human rights activists and election results

Belarusian human rights activists followed the elections in 86-minute vicinity of 10 100. In long-term follow 280 activists participated, 210 more joined in the main election day. Observers were trained in the techniques and tips OSCE.


Chairman of the BHC Hulak, that observers did two fundamentally conclusions: "Itself for itself political election campaign noted certain positive changes in comparison with previous campaigns. First — the political prisoners were released, that softened the atmosphere of horror. Also, the power did not en masse obstacles candidates, including democratic in their campaign. We take note of the fact that yesterday people

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Managing the electoral headquarters of the opposition candidate was fired from his job

Circumstances have not been explained. Ivan Bedka from the early 80’s he worked as an orderly in CRH Slonim.Bedka: "Today was handed a notice that terminates a contract with me for a year until retirement. No reason given. A treaty owed end in 31.10. By my views, prerequisite was my political activity, role in the election campaign. I was a head of an alternative candidate, wrote in one of the polling stations, where he was observer 4 act of electoral violations. There’s absolutely rigged elections. I’m going to file a complaint to the court, because there is a law whereby

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European Coalition believes the elections were rigged

"The situation in the This time was even worse than in the previous parliamentary elections organization on all fronts campaign. Implementation of administrative resources to promote candidates from power became even more ambitious. Percentage of unregistered candidates for the democratic opposition became more overwhelming than in past elections. Municipal vote-counting machine — Precinct election commissions — in these elections was formed more regulated, 100 percent of municipal officials dependent workers. Premature vote, which "voluntary-free" procedure organized by the authorities in all electoral surroundings, this election was still plenty than in the previous, which is also confirmed by statistical data. Preventing

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Valery Buffalo: Elections were not held, hosted their boycott

"Most of the Belarusian people did not go to the polls. Such data CCP BPF polling station receives both the capital and several regions. People, especially students, some labor groups administration, deans driven by premature vote, and now on nationwide there is a void at the polls. Come one. Even funny to watch as the police, security, members election commissions bored. We can say with certainty that there were no elections, held their boycott. "

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Shklovsky constituency: the villagers do not go to vote

Members of election commissions of Belynichy th Kruglyanschiny planning to visit the house 10s rural voters, who until This time did not vote. Thus, according to the opposition candidate Gregory Kastusiou, the lists that precinct commissions urgently concluded designated more than 100 villagers. For example, sovereign states Kastusyou precinct commission in the village Esmony that Belynechey, going to visit the 250 villagers. Here early 150 people voted. Just a list of sites indicated by 499 people.On Kruglyanschine village Teterin 161 people voted early, and up to 172 voters Commission meets to come back home. A total of 634 sample plot.Such

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Observers complain about violations of Vitebsk

By Boris Khamaida, which conducts surveillance on site 34-Vitebsk Railway Area number 19, now in the morning members of the commission said that the vote at home expressed a desire to 300 people, but written statements from their show refused. According to the list, this is the third part of voters registered on the site."At 9:40 am and took the portable urns are going to go. Observers to question how much people will to vote at home. Said that about three hundred, but the lists are not shown. Statement was made to the prosecutor, the prosecutor came and talked with

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Novopolotsk: for attempting to withdraw deputies — heavy fines

According to the court, for violation of the Electoral Code Valery Shevchenko fined 1050000 Igor Sukhorukov — 900 000 Anton Yasinovich — 750 000 (respectively 35, 30 and 25 basic units).Administrative prosecution of activists have been after, they collected 3020 signatures of people for a review of the MPs of Novopolotsk who voted for cancellation of benefits. For all this they did not fulfill the legal requirements of the Electoral Code that until such reviews.During the trial the activists claimed that the signatures are not legally binding and that they want first to draw attention authorities on the disastrous state

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Elections can not be recognized by democratic

According to co-chairman of the United Democratic Forces Anatoly Lebedko, preparatory assessment SLM — about unfree and undemocratic elections — in the main voting day "has acquired more muscular." Liabedzka now personally visited polling stations because the commissions were not included its representatives.

Anatoly Lebedko"We do not give on some sites even data, how many people voted early. And not only me as a candidate, and international observers, the two ambassadors — Lithuania and Italy. Although this electoral process, and not a military operation, where all must hush-hush. "In the first half of a day or on one of

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The next picture — and will be banned!

Record violations of the Electoral Code of the video I was forbidden under threat removal: "The next picture — and will be banned!"Get up from the table and follow the electoral process even within the boundaries of the Belarusian law I too was forbidden under threat removal.Because the monitor? How to fix the violation if they have place? Where the transparency of the process? What is publicity?"Observers" from "Snow-white Russia", the CIS and veterans visited a couple of minutes, because they present observation useless even any securities no one beheld, not counting SNDovtsa who recorded preliminary number and disappeared. A

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