Criminal case for an attack on the embassy of Lithuania

According to Interfax, criminal case by Part 1 of Art. 339 "Hooliganism" Criminal Code of Belarus brought in connection with the fact that the unknown sketched National Bolshevik symbols and threw leaflets Lithuanian embassy in Minsk on the night of July 25.At the moment the search for intruders, police said in Minsk.Vandals defiled the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk

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Vandals defiled the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk

As said embassy spokesman, Christina Pakonite

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania made a statement. It says that the NIGHT MODE 25 July in Minsk was an act of vandalism against the Lithuanian Embassy in Belarus. Salting the Republic of Lithuania in Belarus Edminas Bagdonas protested and claimed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belarus to know the situation and look guilty. Also claimed by salting Belarusian side to take measures to further compliance was guaranteed, provided that Venskay Convention 1962 and does not violate the immunity of the Lithuanian Embassy. By K.Pakonite, eventually incident mode Embassy’s Consular

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