Condor seek new build help

Condor Ferries has approached the governments of Jersey and Guernsey for financial help towards the introduction of new tonnage by the end of the decade, or earlier.

Chief executive James Fulford says that in the present financial climate Condor could not afford to replace its trio of 86m catamarans, all dating from the mid-1990s. Estimating that a multi-purpose vessel for the Channel Islands link would cost £70 million, Mr Fulford said it was time to look at how islanders’ needs could be met at the same time as getting backing for investment in new tonnage.

Condor spent £10 million to

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Ufa: 2 years emissions have decreased by a quarter

In Ufa, in the last two years, almost 25percent fall in emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. This is evidenced by ranking, prepared by experts RIA rating based on the data of Rosstat.

Special attention deserves the fact that emission reductions in Ufa comes amid growing industrial capacity. According to the data given by Professor MSU Natalia Zubarevich during a regional forum "Russian regions in a globalized world", Ufa has a stable industrial potential, while the industrial profile of the economy in most major cities in Russia today is lost (Scheme is set out below).

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Tambov is recognized as the cleanest industrial city in Russia

Norilsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg were in the top three of the most polluted cities in Russia. It is the emission of air pollutants. Moreover Moscow air cleaner twice than Norilsk. Throughout the country, the situation with the emission of harmful gases into the air is improving, according to experts. The most Russia was the cleanest city in Tambov, it is located on a 100-m site.


"Norilsk retains its status as the largest in Russia emissionera pollutants into the atmosphere. Moreover, the emissions of the city with 200 thousand population

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World Ocean acidification threatens

World Ocean acidification threatens Facts

The high level of pollution of the oceans can cause accelerated oxidation of sea water with unknown consequences of science. At the moment, the process is faster than in any other period in the last 300 billion years. The consequences could be far more disastrous than what happened after the fall of the asteroid and mass eruptions in prehistoric times.

After reviewing hundreds of paleokeanograficheskih samples, scientists from the U.S., UK, Spain, Netherlands and Germany came to the conclusion that the history of the planet only once during Pozdnepaleotsenovogo thermal maximum (56 million years ago),

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The U.S. has an opinion about global warming

The U.S. has an opinion about Global Warming Facts

Under the terms of the Kyoto Protocol, the United States was to reduce the amount of gases that cause the greenhouse effect, more than 6% compared with 1990. However, based on data for the years 1990-2010 carbon dioxide emissions have increased by 14%, to 5406.8 tera-gram equivalent instead of 4742.1. Only from 2009 to 2010, CO2 levels increased by 3.7% (192.2 teragrams) compared with 1990.

United States, at the time did not sign the Kyoto Protocol, and calls for equal obligations between developing and leading the country, said that the reasons

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Report: Air pollution in Asia was the cause of the stop warming

In one study, the United States, published on Monday, said that the smoke emissions in an economically fast developing countries in Asia are more responsible for stopping global warming since 1998. The cooling effect is caused by emissions of sulfur, despite the fact that greenhouse gas emissions have skyrocketed.

The study raised the chance to slow down the process of climate change as soon as possible, otherwise the developing economies will eventually collapse because of the pollution.

As various data, global temperature has not increased from 1998 to 2008, while the man-made emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil

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Increase in greenhouse gas emissions in Europe

Increase in greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, scientists have proved

Greenhouse gas emissions have increased over the last year in Europe, but the EU continues to be guided by fixed quotas Kyoto agreement.

For the year 2010 in Europe, an increase in emissions of 2.4%, while in 2009 was 7% decline. This is explained by the general economic growth and the long winter season, due to which the use of fuels for heating was increased.

The 1990 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10.7% proved to be much higher than the required 8% in the period 2008-2012. Unilaterally end the

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Found the smallest black hole

Found the smallest black hole Facts

The smallest black hole is detected by X-rays, called palpitations because of its similarity to the electrocardiogram. She was given the name IGR J17091-3624. A hole is referred to the binary system, in which a normal star rotates with the black hole, weighing three times less than the mass of the Sun.

Aware of only one similar star system — GRS 1915 +105, which also consumes less gas with stars shine. This system exceeds the IGR J17091-3624 to 5 times.

Many binary systems with black holes is highly structured, but only two, IGR J17091-3624

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The Earths climate is changing. What do we do?


It's no secret that our planet's climate is changing, and this time it is very fast. In Africa, the snow falls, and in our latitudes in summer there is incredible heat. Much has already been put forward various theories about the causes and possible consequences of such a change. Some speak of a coming apocalypse, while others are convinced that there is nothing wrong with that. Let's see what the causes of climate change, who is to blame and what to do?

All because of the melting of the Arctic ice …

Arctic ice that

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Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano no longer erupting

June 28, 2013. On the volcano Popocatepetl significantly increased seismic activity. According to data received from the satellite, it is clear that carbon dioxide emissions from the crater of the volcano continues to be at a high enough level.

In addition, in the depths of Popocatepetl constantly originate mini-earthquake. Magnitude last push with the epicenter at 2 km south-east of the main crater, up 3.6 points. Following him for three hours several more weak shocks.

From the active crater do not stop steam and volcanic gas. Approximately every two hours there are new ash emissions, raising the eruptive

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