Hello to Fall

Fall always puts me in the gathering and harvesting mood. It’s a precious few weeks we have to reap the bounty from our gardens, tidy up the yard, and still enjoy long evenings on the deck, maybe now with a light sweater tossed around the shoulders. Some people moan that fall is just that last inevitable blink before the snow comes, but it really should be savoured. If we think good thoughts, it might last until after Halloween!

After we harvest the tomatoes and tidy up outside, it’s time to turn our attention to the inside. Our readers tell us

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56 of 100 Belarusians enjoy web browsing?

How to background other states Belarus looks? More mobile phones per 100 inhabitants (151) in Luxembourg. Belarus ranks in 74th place this list. 100 inhabitants of 61 has a mobile phone. Belarus is inferior to its neighbors, Lithuania — 138, Ukraine — 105, Poland — 96, and of — 83.As for access to the web, Belarus won in this category 22th place. According to the report 56 of 100 Belarusians use the web. It is much more than in Russia. There’s 18 people out of hundreds, and in Ukraine 12 100. According to reports, information and communication technologies have become

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Nearest night in Novosibirsk meteor rain turns into shower

Nearest night in Novosibirsk skyrocket meteor rain. Siberians can enjoy the Perseids to August 24

In August this year, Novosibirsk can enjoy meteor shower. To Earth again poured annual Perseid. Meteor shower got its name because the radiant (the point where there are meteorites) is located in the constellation Perseus.

Incidentally, as astronomers say, the next night, as the previous one, meteor rain expected strong. So it's time to observations of the stars all Siberians, who have not yet had time to admire.

— This year, the Perseids can be seen from 17 July to 24 August —

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In the Canary Islands for a month ahead of time cherry blossom

Delicate white and pink buds covered with trees in the valleys and on the slopes of the mountains.

Winter on the island always quite mild. Snow — a rarity. But the blossoming orchards in January you can enjoy often. Unprecedented in a hurry to enjoy the beauty of the spectacle of local residents and tourists.

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Secrets of Chocolate Watch online

Long, long ago chocolate appeared in the form of a drink. He could only drink overlords. Many years have passed, and now can enjoy the taste of chocolate each. Creating chocolate is one of the most profitable of all products. Modern chocolate may own more than 500 flavors. Also, it is assigned a different color and shape. And chocolate has healing qualities — he is able to restore skin cells.

Food and products

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