How much have to pay for visas in adjacent countries?

October 2-3 in Warsaw held bilateral consular consultation. Agreed that Poland will take time introducing new criteria for issuing visas on December 1 (previously assumed that since November 1 Polish side will take for visa 60 euros).The Polish side expressed its intention not to increase tariff of consular fees for visas, which are valid until December 31.Explains the spokesman of the Polish Embassy in Belarus Monica Sadkovskaya:"The price of all Polish visas that will be issued before the end of the year and will be valid until December 31, does not change. In other words, if it is single-entry visa,

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At a demonstration in Warsaw, Lukashenko called for honest counting

Its general secretary, Jan Poplawski is responsible for:"We distributed leaflets to persons who came to the embassy to vote. We want to pass the call to Alexander Lukashenko, the counting of votes took place in a democratic manner. We tried direct attention all the violations that occurred during this campaign. "He also complained that the call for Lukashenko failed to transmit directly embassy staff — a letter was thrown into everyday mailbox, reports

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In Warsaw — picket near the Belarusian Embassy

About 4 10’s first Belarusian students who study in the Polish capital on programmke Kalinouski came to the embassy with white-red-white flags, portraits of disappeared political prisoners, placards reading "Freedom to political prisoners", "dictator in The Hague.""I demand the release of political prisoners and clarify the fate of missing persons. So this and did not. Maybe they live?" — Say Party picket Sergei Girkin.Belarusians supported Poles: "We were assisted in communist times by other nations. And now, when such a situation Belarusians, we should also help them. To those who are fighting, know that they are not alone "- says

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The Embassy of Venezuela a loan for Belarus nothing they say

But as long as this information is not confirmed. "Now Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic Venesuela public statements this case can not give, "said — Radio Liberty Second secretary of the Venezuelan Embassy in Minsk Maria Elena Roch.

Warsaw: Ales Pushkin took part in a demonstration of solidarity to the days of

In picket assumed the role of Belarus recognizable artist Ales Pushkin, who addressed the audience with a short speech."All of us — Belarusians who live in Belarus and here in Poland, should keep in mind that you can not build that — like, go to a goal through murder, through prosecution of those who think differently. Necessary to conduct the investigation, to find and punish those guilty of these sins, whoever they were. Later repent and say — this will not happen again ever! "Say the painter.At the fence Embassy picketers lit white candles and reddish.Artist Ales Pushkin in the

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Lithuanians shared experience of military doctors

Hedid it a special seminar on the role of military doctors in multinational operations. The seminar was held at the Lithuanian Embassy, particularly since it plays the role of NATO contact embassy in Belarus.

To receive a Lithuanian visa can now register by phone

With the advent of summer, the number of Belarusians who want to visit Lithuania, increases significantly.Press Attache at the Lithuanian Embassy Christina Pakonite notes:"Of course, simplifying visa function through preparatory record, our embassy has taken on additional responsibilities. But practice shows that we deal with this.In the summer we also increase the number of contacts with tourist firms. This means, Any company that is accredited by the embassy, can now once a week to bring documents. Earlier this practiced only twice in the past month. "Once a day the Lithuanian embassy issues visas to above five hundred. But this figure

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Estonia urges Russia to remain civilized

Meanwhile Moscow activists of the youth movement "Nashi" tried to disrupt a press conference in Russia Estonian Ambassador Marina Kaljurand. As before in the siege of the Estonian embassy remains in Moscow — his pro-government representatives picket Russian youth organizations protesting against the transfer of the center of Tallinn monument Russian soldier-liberator. Recently the Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet said that Estonia, and together with her and the rest of the European Alliance came under attack carried out by Russia. According to the minister, question specifically about the attack, because committed hacker attacks on government websites in Estonia, the

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Police detained Boris Goretskogo and his associates 4

When the column from the French embassy moved in the direction of the German Embassy on Lenin Street commandos ran out of the arches around the barbershop "Dream" and detained Boris Goretskogo and four of his associates. Young people began chanting "Freedom Gorecki! Freedom to political prisoners!"Whereupon column moved further in the direction of the German Embassy on Independence Avenue. Together with the youth favorite united democratic opposition Alyaksandr Milinkevich wife Inna Cooley. He said that he could not come to this action. He came to support young people to express their gratitude. "

Chechersk at school appeared Centre for Radiation Control

Before the opening of the center involved in the Lithuanian embassy in Belarus and the Institute of Radiation Safety "Belrad." Lithuanian Embassy donated this 10 thousand litas.According to the Department of Education, this is the fifth school in the center of radiation control Chachershchyny schools.Earlier, at support of "Belrad" diplomatic missions and European states such centers have appeared in Polessian, Rovkavitskay Commune, Lenin and Babicki schools.

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