Window of opportunity

Building a luxury home may seem counterproductive to the concept of sustainability. The current popularity of the “not so big” house (a term you may have heard from Susan Susanna’s series of books by the same name) and the even smaller subculture of the “tiny house” undoubtedly illustrate a greener way to build, with less material needed and smaller spaces to heat and cool. But these homes are often impractical for a family of more than…one. You can rid yourself of half your possessions, but it’s likely you’ll still want a room of your own, a bit of space to

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Looking for antimatter

“All About Space” talks to Jim Bickford of Draper Laboratory, Massachusetts, who found a belt of antimatter naturally occurring around Earth in one of our planet’s Van Allen radiation belts.

Scientists have spent billions building colliders that make a few micrograms of antimatter, yet you’ve found it around the Earth. How does it get there?

Antimatter forms when atomic particles travelling near the speed of light collide with one another and convert their energy of motion into matter. If they are travelling fast enough, a process called pair production creates a regular particle and its antiparticle by converting the kinetic

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Log-home: buying

Choosing a Company

There’s a system to how log homes are designed and built.

THE FIRST STEP toward buying a log home almost always is to choose a company that sells the logs. This seems like an unusual arrangement to many people, who reasonably expect the process of buying and building a custom home to begin with either a builder or the designer not with the company providing the primary building material After all, if you’re building a Stud-framed home, you wouldn’t start at the lumberyard.

Of course some people do begin their log home by first contacting a builder

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Will RENEWABLE ENERGY replace fossil fuels?

This is a huge problem-renewable sources such as wind and tidal force, can provide only a small fraction of the energy required population. If you do not take into account the energy from the nuclear power plant, there is only sunshine.

Sun delivers an hour on Earth more energy than mankind is now spending a year (fossil fuels, nuclear energy and all renewable sources combined). Solar energy is inexhaustible and does not damage the environment and climate. The scientists challenge: to find a cheap, environmentally friendly methods for the collection of this «free» energy. Indirect methods of use of sunlight,

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10 — 20% of heat loss in a room is due to uninsulated floors, with greater loss occurring in larger areas. Carpets are natural insulators due to their low heat conductivity and help reduce energy costs for healing and cooling when there is a temperature differential between the indoor air and that under the floor. Research conducted in New Zealand found that the energy savings, both heating and cooling, were in the range of 8 — 12%. Findings indicated that carpeted floors fell warmer underfoot and did not require the healing that a

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HKN Energy, cultivating close connections in Kurdistan

HKN Energy feels right at home in Kurdistan.

Led by CEO Mr. Trem Smith and general manager Mr. Mark Jackson, HKN set up operations in 2007 and continues to see huge growth opportunities in the region’s energy sector.

A key advantage for HKN is its team’s longevity. As Mr. Smith attests, the same core team has been in place ‘‘from the very beginning; this has allowed us to build close relationships with the numerous key industry people, as well as the local communities where we do business.’’ There’s an intangible cultural understanding that goes with this that can’t be simply

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Getting the right and applying for discounts on energy-saving system

Place for incision about saving energy by Medvedev

To pay for the modernization of elevators in many states in the US helps third party. This payment comes in the form of return of overpayment for energy savings. In areas where attention is paid to ecology, the administration of state or local governments to create a fund (often funded by the overpayment for the use of public services) to material incentives for energy efficiency initiatives. Part of the funding goes to the search for alternative sources of power (including wind, solar heat, biological fuels, fuel cells), the majority of local

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Genel Energy, Turkish oil kings mending bridges in Kurdistan

Every company leader has an entrepreneurial streak by his very nature, but in Mr. Mehmet Sepil’s case, this would be an understatement. Aside from having the derring-do to enter into a war zone, he was the first person to set up an oil company in Iraq – a Turkish one to boot – with Genel Energy in 2002. Add to this that relations between Turkey and his adopted region were anything but cordial at the time, and one can agree with Mr. Sepil when he asserts that he ‘‘helped mend Turkish-Kurd relations,’’ with Genel acting as the symbolic olive branch.

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Faster than light.

first conquer the vast distances of space. All About Space investigates the fact and theory behind travelling at the speed of light.

Scientists have recognised the speed of light as the ultimate speed limit of the universe for more than a century now — ever since Albert Einstein put forward his revolutionary special theory of relativity in 1905. Einstein developed his theory in order to account for a series of problems that beset the physics of the time — most importantly the fact that light seemed to travel through a vacuum at the same speed, regardless of the relative motions

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IACS: 5 years for the benefit of energy

March 6 in the framework of the exhibition and conference «Russia Power 2013″ for the fifth time was the final stage of the Youth program «Investing in the future», organized by the International Association for Corporate Education, in conjunction with the Corporation PennWell. The current situation in the system of professional training is not ideal, so IACS is aimed primarily at supporting young and talented professionals.

2007 a group of leading industrial companies the idea of ​​creating the International Association for Corporate Education (IACS) to determine the mechanisms of cooperation in the field of corporate education. Over the years,

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