The author spoke with Captain Jarret Stricker about his experiences of flying the AV-8B from Bagram AB, Afghanistan.

«FOR SOME reason or another, it seems that the bad guys knew when to hit our ground patrols. The worst times for us to fly were right before sunset and at first morning light. Our goggles and night sensors (pods) are slightly hindered during these periods. The enemy would launch hit-and-run attacks against the ‘friendlies’ when they were close to the Pakistani border. I remember a couple of missions in that area flown with Major Mike Franzak. One of these was when

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Victims of the Few

Sunday, 15 September 1940 saw the climax of the Battle of Britain when the Luftwaffe launched a massive series of attacks against London, flying over 1,000 sorties. Although the RAF claimed to have shot down 183 enemy aircraft, German losses numbered fifty-six bombers and fighters, albeit many enemy machines returned to Occupied Europe badly damaged. Chris Goss tells the story about two German bombers which only just made it back.

On Saturday, 14 September 1940, Gruppe I and Gruppe II of Kampfgeschwader 76 (KG 76) had a much needed day off from their assault upon the United Kingdom. This was

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Lt Col Donald S. Bryan

In early July 1943, I, along with 20,000 other young men, set sail aboard the Queen Elizabeth bound for war-torn England. After five quick days of zigzagging across the Atlantic avoiding stealthy German U-boats, we arrived at our new home. The 352nd Fighter Group was assigned to Bodney, a huge grass field with no runways. Cross-wind landings were a thing of the past, as we could now take off and land into the wind every time.

Our P-47s began to trickle in and arrive at Bodney, and soon all aircraft were present and accounted for. It felt good to get

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Looking for the enemy.

Co-ordinating close air support (CAS) operations or operations against small targets from medium altitudes are key roles for Airborne Forward Air Controllers. The A FAC specialises in finding small targets and guiding other jets to them — and the air war in Kosovo has shown, once again, how effective this role can be within the US armed forces.

From the cockpit of the fighter-bomber flying above the battlefield it is difficult for the crew to identify the warring factions and their intended targets. Scoring a direct hit is obviously the objective, but even with precision guided weapons this can be

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Modern warfare is packed with high-tech weaponry, but until the end of the 19th century close combat on foot was still the order of the day. To win a sword fight, you had to be able to pull off a range of moves designed to distract, maim and ultimately defeat the enemy — whether that was within the sacrosanct rules of a duel or the chaos of a battlefield. There were many variations of sword fighting around the world, but despite their stylistic differences they all relied on a

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Enemy Intercept

Aviation Video library, Freepost, Kelly House, Warwick Road, Tunbridge Wrells, Kent TNI I BR. Running Time 48 minutes, £12.99.

THIS PRODUCTION solely concerns the F-16 Falcon, F-15C Eagle, F-14 Tomcat and F/A-18 Hornet, and appears to have been compiled almost entirely from USAF, USN, and news library footage (including the Gulf War). At the same time, the sound track comprises of interviews with various pilots over the telephone, which adds nothing to the poor sound reproduction. What scripted commentary there is, is more congratulatory than informative, and as air crew are not TV presenters, the language is rich in jargon

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LANDING goes round and round …

Battalion tactical exercises with live fire — this is one of the most significant events for the Marines of any training period. In the Eastern Military District, in southern Primorye, on the territory of the polygon amphibious «clerk» this kind of combat training events are held regularly. In recent years, military training «black berets» Pacific Fleet is characterized by high intensity and the quality of working out problems. The bulk of the time the Marines carried out on field training and exercises, regardless of the time of year, weather conditions and time of day. Battalion tactical exercises (BTU) for the

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Repressed shared their experiences with youth

Reporter: "We go into the Grodno Company Belarusian schools, there will be a round table dedicated to the victims of political repression in Belarus. Already young people gathered, some senior people in the room just over forty people. Leads a meeting historian Edward Dmukhovskyy and starts a conversation roundtable Hist. Ales Smolenchuk.Smolenchuk "From time to time you can hear: killed in Byelorussia and Western Belarus Poles carried out repression and also repressed Belarusians. Indeed, the policy of the Polish country was a policy of oppression of the Belarusian, it certainly. But still equate impossible here of Belarusian activists were killed

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10-ka opponents press on internationalist Committee to Protect Journalists

"Lim""Lim" on this week 1937 wrote in an editorial: "We have great breakthroughs in our literature and art. This obliges us to the most creative and hard, dedicated work the other day, the 20th anniversary of the October Revolution. We must eliminate the effects of the Trotskyite-wrecking stuff nationalist, fascist agents at the front Belarusian literature and Belarusian art. Ideologically-saturated, highly artistic works best meet writers and painters ordenanosnay BSSR large prazdnichek proletaryyata world. "The same "Lim" 20 years later to speak Abetsedarsky historian who insists: "Orthodox Church in the Russian state fought against the theater, announcing the play "the

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In Russia there will be a hard act for defense reconnaissance plane

In Russia begins to develop a new reconnaissance aircraft capable of conducting its activities in the stratosphere due to what he would inaccessible to enemy air defense systems. In addition, within the next 2 years 40% of the country’s combat aircraft will consist of unmanned aerial vehicles. On the development of new aircraft journalists said the Commander of the Air Force Colonel General Alexander Zelin. According to him, in the interests of the military department of the Russian Federation in the coming years will be created a number of reconnaissance aircraft, including a fundamentally new stratospheric apparatus which is beyond

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