Pushing Boundaries

MIT sets out to prove its unconventional airliner delivers the benefits promised

Aircraft all look the same these days because the traditional tube-and-wing shape works well, both technically and operationally. To convince manufacturers to change direction would take a compelling demonstration of the benefits of a different approach.

A team led by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created a stir in 2010 when it unveiled an unconventional «double-bubble» airliner concept, claiming it could reduce fuel burn by 49% relative to today’s Boeing 737-800 without resorting to any advanced technology, and by a whopping 70% if it incorporated all the exotic

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Power to Lift

Large-scale powered-lift demonstrations underline the value of flow control for aircraft efficiency

During the past year, two large powered-lift models have been tested in the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex (NFAC) at NASA Ames Research Center in California, evaluating the low-speed benefits of blowing air over high-lift flaps for short takeoff and landing (STOL).

High-speed tests in the National Transonic Facility (NTF) at NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia have investigated the benefits of blowing to reduce drag in the cruise. And while a STOL transport, civil or military, looks unlikely in the next decade or so, the wind-tunnel tests conducted

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NO 44 Squadron of the South African Air Force (SAAF) came into being on February 8, 1944, having been originally formed as 43 Sqn. On April 27 of that year the unit took delivery of its first C-47 Dakotas — a type still operated today — 52 years later! The variant currently operated, the C-47TP (Turbo Prop) is, however, a far cry from the original Dakota. Due to South Africa’s apartheid policy, the United Nations placed an embargo on the supply of military equipment to the country, therefore South Africa’s armed forces and defence industry had to look at other

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Yaroslavl Motor Works Autodiesel visited by the delegation of the Republic of Belarus

During his visit to the Yaroslavl region on April 26, the Belarusian delegation visited the factory JAMZ-530 of "Autodiesel", about 50 percent of production is now imported to Belarus. The guests took part in a meeting on the development of cooperative relations in mechanical engineering. The meeting was held at the new site mid-line engines JAMZ-530 Yaroslavl Motor Plant.

First Deputy Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus Ivan Demidovich:"Yaroslavl has taken a huge step to move their industry on modern equipment. This is the future of relations between Belarus and the Yaroslavl region. This is a

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Yaroslavl Motor Works Autodiesel GAZ Group increasing production

The mother of all Yaroslavl motor summed up in 2011. They are impressive.

From the conveyor JAMZ for the period descended 49358 engines, more than last year's 1.2 times. The increase in production is associated with an increase in orders from major customers — car plant "Ural" "GAZ Group" and the Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ).

Work for our motorschikov enough demand for the products is growing steadily — Yaroslavl parts only released to 2,777,000,000 rubles., 20458 manufactured transmissions and 922 stationary power plants (a growth of 2.6 times).

The plant continues to develop, implementing projects on production of

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Yaroslavl engine manufacturers have high-precision equipment from Germany

Specialists of the company EMAG completed commissioning of the equipment the new plant for the production of diesel engines "Autodiesel" included in "GAZ Group". The new equipment was delivered to the project for the production of a new generation of Yaroslavl middle line engines. As part of the equipment:

vertical turning centers, Grinding machines for flywheels, crankshafts and other parts of the new engine.

All machines are produced at the company's factories machine tool EMAG in Germany. Specialists of "GAZ Group" praised the advanced technology and high-precision equipment proposed by EMAG. Equipping the new plant will allow German equipment

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Energy collapse is not terrible!

 Photo source:kamaz.ru

Last year's snowfall is known to have led to a massive blackout in some localities of the Russian Federation, paralyzing the work of airports, disrupted the usual course of the lives of thousands of Russians, disrupting many plans for the New Year holidays. The Republic of Tatarstan is also experienced all the "charms" of the period, its seven districts in early December on the verge of an energy collapse. However, troubles happened. Businesses and communities have saved for backup power units provide power for the production of "KAMAZ". To take just one example: the use of only one

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WIG — Soaring above the waves

In pursuit of speed

Equally important quality as rapidity, has always been the object of attention of shipbuilders. But the increase in the speed of ships confined to a rapidly growing body hydrodynamic resistance and the lack of capacity of sailing and rowing propulsion. The second limitation was removed with the introduction of mechanical engines on ships in the mid — late nineteenth century., But the situation has not changed — sailing to the early twentieth century. If the speed is not exceeded, then, in any case, did not concede steamers. Spurt in the rate associated with the idea

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Four processing complex run by CTZ

At the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant completed the installation of four multi-function machining centers Austrian company WFL.

Produced on the new equipment will be components for engines of different series, including a family of new engines "T". Just download the workpiece to the outlet to get the item that has passed the complete machining. Only one turning-milling complex WFL replaced 15 machines in the manufacture of the cam shaft. 

To work on the Austrian equipment CTZ already accepted qualified professionals — graduates of universities and colleges.

Four of the complex was put into

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What good is the newest family of diesel engines JAMZ-530?

 Photo source:dymz.ru

The new inline engine family JAMZ-530 in 4 — and 6-cylinder version have liquid-cooled, turbocharged with charge air cooling in the heat exchanger of the "air-to-air" and the displacement of one cylinder 1.1 L (the dimension cylinder 105? 128 mm). Thus, 4-cylinder, 4.43 liter version 17.5 for compression will be offered with a capacity of 136, 150 and 170 liters. s. at 2300 rev / min and 6-cylinder, 6.65 liter can develop 240, 270, 285 or 312 liters. s. Depending on the version. The values of torque 4-cylinder engine range from 422 to 710 N • m, 6-cylinder

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