Wireless Recording

Generally, recording from tape to tape is done with the help of a lead, which is often associated with electrical noises. To avoid this,inductive recording is done, which is superior as compared to direct electrical recording.

For such recording from any source of sound, the sensor is placed near the speaker and the earphone pin is inserted into the external mike jack of tape recorder, which is set into the recording mode. In this way, recording free from surrounding noises and electrical disturbances is done.

The circuit works with two pencil cells which last quite some time due to low

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Chemicals — the most common and effective means of dealing with pests. But it does not preclude the use of other methods, in particular elektrosvetolovushek which are particularly effective when combined with a chemical treatment. In this case, elektrosvetolovushki serve as the primary means of forecasting the beginning of the flight of harmful insects. Then on the basis of the analysis of infected insects determine what preparations need to handle infected plantations. Timely chemical treatment gives a great economic benefit.

Elektrosvetolovushka consists of enamelled metal housing with a reflector. By the reflector on special brackets attached insulation frame made of

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Electro capacity framework

In the journal «Beekeeping» № 7 of 1961 g.opisan method elektronaraschivaniya framework in which to reduce the need to have a voltage transformer. Lower the voltage is possible without a transformer. Here’s how.

Liter or three-liter glass jar filled with water, and dissolved therein a pinch of salt. The water is lowered two cords with stripped ends. The free end of the cord inserted into the power grid, and the second with the help of the plug with a pin attached to a wire frame in place of its lower output. The third wire is attached from the network (the

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Electrical Switches

LET’S LOOK AT ELECTRICAL WIRING in your plane. The basic layout is for power to come from either the battery or alternator to a main distribution bus, and from there through an appropriately sized fuse or circuit breaker to—in most cases—a switch that turns on or activates the circuit. There are a few circuits that do not have a switch in them, such as the cockpit gauges, but most do. In some cases, such as avionics, the unit may have its own switch, but for many systems, such as lights, pitot heat, and boost pump, each item has a switch.

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Lift Education at the beginning of the XX century

By the beginning of the XX century a well organized system of distance education made it possible for men and women to obtain new skills or improve their skills (in the form of continuous training) in different areas related professions and professional disciplines.

This unique system of education, when students receive training materials by mail, studied them, and then filled the examination forms and sent back to school for testing and evaluation in the United States gave rise to the first comprehensive training course in the field of elevator-building. In the first part of this article discussed on the training

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On the 70th anniversary of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical Plant

The historical path of the plant — it’s years of creative selfless labor of workers, professionals, managers, at different periods of supplying technical equipment of the railways with modern products — from simple relay NR, CR, TFR to modern REL, IVG-KR, electronic components, devices, microprocessor-based systems.

The Great Patriotic War interrupted the peace work of the collective. In memory of those tragic events in the factory park is a monument dedicated to those who did not return from the war. The plant was evacuated to Saratov, where he continued to release signaling equipment now for the needs of the

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Electric beam through the darkness of millennia



Electric beam through the darkness of millennia 19.11.03, the


When Howard Carter's archeological expedition finally reached the burial chamber of Tutankhamun, the scientists were amazed not only treasures intact tombs, but also the beautiful murals that decorate it. The complete absence of traces of smoke from the torches on the bright paintings of researchers has set a logical question: What is the coverage of his "job" old masters,

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Unprecedented intensity storm in Texas — Thousands of lightning strikes stun Houston!


Houston was marked by lightning superstorm, reports Houston Chronicle. As far as she was intense? The answer is given Dick Orville, professor of meteorology at Texas A & M University. He helped create a network that monitors lightning in Houston.

To assess the event, you can see the hourly card. This shows you the lightning, according to the model — a cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud, within 100 miles of Houston.

Between 8 pm and 11 pm the progression of lightning across southeast Texas looked below.

First hour:

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RUSAL has developed a high-tech rod for the cable industry

UC RUSAL completed the R &D project to develop technology for aluminum alloys with rare-earth and transition metals, as well as the creation of equipment for the production of these electrical wire rod.

Technology for producing alloys for the production of electrical conductors on the basis of aluminum with high resistance to thermal stress and, therefore, capable of transmitting more power per unit length of the conductor has been developed with the participation of scientists of the Siberian Federal University, Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Department of Chemistry. Preliminary tests of the rod successfully held at the Tomsk cable

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Equipment Prosoft-Systems will be set to Ukrenergo

As part of the modernization of 750 kV, 330 kV "Ukrenergo" Company "Prosoft-Systems" (together with "Prime-Polis" (Ukraine)) will produce the supply of equipment for electrical networks "Ukrenergo". Photo source:prosoftsystems.ru

Digital device command RZiPA on RF channel "CCP-C" signal transceiver HF protection "AVANT-P-400" and the registrar of electrical events of the "RES-3", produced by "Prosoft-Systems", will be installed in the Dnieper, Donbass, Western and pivdennov-Western Electric. The equipment will be delivered before the end of this year. The project will provide training specialists "Ukrenergo" operating equipment "Prosoft-Systems."

Engineering company "Prosoft-Systems’ work in the field of design, manufacture, supply devices

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