UNITED KINGDOM PILOT ROB DAVIES bailed out of his P-51 Mustang Big Beautiful Doll at Duxford’s Flying Legends air show last July 10. He had little choice.

During a break-to-landing maneuver, the right wing of a Douglas Skyraider from Rob’s formation slammed into the underside of the rear fuselage of his Mustang. The midair collision damaged the control cables, so after what he described as a violent crashing sound,

Rob suddenly found himself slewing side to side without pitch control. The airplane was 500 feet above the ground when he decided to get out, jettisoned the canopy, unfastened his harnesses,


In Byalynichy stolen ambulance

Criminals detained in Mogilev. Detention accompanied by night pursuit, from which the robbers fled.Policemen found the hijackers on fingerprints.Into the abduction of ambulances brought criminal case. Hijackers threatened from 7 to 10 years imprisonment.

Yakut rescuers got a new boat

October 3 in Yakutsk in the boat station of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels was committed ritual consecration of a new boat rapid response to emergency spillages of oil and oil products CN -110-37. The boat was made by experts of the Kostroma Marine Engineering Plant and arrived in Yakutsk this summer. Participation in the ceremony took the lead of the Main Directorate of MOE Russia in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the State Institution "Rescue of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)."


According to the head of the Office of Civil Defense, the organization

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Envision Group upgraded the video conferencing system for the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations

Intelligent integrator and a leading developer of unique ICT solutions company "NVision Group" together with State Organization "National Center for Crisis Management" (State Organization National Emergency Management Center) completed a project to upgrade the network video conference of the Russian Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations).

The project to upgrade the video conferencing system Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations provided the main backup server, and expand the functionality of the network video conferencing. Services provided allowed more than three times the capacity of the network video

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Mogilev again be street Wilensky

At this Cloquet only 5 buildings. Four of them built first of the twentieth century and the number of monuments of architecture. Three — in disrepair.Two year reversed an initiative to rename part of a street name in Vilna Lazarenko made Toponimical commission executive committee. While the initiative was treated on the street Lazarenko built the bridge, and two hundred meters once the main street of Mogilev was under the bridge. The official report and said: "segment of the former street under the overpass Lazarenko became a street of Vilna."The Vilnius — four monument of architecture. They placed the Church

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In pictures. The first Ka-226T for the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations

Ka-226T (tail number 241 black) for the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations:

Photokabuki from site 

Wood Court

On Igor Lapehu and Hope Krapivin police written on two protocols — for disorderly conduct and for insubordination. 3 activists detained during their protest 9 felling trees in the alley Telegraph. The protesters believe that the trees were not in disrepair, although the resolution on cutting gave a special city commission. Activists believe that for soon in the town, in including in the midst of the historic building was ravaged by many trees, not all of which were accidental. With the public in this case fortiori no one consults, they say they are.





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Transas simulator crane operations in Surgut

June 2011 — Surgut, Russia. Experts of the company "Transas" set simulator crane operations at the Resource Center of industrial training students in Surgut. This is the first trainer in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District (Yugra).

The simulator crane operations of the company "Transas" allows for the training of operators in the management of modern types of cranes. The system provides for practice of basic operations with goods not only in-house, but in critical situations, such as emergency stop, emergency lowering, loss, loss of power, overload and strong wind. This gives the student the opportunity to practice the optimal

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Tver region, Zubtsovsky housewarming

Zubtsovsky district is actively involved in the implementation of programs for the overhaul of apartment houses and resettlement of people from emergency housing. Currently, dilapidated houses account for nearly one-third of the housing stock of the municipality. This is one of the most pressing problems of the district.

Administration Zubtsova applied for participation in targeted regional program of resettlement of emergency housing for 2013-2015. The total funding amount to more than 33 million of rubles, which will relocate 85 people. Will participate in the project and CBM rural settlement. In addition, the City has applied to

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Georgia: emergency will be lifted the day after tomorrow

"From 16 year listapada emergency will be lifted and we will return to a normal life. I hope that we will begin preparations for the elections, will hold their democratic and open, and the Georgian people will decide how and with whom he headed want to live up to the next election" — N.Burzhanade said.Nino Burjanadze also promised that "the authorities withdo everything, so that the elections were fair and democratic atmosphere in accordance with the laws of Georgia and recognized norms of democracy. "Previously, the ability of the emergency state of emergency declared highest South American diplomat Matthew Bryza

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