SLS chief engineer Garry Lyles

We spoke to the chief engineer on NASA’s new heavy-lift rocket about how development is progressing

What is your role as chief engineer?

My job is to manage the design of SLS from a technical point of view, so day-to-day I make decisions on any design changes that need to be made to the launch vehicle. At the end of July we’ll hold a review board and basically make a decision as to whether we’re ready to proceed on to Critical Design Review in about 18 months or so.

Is everything on track for the first scheduled flight in December

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Who Does

I’m chairman of the board voir naturally worried about the introduction we need inventions. We found one invention, know that it has introduced a foundry Kupyansk (Kharkiv region) Send a request to expel drawings. The answer is that your request for a technical documentation. from. Number 414 033 to inform that the invention has been manufactured and installed on working sketches. Drawings 9a-nol does not have. » It wrote the chief engineer AI Karpychev May 20th. Such a response to our request does not come first. On implementation of the various inventions, we are corresponding with factories, authors and

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Colonel Nestertsa convicted of CIA data

Colonel Vladimir Nestertsa, occupied at the cosmodrome "Plesetsk" a senior test engineer, was sentenced to 13 years in prison severe regime. Lieutenant colonel was charged in the transfer disk imaging on combat missiles CIA.

"During the hearings Nesterets pleaded guilty and confessed to the transfer of the CIA information about trials of new strategic missile systems Russia. This information of municipal mystery. During that convicted received reward currency ", — said the representative of the public relations center of the Federal Security Service, told RIA announcements.

Engineer was thirteen years under "treason." In addition, Nestertsa stripped of military rank.

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NefAZ prepared to release new models of oval platforms

The shop number 2 NEFAZ, a subsidiary of "KAMAZ" in Bashkortostan, has a new site welding and assembly platforms oval.

It is planned to produce four models of oval platform for dump 9509, 65201-84, 6520-81, 65115-91, the press service of the plant.

Terms of reference provided for the production of 13 assembly and welding booths. Before the designers of the design team was tasked with maximum uniformity devices for welding and assembly — in order to save space and reduce the cost of manufacturing of equipment. The layout of the site has fulfilled a leading

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Korshunov, the service engineers of the Southern Military District

Sappers of the Russian military base stationed in Abkhazia, with using new demining equipment. Mountain training complex Tsabal held special tactical exercises with engineer units connections.


Special attention is paid to the development of field activities of the latest contactless mine detector "kite", the possibility of which can detect explosives at a distance of 30 m in the soil and in the snow, in various designs and over obstacles.

In difficult conditions forested mountainous terrain military practice skills of engineer reconnaissance, construction of fortifications, equipment items extraction and purification of water using a

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Young engineers brought Sukhoi profit of 16 million rubles

The economic impact of the introduction of the All-Russian contest winners developments "Engineer of the Year — 2012" at the Komsomol branch "Dry" exceeded 16 million rubles.

Four specialist Komsomol branch "Dry" — KnAAZ them. Yuri Gagarin became the winners of the All-Russian competition "Engineer of the Year 2012". The objectives of the competition — to draw attention to the problems of quality engineering personnel in Russia, increasing the attractiveness of work and professionalism of the engineering workforce, identifying the elite of Russian engineering building, promotion of the achievements and experience of the best engineers of the

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Innovators of CTRP saved more than 400 million rubles

The company CHEP has summed up innovative activities for the year 2012. More than 1,500 ideas (90% of the proposed) is embedded in the workshops of the "white metal" Chelyabinsk Tube and Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant. The total economic impact of more than 400 million rubles.

All ideas are aimed at reducing costs, improving product quality, increase productivity, safety, increase the service life of the equipment. Among the most significant innovations — creating a new tuning algorithm muftonareznyh machines in finishing center with which to specific properties of each coupling blanks selected its cutting mode, which

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Russian mechanics: snowmobiles all ages

Rybinsk enterprise "Russian engineer" (Yaroslavl region). Involved in interstate forum "Health — the basis of the prosperity of the Commonwealth."

The event will last three days in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh". The Forum is held under the auspices of the "League of health of the nation," the president of which is the famous heart surgeon Leo Bokeria.

The forum was attended by representatives from 83 regions of the Russian Federation and the guests of the ten countries of the Commonwealth.

The program includes plenary, scientific conferences and round tables on issues of quality and standards

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Tests of a new type of rotary engine

In contrast to digital technology, advances in power technology in the world today is very slow. This is typical for modern power plants to chemical fuel — internal combustion engines (ICE). The basic principle and mechanisms of internal combustion engines have been developed over 100 years ago and since then has remained virtually unchanged. Now the main line of progress in automotive piston engines and other internal combustion engine is only by way of "shortweighing" motor units with a century of history by various electronic control systems. That is, is only "external tuning" has long been obsolete engines. The art

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Russian engineers are putting new plastic suits

For service engineer units VS Russia in the coming months will go new protective suits sapper OBP-1 "Falcon". As reports Defense Ministry press service, the suit was adopted in early 2013.

According to the chief engineer Russian Armed Forces, Major-General Yuri Stavisky, the first to receive new equipment engineer battalion involved in the clean-up of explosive ordnance in Chechnya and Ingushetia.

Suit "Falcon" weighs 8.5 kilograms and protects from debris explosive devices, as well as from pistol bullets. In contrast to the protective kit PCL-1 "Doubloon" weighing more than 40 pounds, "Falcon" can be

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